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Texas Frat Boy's New Year's Resolution? Murder Obama!

SUN JAN 01, 2012 AT 04:58 AM PST
Texas Frat Boy's New Year's Resolution? Murder Obama!
byBill SchmalfeldtFollow

Meet Taylor Ross Huffman. He was the Sophomore of the year for 2010 at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas, Home of the Fighting "Texans." (The ladies' sports teams are called the TexAnn's. How quaint.) Taylor seems from all appearances like a normal southern frat boy. He likes beer, hot chicks, fishin' and huntin'. And on December 30, 2011, he posted his New Year's Resolution on Twitter for the whole world to see.


Thatcher Adviser Explains Conservative Emphasis On Austerity---Mass Unemployment As Policy

An adviser to Margaret Thatcher explains, in carefully and cautiously couched terms, the real reason for the conservative emphasis on austerity (h/t Tom Sullivan):


Moore: Do something-anything-but don't remain silent- Not now-This is the moment-It won't come again

Michael Moore
75 Years Ago Today, the First Occupy


Do something, anything, but don't remain silent. Not now. This is the moment. It won't come again.

75 years ago today, in Flint, Michigan, the people said they'd had enough and occupied the factories until they won. What is stopping us now? The rich have one plan: bleed everyone dry. Can anyone, in good conscience, be a bystander to this?

My uncle wasn't, and because of what he and others did, I got to grow up without having to worry about a roof over my head or medical bills or a decent life. And all that was provided by my dad who built spark plugs on a GM assembly line.

Let's each of us double our efforts to raise a ruckus, Occupy Everywhere, and get creative as we throw a major nonviolent wrench into this system of Greed. Let's make the politicians running for office in 2012 quake in their boots if they refuse to tax the rich, regulate Wall Street and do whatever we the people tell them to do.


Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011 ---- by Matt Bors

Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011
byMatt Bors

CHILLING: In #OccupyBoston Case, BPD Hits Twitter w/ Subpoena for Users Who Used Specific Hashtags

ACLU: “When an administrative subpoena is used to get information that’s protected by the First Amendment, that raises particularly troubling issues.”

The Boston Globe reports:

The use of Twitter information in investigations is a rare, but not unheard-of tool for law enforcement. Last year, federal authorities sought information on Twitter related to the WikiLeaks organization, and a federal judge upheld the request.

But Twitter has become known for opposing such requests and even alerting users of law-enforcement subpoenas.

A week ago, Fawkes tweeted a link to the subpoena that Boston police and the Suffolk district attorney’s office had sent to Twitter in California requesting Internet protocol addresses on his Twitter account, as well as details on the @OccupyBoston Twitter account and for Twitter users who used the hashtags #BostonPD and #d0xcak3.



Report: Romney Ran As Pro-Choice In '94 Because Poll Showed ‘It Would Be Impossible For A Pro-Lifer'

REPORT: ROMNEY RAN AS PRO-CHOICE IN 1994 BECAUSE POLL SHOWED ‘IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR A PRO-LIFE CANDIDATE TO WIN’ | In a new book, Boston journalist Roland Scott reports that Mitt Romney ran on a pro-choice platform in 1994 after “polling from Richard Wirthlin, Ronald Reagan’s former pollster whom Romney had hired for the ’94 campaign, showed it would be impossible for a pro-life candidate to win statewide office in Massachusetts.” Romney is now trying to assure conservative voters he is pro-life, and has previously said his switch before running for the presidency was a moral revelation.

more links:

Telecom customers may sue government over wiretapping, court says

Telecom customers may sue government over wiretapping, court says
An appellate panel reinstates a lawsuit against the federal government over post-9/11 warrantless wiretapping and sends the case back to U.S. district court for trial.

Residential telephone customers can sue the government for allegedly eavesdropping on their private communications in a warrantless "dragnet of ordinary Americans," a federal appeals court ruled Thursday.

Lawyers for customers of AT&T and other telecommunications providers hailed the ruling for allowing the courts to decide whether widespread warrantless wiretapping violated their constitutional rights.

"It's huge. It means six years after we started trying, the American people may get a judicial ruling on whether the massive spying done on them since 9/11 is legal or not," said Cindy Cohn, legal director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which was among those fighting for a day in court.



DU'ers there is hope for us --- Partisan civil liberties disorder

Liberty Detained

An open letter to Newt Gingrich from the child of a janitor

An open letter to Newt Gingrich from the child of a janitor


On more than one occasion my father, a janitor, had to take up a collection for a student to send home to their family, to help them buy a ticket if there was an emergency, or to subsidize the funeral expenses for one of his crew, or the part-timers, who didn’t have his years of seniority, and pay.

No child could do that job.

My father only wanted me to get a job where my hands would be clean, and I would not have to pick up other people’s messes. I have, fingers crossed, more or less gotten that far. It has taken some years, and a bit of growth. But now, I am finally proud to be the child of a janitor. Those millions of us who were taken care of, provided for, and raised by working class folks such as maids, home health care workers, and janitors, have much to hold our heads high about.

These people are the real “job creators” in this country: they pay bills, provide for their families, and donate to churches, mosques, synagogues, and charitable organizations.

Working class people like my father help to sustain communities and neighborhoods.

Whenever Newt Gingrich and his brand of 1% percent plutocrat conservatives besmirch the working people of this country, people like us and our kin, we need to speak up. There is no shame in our lineage. And all of us need to say thanks, to acknowledge those janitors, maintenance people, and the like who work in our schools, office buildings, apartment complexes, and take care of our aged and sick parents and relatives. They deserve our respect; unfortunately, they rarely receive it from the American people.

Once more, I am proud to be a child of the working class. Are you?

the rest: