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Ala. Chief Justice Roy Moore Comes Undone After Gay Marriage Ruling

(TPM) Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who has vehemently opposed same-sex marriage in his state, broke down over the weekend after the Supreme Court ruled that gay couples have the right to marry. "Just who do they think they are when one person can reverse 200-and-something years of precedent in our country and thousands of years of precedent in western civilization," Moore said on Sunday while speaking at the Kimberly Church of God's "God and Country Day," according to the Associated Press. The justice warned that ruling could infringe upon the religious freedoms of Christians in the U.S. "Welcome to the new world. It's just changed for you Christians. You are going to be persecuted according to the U.S Supreme Court dissents," he said.


"Antonin Scalia is a Douche" brunch special sells out in record time

(Raw Story) On Friday, the Supreme Court ruled that marriage is a legal right for all Americans, regardless of the couple’s gender composition. Justice Antonin Scalia was not happy with the decision, calling the ruling “a threat to American democracy” in his written dissent. Friday is also the day Sam’s Morning Glory Diner comes up with the names of its weekly breakfast specials. This week, the Philadelphia restaurant put two new items on its menu, drawing inspiration from current events. “Antonin Scalia is a Douche,” an egg dish with vegetables, cheese, and andouille sausage (for which there was enough meat to make 150 servings) sold out before 10 AM on Sunday. “The Supreme Court Finally Got It Right” quiches, available with or without prosciutto ham, were gone in less time than that.


Biden attends services at Charleston church

(MSN) CHARLESTON, S.C. — Vice President Joe Biden worshipped and spoke at the Sunday service of the historic African-American church where nine people were gunned down during Bible study earlier this month. The vice president's surprise appearance came on the second Sunday the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church held regular services following the June 17 shooting.


The 'Southern Avenger' Repents: I Was Wrong About The Confederate Flag

(Daily Beast) As a Charleston, South Carolina-based conservative radio personality known as the “Southern Avenger,” I spent a decade defending the Confederate flag that is yet again the center of so much controversy. I said the flag was about states’ rights. I said it stood for self-determination. I said it honored heritage.I argued the Confederate flag wasn’t about race. I believed it. Millions of well-meaning Southerners believe it too.

I was wrong. That flag is always about race. Whatever political or historical points the flag’s defenders make, there will never be a time—and never has been a time—in which millions of Americans have looked at that symbol and not seen hatred.


George Takei: When I checked Twitter this morning

George Takei: My eyes shine with tears as marriage equality is ruled the law of the land. What a pride weekend it shall be! http://po.st/ZgW19W


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End Times Radio Host Pastor Rick Wiles Tells Alan Colmes: 'Time To Flee America' Due To Gay Marriage

5 min ago - End Times Radio Host Wiles told Alan Colmes today that he is preparing to leave the United States to an undisclosed location, claiming that God will “lift His hand of protection from this nation” and “permit America’s enemies to attack this nation.” ... (Right Wing Watch/People for the American Way)

Union sues personnel office over hack of employees’ information

9 min ago - By Joe Davidson The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) filed suit Monday against the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), two of its top officials and an agency contractor over the cyber theft of employees’ personal information. T ... (W Post)

Trump near top of pack in Michigan, Clinton leads GOP field

15 min ago - PPP's newest Michigan poll finds a four way cluster at the top of the Republican field- Scott Walker's at 15%, with Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, and Donald Trump all right behind at 14%. Marco Rubio at 9%, Mike Huckabee at 8%, Chris Christie and Ted Cruz at ... (Public Policy Polling)

Puerto Rico Crisis Spurs U.S. Congress to Advance Chapter 9 (Bankruptcy) Bill

16 min ago - by Kasia KlimasinskaKathleen Miller June 30, 2015 — 2:54 PM EDT New York Senator Charles Schumer, the third-highest ranking Democrat in the chamber, will team up with Connecticut Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal to sponsor a bill that would allo ... (Bloomberg)

Obama Says He’ll Walk Away From Iran Talks If Terms Can’t Be Met

26 min ago - Jun 30, 2015 12:51 PM EDT As negotiations with Iran enter the closing phase, President Barack Obama said he’s still prepared to walk away from the talks if the Islamic Republic can’t meet the terms set out by the U.S. and its partners. The “deep-s ... (Bloomberg)

Doctors Got $6.5 Billion From Drug, Device Makers in U.S.

