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Whoopsie: Russian hackers post same document twice, but with glaring differences

Often, in war, mistakes are made. Sometimes, in Russia’s information war against the West, mistakes are made and then published for all the world to see.

That seems to be what happened when two supposedly independent hacking groups, believed by security experts to have ties to the Kremlin, posted the same documents stolen from a philanthropy run by George Soros. But the hack included a twist: Some of the documents taken by one group were altered in a bid to try and link Soros to Russian anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny, revealing how hackers likely working for Moscow are editing documents to smear their victims.

After hackers broke into a system for sharing documents at Soros’ Open Society Foundations, material describing the organization’s work in Russia appeared on two different sites: in November on the web platform of CyberBerkut, a pro-Russian hacking group that opposes Ukraine’s current government, and in June on DCLeaks.com, a website that hosts purloined documents and is believed by security researchers to be a Russian project.

Among the documents posted, at least three appear on both sites. The documents posted by CyberBerkut have been edited to try and show that Open Society provides significant financial support to Navalny.

CyberBerkut edited one budget document to include a line describing a grant to Navalny’s Foundation for Fighting Corruption to the tune of either $240,000 or $122,000 — CyberBerkut’s editors managed to put two different amounts on the same budget line. In another document titled, “Russia Project Strategy, 2014-2017,” Berkut added the name of Navalny’s foundation to a paragraph describing the lack in Russia of “institutions that focus analytically on issues of policy relevance.” By adding the Foundation for Fighting Corruption to that paragraph, Berkut falsely implied that Navalny’s group received financial support from Open Society. And Berkut edited a third document, which describes how Russian NGOs are complying with the country’s harsh laws governing civil society groups, to claim that Navalny receives support from Yandex, a Russian Internet services firm that competes with Google.



Charity Watch really blows the lid off the Clinton Foundation scandal.


Did Trump donate more money to Clinton's foundation than he donated to flood victims in Louisiana?

Despite his recent criticism of the Clinton Foundation, Donald Trump apparently donated at least $100,000 to the organization, according to a 2009 tax document circulated online Tuesday night and foundation records.

The Clinton Foundation's website shows "Donald J. Trump" under a list of individuals and organizations that donated between $100,000 and $250,000 to the foundation.


Donald Trump did donate a truckload of supplies in La., and intends to write a $100,000 check, his campaign says

Coulter Goes to War with Trump And It Is Glorious

When you learn you can't trust Trump on the *same day* you publish a book titled "In Trump We Trust." (40% off!)

.....the very day her book comes out he shambles his way to embracing the Rubio/Bush 'Amnesty' agenda he spent the last year railing against and using as a cudgel to destroy the Republican establishment's favored ones. She even had an opening book party hosted by Breitbart.

Already at the book party, photos snapped by Twitters journos showed a sad visage and perhaps a growing thunder ...





"Who he talking about? Everybody in my family is required to have a degree."


TRUMP: Headline of the Day


WAPO asks: Is Rudy Guliani okay?

FROM behind the firewall, WAPO:

Is Rudy Guliani okay?

WE ARE a little worried about Rudy Giuliani, the Republican former mayor of New York. Is “America’s mayor” okay?

During his 15-minute speech at the GOP convention last month in Cleveland, it was notable that when he said Donald Trump loves “all people, from the top to the bottom,” Mr. Giuliani animatedly gestured toward his knees as he said “top,” and above his head as he said “bottom.” Also, why did he say that he and his wife, Judith, have been friends with Mr. Trump for 30 years, though he met his wife in 1999, only 17 years ago?

Also — we’re noting this purely out of concern — during his speech he often licked his lips, indicating dry mouth, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, can be a symptom of nerve damage, stroke or Alzheimer’s disease. At the end of his address, beads of sweat were visible on his pate — did that not suggest heart disease?

Mr. Giuliani is just 72, but he seemed slightly stooped as he walked to the lectern, where his wide stance made us wonder if he’s unsteady on his feet. Then there was his slurred diction, as when he referred to “jushtified” police shootings and Syrian “refyoongees.” More evidence of a stroke?


