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sabrina 1

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Member since: Sun Mar 30, 2008, 05:51 AM
Number of posts: 53,396

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We've had a very nice visit from 'WomenForBernie' to this Group.

Yesterday I posted a thread here in the Bernie Group titled: Women4Bernie on Twitter is on Fire

Women4Bernie is a Twitter account dedicated to working to help get Bernie elected.

However, I did not know at the time I posted that thread about the original WomenForBernie group.

I had been tweeted a link to the other account Women4Berniewhich I used as the title of my OP.

Note the use of the number '4' as opposed to the use of the word 'For' in the two titles.

I was unaware that there were two groups or one twitter account and one group of women working for Bernie.

So, it was very nice of WomenForBernie to visit my thread (which was retweeted on Twitter) to point out the difference between the Twitter account Women4Bernie and their group WomenForBernie And I'm glad they did because they have created so many accounts for Bernie all over Social Media.

At my request, they very kindly provided links to all their Social Media accounts in support of Bernie.

Here is the first post from WomenForBernie from my original thread:


We are all here for Bernie Sanders but lets maintain some integrity while we do it. This post IS NOT to agitate but to educate.

WomenForBernie started before the Women4Bernie group with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Ello, and Tumblr. They use the hashtag #WomenForBernie.

Many people have been confused by this duplicity and all that can be done is to politely inform the greater Bernie audience of the difference. Again we are all here to support Bernie Sanders and all support is good support.

If anyone one is interested we can list the URLs to each account.

No matter how you feel about this post, we hope you keep supporting Bernie Sanders and spread the news every chance you can.

#ReadyToBern #BernEmDown #BeFairToBernie

I asked for some links etc so people would not be confused between both groups and Women For Bernie kindly supplied the links in their second post.


WomenForBernie (2 posts)
20. Thank you so much for your patient understanding.

The official social media account links for #WomenForBernie are as follows:






We are also on Ello and Instagram. Just search #WomenForBernie

Thanks again for this opportunity to set things straight.

They are doing an awesome job working to help get Bernie elected all over the internet.

If you want to click the links, follow them, friend them etc, tweet them, put them on your own FB or other Social Media accounts, that will all help spread the word about Bernie.

I hope they visit us again, meantime I am following them on Twitter and checking in on their other sites whenever I can.

So thanks again to Women For Bernie for helping to clarify that there are two groups, or one group and one Twitter account of women who support Bernie.

I love how they are using so many different Social Media sites.

Eg I use Pinterest a lot for help decorating our relatively new home. These sites have millions of visitors every day.

It's worth while clicking all the links, their sites are so much fun and full of info about Bernie and also good to pass along to others.

Even though there was a little confusion at first, the great thing is how many wonderful people are working hard to help Bernie win! And we got to know them and all that they are doing for Bernie.

Thanks for visiting our Bernie Group, Women For Bernie

Record Number of Americans Identify as Social Liberals. Good News for Bernie Sanders

People have wondered if Bernie's long use of the word 'Socialist' would hamper his Presidential aspirations.

Apparently not as the public appears to be more educated about the difference between the word 'Socialist' and Communist', a connection deliberately made by those on the Right in an effort to scare voters.

In this latest poll the words Social Liberal were used and didn't seem to scare anyone:

A Record Percentage Of Americans Now Say They're Social Liberals

For the first time in at least 16 years, Americans are equally likely to describe themselves as socially liberal as they are to say they're social conservatives, a new Gallup poll finds.

Thirty-one percent of Americans say they're liberal on social issues, with another 31 percent calling themselves conservatives and the rest identifying as moderates.

In 1999, when Gallup first began tracking questions on ideology, Americans were 18 points more likely to describe themselves as social conservatives. Since then, the gap has narrowed, with the exception of a spike in conservatism at the beginning of President Barack Obama's first term.

There are most likely several reasons for this most likely. One, imo, people have far more access to information now. And two, after decades of neo-Liberal policies, not just here but across the Globe, people are more aware than ever of the devastation those policies have created.

You can see the changes sweeping the formerly neo-Liberal controlled EU as first Greece, now several other nations, Spain, Portugal, Ireland are showing signs of ditching those policies that have effectively destroyed their nations, economically and in every other way.

Seems the timing is right now for a Social Democratic Candidate to take the stage on our political landscape.

Women4Bernie on Twitter is on FIRE!


TheNewDeal ‏@TheNewDeal May 20
Bernie Sanders is Not a Politician

He is a Public Servant of the Working Class

A F#&king Warrior!

#Sanders2016 #UniteBlue #p2
66 retweets 83 favorites
Reply Retweeted66 Favorited83 Follow

Women For Bernie
YES he is! @TheNewDeal That's why we R ON FIRE 4 @BernieSanders
Join R #VoterRevolution We CAN win at the voting booth. #StandUpFightBack


Membership is growing by the day! They are all over Twitter. I just discovered them and am now following them.

Bernie has a huge online presence.

I'm finding and following Bernie supporters on Twitter. That helps get the word out to thousands, then tens of thousands of people who haven't yet heard of him.

If you have twitter acct. this is a great way to gain support for him.


Latest polls up to 24%. From 3% in Jan to 24% in May, his message IS being heard and people ARE responding!

The Democratic Party IS the Left in this country.

We have two parties in this country.

One represents those who are on the Right

The other represents those who are on the Left.

If a candidate from the Dem Party needs to be pulled, pushed, nudged, dragged or shoved to the Left then why should people on the Left believe that such a candidate will be representing their interests?

Isn't that where they should have been all along?

Bernie Sanders is on the Left.

He is not running to push, pull, drag, cajole, nudge or shove anyone else to the Left.

He is running because he represents the Left and has done so for over 25 years.

That is why I am supporting him.

He represents the Left on almost all of the issues that concern Democrats.

Editing to respond to some comments questioning whether or not the Democratic Party itself represents the Left anymore.

According to statistics, most Americans are to the Left on the major issues.

Certainly the Democratic Base is on the Left as we understand that term, on most of the important issues.

To those who questioned the title of the OP, you are correct, statistics and elections and the drop in membership in the Dem Party, the growth of voters now registered as Independents, all point to the fact that voters don't feel the Democratic Party represents them.

So imo, Bernie is not in this race to drag other candidates to the Left, he is in it to win and if he wins, he can pull the Dem Party back from the Center Right position it has taken over the past two decades or so.

I agree iow, that the party itself needs to be dragged to the Left. And the only candidate who can do that is one is already on the Left him or herself.

Mitch McConnell On Why He Supports Obama On The TPP: It's 'about next president, not this one'

Those who are supporting this Trade Deal because they 'trust Obama' need to realize what McConnell apparently does, that Obama has one year left to take advantage of the powers the TPP will give to the POTUS.

Whoever the next President is will have that power for FIVE MORE YEARS.


McConnell: Trade deal about next president, not this one

"The Obama years are coming to an end," McConnell said during an interview in his Capitol hideaway office. "So now the action is on the Democratic side. And you are seeing that on trade. You've got the energy of the Elizabeth Warren faction kind of driving the agenda, pulling Hillary Clinton further to the left.

"This is a six-year bill," he added. "So what I've said to my members, if we want the next Republican president, who we hope will be sworn in less than two years from now, to have a chance to do trade agreements with the rest of the world, this bill is about that president as well as this one."

And he' very happy to see the President he swore to make a 'one term President' taking on his base:

"I want to compliment the president on the way he took on the base, took on Elizabeth Warren, took on the labor unions," he said. "The biggest divisions these days are not among Republicans but among Democrats."

High praise from McConnell who as we all know, cares so deeply for the Working Class and about Wall St Corruption!

Five years for the next President to negotiate Trade Deals with Foreign Nations on behalf of the American People.

There is no guarantee that that President will be a Democrat.

To support something without knowing what is in it is bad enough.

To support it knowing there is even a remote chance that the powers it will give to the POTUS COULD end up in the hands of Jeb Bush or any one of the current crew of right wingers running for the WH, is, imo sheer insanity.

If it's a matter of who to 'trust' on all of this, then I am with Elizabeth Warren because SHE is making SENSE.

While WE are being asked to accept NONSENSE!

Elizabeth Warren Fights the WH Over the TPP

Warren has shown a strong interest in the TPP. She has warned: ‘From what I hear, Wall Street, pharmaceuticals, telecom, big polluters, and outsourcers are all salivating at the chance to rig the upcoming trade deals in their favour … I believe that if people would be opposed to a particular trade agreement, then that trade agreement should not happen.’


Before leaders in Congress and the president get caught up in proving they can pass some new laws, everyone should take a skeptical look at whom those new laws will serve. At this very minute, lobbyists and lawyers are lining up by the thousands to push for new laws — laws that will help their rich and powerful clients get richer and more powerful. Hoping to catch a wave of dealmaking, these lobbyists and lawyers — and their well-heeled clients — are looking for the chance to rig the game just a little more.