28 min ago - by Caroline ChenZachary Tracer June 30, 2015 — 1:57 PM EDT Updated on June 30, 2015 — 2:10 PM EDT U.S. doctors and teaching hospitals got $6.49 billion from drug and medical-device makers in 2014, according to new government data on the financial l ... (Bloomberg)

US And Brazil Commit To Climate, Renewable Energy Goals

33 min ago - As part of the commitment, both countries pledged to increase their targets for renewable energy drawn from sources other than hydropower. The United States agreed to increase its share of renewable energy to 20 percent by 2030 -- which is about trip ... (Huffington Post)

Bernie Sanders calls rivals' cash dash 'a national disgrace'

47 min ago - Bernie Sanders on Tuesday is knocking his fellow presidential candidates’ last-minute cash dash before the FEC deadline, calling it “a national disgrace.” “It is a national disgrace that billionaires and other extremely wealthy people are able to he ... (Politico)

Thai ice cream company apologizes for homophobic slur

49 min ago - A Thai ice cream company has apologized after its attempts to celebrate the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage on its Facebook page at the weekend backfired badly. Wall’s Thailand’s post sparked online uproar among Thais over the wee ... (AsianCorrispondent.com)

Volcano warning raised for Mt. Hakoneyama after small eruption reported

1 hr ago - The Japan Meteorological Agency raised its volcanic eruption warning to Level 3 for Mount Hakoneyama on June 30 after evidence showed a small eruption had hit the mountain southwest of Tokyo. The previously Level 2 warning called for people to sta ... (THE ASAHI SHIMBUN)

United Airlines investing $30 million in biofuels producer

1 hr ago - By DAVID KOENIG United Airlines says it is investing $30 million in a biofuels company to reduce its vulnerability to oil-price shocks and limits on carbon emissions from planes. United officials said Tuesday that they expect to begin receiving fue ... (AP)

Alabama Chief Justice Moore: Gay marriage 'not in accordance with Constitution'

2 hrs ago - By Charles J. Dean | cdean@al.com on June 30, 2015 at 6:44 AM, updated June 30, 2015 at 7:16 AM Chief Justice Roy Moore conceded Monday that the ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that homosexuals have a constitutional right to marry sets a prece ... (AL.com, the Alabama Media Group)

Gov. Jerry Brown signs California's new vaccine bill

2 hrs ago - SACRAMENTO -- Ending months of speculation, Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed into law Senate Bill 277, which requires almost all California schoolchildren to be fully vaccinated in order to attend public or private school, regardless of their par ... (San Jose Mercury News)

UCC church to divest over Israeli treatment of Palestinians

2 hrs ago - By RACHEL ZOLL NEW YORK (AP) — The top legislative body of the United Church of Christ voted Tuesday to divest from companies with business in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, in a sign of the growing momentum of a U.S. protest movement ... (AP)

National Rifle Association's Televised News Show Canceled

2 hrs ago - The Sportsman Channel has decided to not renew the National Rifle Association's (NRA) weekday news show, Cam & Company, ending the program's two-and-a-half year run on the outdoor-themed network. The hour-long show served as a vehicle for the NRA's ... (Media Matters)

10 Commandments statue must be removed from state Capitol, Oklahoma Supreme Court rules

3 hrs ago - OKLAHOMA CITY —The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that the 10 Commandments statue must be removed from the state Capitol grounds. The Oklahoma Supreme Court reversed and remanded a previous district court decision. Stay with KOCO.com for b ... (KOCO.com Oklahoma City)

A college balks at Hillary Clinton’s fee, so books Chelsea for $65,000 instead

3 hrs ago - When the University of Missouri at Kansas City was looking for a celebrity speaker to headline its gala luncheon marking the opening of a women’s hall of fame, one of the names that came to mind was Hillary Rodham Clinton. But when the former secret ... (WP)

