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UNDUE FORCE (This is a report by the Baltimore Sun about the police and what they have done.)

The city has paid about $5.7 million since 2011 over lawsuits claiming that police officers brazenly beat up alleged suspects. One hidden cost: The perception that officers are violent can poison the relationship between residents and police.


11 stunning images highlight double-standard of reaction to riots like Baltimore

(Mic) Usually, if a riot involves black people, it's connected to intense episodes of where systemic racism is undoubtedly at work. These episodes include the 1992 Los Angeles riots after the Rodney King beating verdict, the riots in Oakland after the 2009 BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant, and the national outcry immediately following the 1968 assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That outcry included the city of Baltimore, where blacks now represent roughly 2 out of 3 residents.

But when a mob of mostly white people take to the streets, vandalizing cars, storefronts and street signs in the process it usually means someone either won or lost a game.


Hillary Clinton responds to Baltimore situation...

Tonight I am praying for peace & safety for all in Baltimore, & for Freddie Gray's family - his death is a tragedy that demands answers.


The White House fires back at George W. Bush

(Yahoo) Earnest told reporters that it was Bush who actually set the stage for the Islamic State by invading Iraq in the first place in 2003. Earnest called this point a "historical fact."

"I do think that we've made the case aggressively before, and I think that's backed up by extensive evidence, that there are links between al Qaeda ... and ISIL. And the fact is al Qaeda was not in Iraq prior to President Bush's decision to commit significant American military resources on the ground in that country," he said.


The joke was that Obama wasn’t joking

(Vox) The joke of President Obama's performance on Saturday was that he wasn't joking. Everyone just had to pretend he was. Take this section, from the official White House transcript:

After the midterm elections, my advisors asked me, "Mr. President, do you have a bucket list?" And I said, "Well, I have something that rhymes with bucket list.’" (Laughter and applause.)


CBS host introduces Tony Perkins as ‘anti-gay hate group’ leader: ‘You don’t speak for Christians’

(Raw Story) During a discussion about marriage equality on Face the Nation, CBS host Bob Schieffer began by noting that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) had determined that Perkins’ organization, the Family Research Council, was a “hate group.”

“The Southern Poverty Law Center has branded the Family Research Council an anti-gay hate group,” Schieffer explained as if it were a warning to his viewers. “We have been inundated by people who say we should not even let you appear because they, in their view — quote — you don’t speak for Christians.”


NBC News Just Admitted The NY Times' Story Based On Clinton Cash "Doesn't Hold Up That Well,"

(Media Matters) NBC News has conceded that the flimsy anti-Clinton allegations contained in a New York Times report fail to deliver on the hype surrounding them. The Times report was based in part on a chapter from discredited conservative author Peter Schweizer's Clinton Cash, and a series of facts surrounding the story's allegations supports NBC's negative conclusion.

The Times story suggested that donations to the Clinton Foundation may have influenced Hillary Clinton's State Department, when they signed off on the sale of Uranium One, a Canadian company with uranium mining claims in the U.S., to Rosatom, a Russian atomic energy agency. Alleging that individuals who had previously donated to the Clinton Foundation may have benefited from the deal, the Times' reporting has been used as the springboard for commentary hyping the supposed connection, despite the lack of evidence.


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Judge Says Vermont Law on Genetically Modified Food Stands

12 sec ago - A Vermont law that could make the state the first in the country to require labeling of genetically modified food has been allowed by a federal judge to stand for now despite opposition by food industry groups. U.S. District Court Judge Christina R ... (Associated Press)

Obama Says Media Ignored Baltimore Until It Started Burning

12 min ago - President Obama told reporters at a White House news conference on Tuesday that the media ignored peaceful protests in the city until violence erupted, and gave his views on the broader problems facing American cities. "Frankly it didn't get that mu ... (Talking Points Memo)

Indonesia 'executes eight prisoners' for drugs offences

13 min ago - A group of eight prisoners has reportedly been executed for drugs offences in Indonesia. The executions took place in Besi prison on the island of Nusakambangan early on Wednesday morning local time. Among those executed were Australians Andrew Cha ... (BBC)

Bumble Bee Tuna, two former employees charged in 2012 death at Santa Fe Springs plant

18 min ago - By Sandra Molina, Whittier Daily News Sandra.Molina@sgvn.com @molinaSGVN Posted: 04/27/15, 5:21 PM PDT The Los Angles County District Attorney’s Office Monday charged Bumble Bee Foods LLC and two of its former employees with “willfully violating ... (Whittier (California) Daily News)

NFL Voluntarily Ends Tax Exempt Status

23 min ago - The National Football League announced Tuesday that it is eliminating its tax-exempt status, a major source of contention for lawmakers and other critics of the league. Here is the full statement from Robert McNair, chairman of the league's finan ... (Huffington Post.)

