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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Kim Davis as imagined in a song by Gilbert & Sullivan.


President Obama's incredible response to an Iranian boy's photo on Facebook


Thousands of people commend the boy, and the father for raising him. But this comment from the White House—signed "-bo" to note that it was written by President Obama—really caught my eye:



"See, I told you they'd pay for the wall!"

Kentucky: "LOVE HAS WON" --- Gay couple gets Rowan license amid frenzy

Gay couple gets Rowan license amid frenzy

William Smith and James Yates obtained a marriage license in Rowan County from Deputy Clerk Brian Mason around 8:15 a.m. Friday.

Yates and Smith had an emotional embrace at the counter as soon as the clerk handed them a license. They shared the same a few moments later with Yates' parents outside, where supporters chanted "love has won."

The couple said they were elated and overwhelmed to obtain their license, a day after Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses following the Supreme Court order allowing gay marriage.

Yates said that no one wanted Davis in jail, they just wanted her to provide the paperwork, and the couple didn't expect to be first in line Friday.


BERNIE: "War should be the last resort of a great nation-We should explore every other option"

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Thursday offered a striking rebuttal to criticisms of his anti-war views, saying that he is opposed to war because of its lasting physical and mental toll on America’s veterans.

“War should be in my view, the last resort of a great nation. We should explore every other option -- and I know that opens up the political types: ‘Oh, you’re wimpy. You don’t want to go to war.’ Well, I don’t accept that. I’ve talked to too many people who came home without legs, without eyesight, with traumatic brain injury,” he said in an interview with the Des Moines Register.

The Democratic presidential hopeful has long opposed war: as an activist, he protested the Vietnam War, and as a congressman, he railed against the Iraq War.

But Sanders also cares deeply for military veterans and has spent much of his legislative career fighting for better health care, jobs and educational opportunities for veterans. As chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee last year, he brokered a bipartisan deal to pass a bill allocating $17 billion to reform the VA health care system and reduce backlogs at VA hospitals (though veterans continue to experience severe delays in receiving care).


Cheney was the greatest thing that happened to the radical regime in Iran since it took power.

It was not under the Obama presidency that Iran arrived on the doorstep of the nuclear club.
It was during Cheney’s (vice-) presidency.

Bush and Cheney may have rhetorically opposed the Iranian nuclear program. In reality, they allowed it to blossom. As Marc Champion explained several months ago, “at the start of Bush's presidency, Iran had no operational centrifuge cascades and no stocks of enriched fuel, so it had no means of making a nuclear weapon.” Then things got bad:

By the time Bush left office in January 2009, Iran had just under 4,000 working centrifuges and an additional 1,600 installed. These had, to that point, produced 171 kilos of low-enriched uranium. Oh, and Iran had covertly built a new enrichment facility under a mountain at Qom.

Measured by results, rather than sound bites, Cheney was the greatest thing that happened to the radical regime in Iran since it took power. Michael Rubin, a former Bush administration Middle East policy adviser, has attempted to defend the administration’s disastrous Iran policy by blaming the failure on our feckless European partners, who continued to trade with Iran, undermining our sanctions. Rubin insists, “the problem was not too little diplomacy, but rather too much trade.” But why were sanctions so weak under Bush, and so much stronger under Obama? Because the Obama administration used the promise of negotiations to build strong support for sanctions. Without those negotiations, the sanctions regime would be just as weak as it was under the Bush administration. The notion that simply refusing to make any concessions whatsoever could prevent Iran from advancing its nuclear program is not a novel idea. Cheney’s administration tried it. It didn’t work.

hahahah Cheney:

Kim Davis' stunt demolished in one brilliant tweet


"You're George Wallace, lady. Not Rosa Parks."

Meet The Hate Group Trying To Turn Kim Davis Into The Anti-Gay Rosa Parks

........It seems that Kim Davis has emerged as the anti-gay Rosa Parks that Staver and other conservative leaders have been longing to find, and use as a test case for their radical view of the Constitution.

- See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/meet-hate-group-trying-turn-kim-davis-anti-gay-rosa-parks#sthash.jupiINuD.dpuf


Syrian boy explains refugee crisis perfectly: ‘Just stop the war'

Syrian boy explains refugee crisis perfectly:

‘Just stop the war — and we don’t want to go to Europe’



Clerk Kim Davis creates a Kentucky theocracy in her own mind

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