Illinois governor: Shutdown worth pain if it brings change

3 hrs ago - SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Gov. Bruce Rauner says a partial state government shutdown is worth the pain if it brings fundamental change to business and politics in Illinois. The Republican told reporters this morning that "change is hard ... but we need to ... (Telegraph Herald / Associated Press)

US home prices climbing steadily

3 hrs ago - WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. home prices increased at a solid clip in April, led by double-digit jumps in Denver and San Francisco. The Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller 20-city home price index rose 4.9 percent in April from 12 months earlier, roughly the s ... (AP)

Benefits to be extended to spouses of Texas' gay state workers

4 hrs ago - AUSTIN — The state bureaucracy is moving forward to comply with the U.S. Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision, even as statewide elected leaders, including Gov. Greg Abbott, have lambasted the landmark ruling. Starting Wednesday — less than a week ... (Dallas Morning News)

Jeb Bush Will Release 33 Years Of Personal Tax Returns

4 hrs ago - DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush plans Tuesday to release 33 years of his personal income tax returns, including before and after his two terms as Florida governor. Campaign spokeswoman Allie Brandenburger says Bush ... (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Tunisia: Beach gunman trained in Libya with museum attacker

4 hrs ago - TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — One of Tunisia's top security officials says the gunman who killed 38 tourists, mostly Britons, in a beach attack was trained in neighboring Libya at the same time as the attackers who targeted the Bardo museum in March. Rafik ... (AP)

Chris Christie Enters Presidential Race

4 hrs ago - LIVINGSTON, N.J. — Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, whose meteoric rise as a national Republican in his first term was matched only by his spectacular loss of stature at home in his second, enters the 2016 presidential race on Tuesday morning beari ... (New York Times)

Tepco ordered to pay over suicide linked to nuclear evacuation

4 hrs ago - Tokyo Electric Power Co. on Tuesday was again held responsible for a suicide linked to the 2011 nuclear crisis and ordered to pay damages. <snip> It is the second time that a court has determined there was a link between the nuclear disaster ... (Kyodo)

Greece makes new aid proposal, seeks debt restructuring

5 hrs ago - Greece has submitted to creditors a new two-year aid proposal calling for parallel debt restructuring, the office of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Tuesday, in what seemed like a last-ditch effort by Athens to resolve an impasse with lenders. ... (Reuters)

2 Uber executives ordered to stand trial in France

5 hrs ago - PARIS (AP) — Two Uber France managers have been ordered to stand trial on behalf of the San Francisco-based company on charges including "deceptive commercial practices" and complicity in illegal activities linked to its low-cost ride-hailing service ... (AP)

Justices take up dispute over union fees

5 hrs ago - Business By Sam Hananel | AP June 30 at 9:41 AM WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court will consider limiting the power of government employee unions to collect fees from non-members in a case that union officials say could threaten membership ... (Associated Post, via the Washington Post)

‘Self-immolation’ on bullet train south of Tokyo leaves two dead, 26 injured

5 hrs ago - Two passengers, one male and one female, died Tuesday in an apparent self-immolation aboard a speeding bullet train south of Tokyo. The man, aged 71 and a resident of Suginami Ward, Tokyo, was near the entrance doors at the front of the Nozomi 225&# ... (Japan Times)

Alan Grayson hedge funds skirt ethics rule

6 hrs ago - TALLAHASSEE—Rep. Alan Grayson manages hedge funds that use his name in their title, a practice prohibited by congressional ethics rules designed to prevent members from using their elected post for financial gain. The specific ethics provisions tied ... (Politico)

Roy Moore Backtracks: Court Order Doesn't Stop Gay Marriage In Alabama

6 hrs ago - After causing confusion on Monday by stating that an Alabama Supreme Court order would stall gay marriage in the state for 25 days, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore walked back his statement. "In no way does the order instruct probate judges of this ... (TPM/The Auburn Plainsman)