The AP’s big exposé on Hillary meeting with Clinton Foundation donors is a mess

Charles P. Pierce:

The topic is The Clinton Foundation, and the new e-mails released by the ratfcking legal operation known as Judicial Watch, which got the AP all a'quiver. Here is the simple answer to that: no quid pro quo, no pay-for-play, no matter how many respected people want to believe it's there.



The AP’s big exposé on Hillary meeting with Clinton Foundation donors is a mess
Updated by Matthew Yglesias on August 24, 2016, 11:50 a.m. ET @mattyglesias matt@vox.com

Tuesday afternoon, Stephen Braun and Eileen Sullivan of the Associated Press released the results of a review of State Department appointment data that they used to make some striking claims about Hillary Clinton’s schedule as secretary of state.

According to their reporting, Clinton spent a remarkably large share of her time as America’s chief diplomat talking to people who had donated money to the Clinton Foundation. She went out of her way to help these Clinton Foundation donors, and her decision to do so raises important concerns about the ethics of her conduct as secretary and potentially as president. It’s a striking piece of reporting that made immediate waves in my social media feed, as political journalists of all stripes retweeted the story’s headline conclusions.

Except it turns out not to be true. The nut fact that the AP uses to lead its coverage is wrong, and Braun and Sullivan’s reporting reveals absolutely no unethical conduct. In fact, they found so little unethical conduct that an enormous amount of space is taken up by a detailed recounting of the time Clinton tried to help a former Nobel Peace Prize winner who’s also the recipient of a Congressional Gold Medal and a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Here’s the bottom line: Serving as secretary of state while your husband raises millions of dollars for a charitable foundation that is also a vehicle for your family’s political ambitions really does create a lot of space for potential conflicts of interest. Journalists have, rightly, scrutinized the situation closely. And however many times they take a run at it, they don’t come up with anything more scandalous than the revelation that maybe billionaire philanthropists have an easier time getting the State Department to look into their visa problems than an ordinary person would


Nancy LeTourneau/Washington Monthly:

The Associated Press has just shown us why it is important to be vigilant in how we consume the news as it is reported. They took some interesting information they gathered and spun it into something it wasn’t…scandalous. …

That is basically what most every drummed up “scandal” against Hillary Clinton comes down to: from the perspective of the people judging her – it looks bad. Welcome to the world of optics as scandal.



Clinton forcefully defends foundation on CNN, 'you know more about it than Trump's tax returns'

“We did provide a lot of life-saving work,” Clinton told CNN's Anderson Cooper in a telephone interview. “I’m proud of the work that my husband started and he did.

“We provided a massive amount of information and Donald Trump doesn’t release his tax and is indebted to foreign banks and foreign lenders,” she added.

"The foundation is a charity. Neither my husband nor I have ever drawn a salary from it," Clinton said. "You know more about the foundation than you know about anything concerning Donald Trump’s wealth, his business, his tax returns.

"I think it’s quite remarkable," Clinton said.

More specifically, Clinton cited the "concerning" news that Trump's businesses "are hundreds of millions of dollars in debt to big banks including the state-owned Bank of China and business groups with ties to the Kremlin."



McMullin Hears Trump ‘Hides In His Apartment’

August 24, 2016

Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin told Business Insider Donald Trump’s campaign staffers have told him that the GOP nominee has times where he “hides in his apartment” and they’re growing “frustrated.”

McMullin also said that it’s “unclear” whether Trump “will make it through this campaign.”

He continued: “I’m hearing from people inside his campaign that there are times now when he hides in his apartment and doesn’t meet with any people. When he campaigns he goes out to a place he has to fly back home to New York. This is a fragile man and a fragile campaign and I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen in the days and weeks ahead of him. I’m not sure the RNC can continue to support him given his weakness as a man and as a politician and as a candidate for the presidency.”


Trump just sounds like a loser to me


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