And Sen. Levin has echoed the concerns of many others regarding the Sovereignty of this Country, (other involved nations have also expressed this concern).

Corporate Tribunals that are outside our Laws run by Multi National Corporate Lawyers and Judges, determining Corporate claims that OUR LAWS interfere with THEIR PROFITS flies in the face of this country's Sovereignty.

Third, Levin stressed that there was a need to protect national sovereignty in the TPP, and the right to regulate. He commented: ‘Reaching for a high bar to increase standards of living, improve worker rights and strengthen environmental protections, and ensure that trade opportunities are reciprocal does not mean the United States gives up its right to regulate in all of the vitally important areas that affect our interests’. Levin was particularly interested in defending food safety rules, and tobacco control measures. He was also alarmed by the abuse of investor-state dispute settlement: ‘Investor-state disputes have proliferated in recent years and involve increasingly novel and costly challenges to public welfare and environmental regulations.’

And the gist of the only response all those who have legitimate concerns have received is:


I don't think so!

Every Vote For Bernie Sanders Is A Vote AGAINST Citizens United!

We know that Congress is not going to do anything that would undermine that Decision.

Too many of them are funded by the very people who are using that ruling to buy our Government.

But there is a way to undermine it and take the first important steps towards reversing it:

Every Democratic Candidate for Elected Office COULD refuse Corporate Money and challenge their Republican opponents to 'stop taking bribes from Corporations and then working for THEM rather than the people who elect them'.

Iow, make that money POISON to anyone trying to get elected to any office in this country.

Is that likely to happen right now? Every Democratic Candidate? I don't think so!

But it could happen in the future.

The only candidate so far to refuse their bribe money is Bernie Sanders

Think about the Supreme Court when electing the next president of the United States. Bernie is thinking about it:

Bernie Sanders: My SCOTUS Nominees Must Pledge to Overturn Citizens United

“If elected president, I will have a litmus test in terms of my nominee to be a Supreme Court justice,” he said. “That nominee will say that we are all going to overturn this disastrous Supreme Court decision on Citizens United, because that decision is undermining American democracy. I do not believe that billionaires should be able to buy politicians.”

If he wins the primaries and then the GE imagine what a victory against Citizens United that would be.

ALL their money, all the power they have grabbed, would have been for nothing.

And imagine how many others would then follow his example.

The people have that power!

Bernie has given them a way to use it.

Can he win this election? Oh yes, he can!

Bernie Sanders' Poll Numbers have been steadily rising since January

Pollsters began including Bernie in polls last October. First polls showed him to be at approximately 1%, which was not a surprise since most Americans had not yet come to know him at all.

By January his numbers had risen to approximately 3% as more people had a chance to hear him speak on the issues.

By April in various polls his numbers averaged between approximately 7.1% and in some polls up to 10%.

One week ago Bernie announced his candidacy for the WH.

And more people got to hear him speak.

Poll: Bernie Sanders gains ground in New Hampshire

Sanders, an independent from Vermont, drew support from 13% of likely Democratic primary voters, according to the poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center before Sanders' announced his candidacy for president last month. The senator's support doubled from a February poll by the same group that found 6% of Democratic primary voters supported the independent.

Clinton is still the overwhelming favorite in the state with 51% support. And despite repeatedly saying she isn't running for president, Sen. Elizabeth Warren garnered 20% support from those polled.

Sanders' campaign aides have confidently said that their candidate can play in all early nominating states, but are wide-eyed about the fact that because of his politics and geographical connection Sanders' best state will likely be New Hampshire.

After announcing his candidacy last week, Sanders visited New Hampshire for a series of events over the weekend. The visit was Sanders' 10th trip to New Hampshire since 2014.

The more people get to know him, the more they love him.

To know, know, know him is to love, love, love him
And we do, and we do, and we do!

He has a mountain to climb. All that Corporate Money, Billions of dollars pouring into this one race.

But as Bernie has stated:

"We will not accept a society in which the Koch brothers and other billionaires are able to undermine our Democratic Foundation by buying candidates and elections!"

And in just one week he has received tens of thousands of small donations from the PEOPLE, keeping his promise that at least he will not be beholden to Corporations or Wall St.

Keep up the good work!

We are off to a great start!

Just for fun! What should Bernie's Campaign Song be?