Baltimore Riots: Obama Says 'No Excuse' for 'Senseless' Violence

1 hr ago - President Obama condemned the violence in Baltimore this afternoon, saying there is "no excuse" for the violence, looting and arson that followed the funeral held for Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old African American who died after suffering a spine in ... (ABC News)

Trumps Says He’ll Build Massive Wall on Mexican Border

1 hr ago - Donald Trump, at a campaign event in New Hampshire, touted his building expertise to show how he’ll tackle border security and immigration reform, the Washington Post reports. Said Trump: “I will build the best wall, the biggest, the strongest, no ... (PoliticalWire/WashPost)

Paul Says It Was a Mistake to Topple Saddam Hussein

1 hr ago - Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) “said flatly that it had been a mistake for the United States to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq. And he suggested that the situation in Libya had deteriorated because of the overthrow of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi,” the ... (PoliticalWire/NYT)

LISTEN: Audio from Obergefell Oral Arugments Available Here

1 hr ago - Trailblazing LGBT Attorney Mary Bonauto, Civil Rights Project Director for Gay and Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), and Douglas Hallward-Driemeier, a former assistant U.S. solicitor general, represented HRC member Jim Obergefell and all fellow p ... (Human Rights Campaign)

Gov. Christie agrees to send state troopers to Baltimore

1 hr ago - TRENTON - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has agreed to send 150 state troopers and staff to help law enforcement in Baltimore amid ongoing riots. ... (New Jersey News 12)

Justices Appear Deeply Divided on Right to Same-Sex Marriage

1 hr ago - http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/29/us/supreme-court-same-sex-marriage.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&module=first-column-region®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news BREAKING NEWS Tuesday, April 28, 2015 12:02 PM EDT Justices Appear Deeply Divided on ... (NYTimes)

General election: GDP figures a blow to Tories as ONS cuts UK growth rate days before election

2 hrs ago - Britain’s rate of economic growth has been cut in half by the national statistics office, dealing a surprise blow to the Conservative campaign just day before voters go to the polls for the general election. In a surprise set of figures, the Office ... (The Independent)

US Warns Israel To Remain 'committed' To Two-State Solution

2 hrs ago - Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman on Monday reiterated the White House's concern over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's stance on the two-state solution In what could be a subtle warning, U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Wend ... (Israel Hayom)

Supreme Court hears historic same-sex marriage arguments

2 hrs ago - WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is asking skeptical questions as the court hears arguments over the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry. Kennedy, whose vote is seen as pivotal, said Tuesday that marriage has been unders ... (AP News - excite)

Hospital: Chicago nurses call off strike, agreement reached

3 hrs ago - CHICAGO (AP) — Officials at University of Chicago Medical Center say the hospital has reached a tentative agreement with a union representing registered nurses. The hospital said Tuesday an agreement was reached just before midnight Monday. The hosp ... (Times Union)

US Home Prices Accelerated in February as Sales Rise

3 hrs ago - WASHINGTON — Apr 28, 2015, 10:49 AM ET By CHRISTOPHER S. RUGABER AP Economics Writer Associated Press U.S. home prices climbed at a faster pace in February than the previous month, driven by higher sales and a limited supply of available houses. Th ... (Associated Press)

The Collapse of a Huge For-Profit College Company Could Cost Taxpayers $200 Million

3 hrs ago - by John LauermanJanet Lorin 8:00 AM EDT April 28, 2015 The abrupt closure of for-profit Corinthian Colleges Inc. may cost U.S. taxpayers more than $200 million in canceled student loans. Corinthian reached an agreement on Sunday with the Education ... (Bloomberg)

U.S. Consumer Confidence Unexpectedly Hits a Four-Month Low

3 hrs ago - 10:01 AM EDT April 28, 2015 Consumer confidence unexpectedly declined in April to a four-month low as Americans’ views of the labor market and the outlook on the economy deteriorated. The Conference Board’s index dropped to 95.2 from a revised 101. ... (Bloomberg)

US military 'monitoring' Iran ship seizure

3 hrs ago - Pentagon officials say the US is monitoring the seizure by Iran of a Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship. The MV Maersk Tigris was moving through Iranian waters in the Straits of Hormuz, according to the Pentagon. Iranian patrol vessels fired warni ... (BBC)

Baltimore riots: Security beefed up after looting, fires engulf city

4 hrs ago - • There were nearly 200 arrests, 144 vehicle fires and 15 structure fires in Baltimore during the unrest that began Monday, said Howard Libit, the city's director of strategic planning and policy. • More than 500 National Guard members are in Baltim ... (CNN)

Aggressive Effort Underway by Democratic Leaders to Recruit Elizabeth Warren

6 hrs ago - The Observer has obtained private email correspondence among a small group of Democratic insiders that reveals a plan to recruit Sen. Elizabeth Warren to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president. The email, sent by Niko ... (New York Observer)

Wrestling world mourns the passing of Verne Gagne, who died at 89

8 hrs ago - Gagne, a Minnesota native, was an all-American wrestler for the Gophers in college before becoming a star in the National Wrestling Alliance during the “golden age” of television. Gagne joined the American Wrestling Association in 1960, instantly bec ... (Washington Post)

Nepal troops ready aid for remote quake-hit villages

8 hrs ago - Preparing to make a push into the most isolated parts of quake-devastated Nepal, soldiers on Tuesday were readying food, water and other emergency supplies to be loaded onto helicopters in this small town near the earthquake's epicenter. Gorkha, whi ... (yahoo)

Prison For South Carolina Cops Who Tasered Mentally Disabled Woman 8 Times

9 hrs ago - Updated: 04/27/2015 6:59 pm EDT COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- One small-town South Carolina police officer was sentenced Monday to 18 months in prison and a second officer to a year and a day for unnecessarily shocking a mentally disabled woman with a ... (Huff Post/AP)

Colombia's health ministry seeks to halt coca spraying

14 hrs ago - Colombia's health ministry seeks to halt coca spraying Apr 27, 11:00 PM EDT BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) -- Colombias Health Ministry is recommending the immediate suspension of aerial spraying of a herbicide thats the cornerstone of U.S.-financed efforts ... (Associated Press)

Source of Ohio botulism cases likely was potato salad

14 hrs ago - LANCASTER, Ohio (AP) — Health officials say the likely source of the botulism outbreak that killed one person and sickened many others at an Ohio church potluck dinner was home-canned potatoes used in a potato salad. The Ohio Department of Health sa ... (AP-Excite)

Solidarity protests take place in Oakland as Baltimore unrest continues

15 hrs ago - OAKLAND (BCN) - Roughly 100 protesters gathered in the vicinity of Broadway and 14th Street in Oakland Monday evening in solidarity with demonstrators in Baltimore, carrying signs that say "Rest in Power Freddie Gray." Oakland police and California ... (KTVU)

Tenn. coalition asks court not to release rape case records

15 hrs ago - Tenn. coalition asks court not to release rape case records | April 27, 2015 | Updated: April 27, 2015 7:05pm NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Four victims' rights groups are asking the Tennessee Supreme Court to rule against a coalition of news media org ... (Associated Press)

Tuna company, 2 employees charged in death of worker in oven

15 hrs ago - Tuna company, 2 employees charged in death of worker in oven By BRIAN MELLEY, Associated Press | April 27, 2015 | Updated: April 27, 2015 7:25pm LOS ANGELES (AP) — Bumble Bee Foods and two employees were charged Monday by Los Angeles prosecutors w ... (Associated Press)

Man shot to death by federal agent in Detroit

15 hrs ago - Man shot to death by federal agent in Detroit | April 27, 2015 | Updated: April 27, 2015 7:50pm DETROIT (AP) — A 20-year-old man was shot to death Monday by a federal agent serving a warrant at a west side Detroit home. The man, whose name was n ... (Associated Press)