Here are a few from past elections:

Editing to include Pete Seeger's 'Which Side Are you On'

10 Great Campaign Songs

Bill Clinton's was Fleetwood Mac's: 'Don't Stop Thinkin' about Tomorrow'

I kind of like 'High Hopes' for Bernie:

Just what makes that little old ant
Think he'll move that rubber tree plant
Anyone knows an ant, can't
Move a rubber tree plant

But he's got high hopes
He's got high hopes
He's got high apple pie
In the sky hopes

So any time your gettin' low
'Stead of lettin' go
Just remember that ant
Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant
Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant
Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant

When troubles call
And your back's to the wall
There a lot to be learned
That wall could fall

Once there was a silly old ram
Thought he'd punch a hole in a dam
No one could make that ram, scram
He kept buttin' that dam

'Cause he had high hopes
He had high hopes
He had high apple pie
In the sky hopes

So any time your feelin' bad
'Stead of feelin' sad
Just remember that ram
Oops, there goes a billion kilowatt dam
Oops, there goes a billion kilowatt dam
Oops, there goes a billion kilowatt dam

All problems just a toy balloon
They'll be bursted soon
They're just bound to go pop
Oops, there goes another problem kerplop
Oops, there goes another problem kerplop
Oops, there goes another problem kerplop, kerplop

Read more at http://www.songlyrics.com/frank-sinatra/high-hopes-lyrics/#6VGx1qbLxmqAOohA.99

Oops, just saw that JFK used High Hopes.

So, I guess that takes care of that.

What would you suggest for Bernie's Campaign Song.

"I'm returning to the Democratic Party to Support Bernie Sanders"

I'm Returning to the Democratic Party to Support Bernie Sanders

I'm moving to a different part of Brooklyn in two weeks and when I change my voter registration I will, for the first time since 1996, register as a Democrat. I've been a Green since I first registered to vote in the city in 1996. While I've often voted for Democrats on the local, state and national level during the last 19 years, there have been none that I've been particularly enthused about . With the announcement that Bernie Sanders will run as a Democrat, it's time for me to put away my issues with the horrific leadership of both the state and national party and return as well. Too much is at stake with the direction of the party and the country for me to passively scowl at the backroom machinations of party politics. I will finally roll up my sleeves and work. Senator Sanders is the man to take back the party from the corporate assholes that have screwed up the world and I will be there to support him in every way I can.

I've already donated to his campaign and signed up on his mailing list. I would very much like to get involved with his organization in Brooklyn. I'm happy to canvas. I even have experience doing fundraising for political parties as one of my first jobs in the city was as a fundraiser for a small progressive party called the New Party back in 1994/95. While I'm terribly busy, it's just too important not to set aside time to do this. Our country cannot stand another four years of neo-liberal economics as we slide into a neo-feudal nightmare. Our world cannot take another four years of complete denial that both our economic system and energy infrastructure must drastically change to avoid environmental catastrophe. And while I'm considerably to the left of Bernie Sanders, his policy positions, honesty and moral exactitude are precisely what this country needs to start down the path to sustainable economic principles and social and environmental justice.

According to Gallop, at least 5% of the base of the Dem Party left the party and registered as Independents over the past number of years.

I think Bernie can attract those voters back in order to help him win.

DUer 'sadoldgirl' posted a thread in this group to remind people that in some states people will have to change their registration if they want to vote for Bernie.

Her thread is Just a reminder, though it may not be needed

Sen. Bernie Sanders is in this race to WIN IT!

(cross-posted from GD with a few edits)

Every vote for Sen. Sanders is a vote AGAINST Citizens United!

Anyone who thinks he is not serious about WINNING this election, hasn't been paying attention to this candidate.

He promised us that if we wanted him in this race, he would run!

We told him we did and he has kept that promise

He promised us that he would not enter this race as a spoiler!

He has kept that promise also. He is running as a Democrat

Bernie KNOWS that if you have to drag someone to the Left, they were not there to begin with and will not remain there should they win an election.

He is way too smart a man to take on a campaign such as this to have as a goal something so utterly ridiculous.

So to those who are attributing such a useless goal to someone as smart as Bernie Sanders, I would like to know what has led them to believe such a thing?

It also implies that other Democratic candidates in the race are not on the Left.

Let's HOPE that is not the case.

Democrats ARE the Left, and no Democrat should need to be 'dragged to the Left'.

He has issued a challenge to We The People who have railed against Citizens United to put our actions where our 'outrage' has been.

He is providing us with the opportunity to strike what could be a fatal blow against Citizens United to elect a Candidate who is supported by the PEOPLE.

Bernie is running to WIN THIS RACE!

There is no question about that!

Until HE tells us 'I am just trying to drag the party to the Left' that particular notion is one of the most ridiculous notions regarding this exciting candidacy so far.

Who has supported Bernie's Political career for so long?

See for yourself:


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