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sabrina 1

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Member since: Sun Mar 30, 2008, 05:51 AM
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Hilarious! Billionaires Try To Shut Down Bernie Sanders Headquarters!

Lol! Bernie's supporters are fantastic!

It will definitely make you laugh.

PPPolling: Bernie Sanders is the most popular candidate on either side of the aisle in New Hampshire

This is from Public Policy Polling:

Ayotte/Hassan a Toss Up; Clinton/Sanders Generally Lead GOP Field

Bernie Sanders is the most popular candidate on either side of the aisle in New Hampshire and actually does an average of 3.5 points better than Clinton in comparable head to head match ups. Sanders has a 46/36 favorability rating. The only other candidates who come out positively with the overall electorate are Kasich at 36/30 and Carson at 36/33. Sanders does similarly to Clinton against Bush (he leads him by 8 at 46/38, she leads him by 7), and Walker (they both lead him 47/39). Against Trump and Rubio, Sanders actually fares a good deal better than Clinton. He leads Trump by 9 at 50/41, compared to Clinton's 2 point advantage, and he leads Rubio by 13 at 48/35, compared to Clinton's 8 point advantage.

He's doing better than Hillary by one point against Bush.

And better than Clinton against Trump and Rubio!

More and more polls are showing Bernie closing the gap with Clinton as more and more people get to know him.


West Virginia Poll: Clinton 36%, Sanders 32%!

W.V. Poll Clinton 36% Sanders 32%

The report noted that all respondents knew who Hillary was, while one third did not know who Bernie was. Yet!

Poll: Democrats running for WV gov locked in dead heat

The poll also noted about 36 percent of those likely to vote in the Democratic presidential race supported Hillary Clinton, while 32 percent supported Bernie Sanders. About 32 percent remained undecided.

Clinton was recognized by nearly all of the survey’s respondents while Sanders could not be rated by a third of respondents.

Bernie rises in polls as people get to know him. Several polls are now showing him going into the 30s while half the country still doesn't know who he is.

So a lot of work still to be done to introduce Bernie to as many people as possible, but amazing work considering its only been a few months, Bernie is doing it without Corporate money, without the backing of the DNC, and starting out with practically zero name recognition.

Watch Young Senator Barack Obama Campaign for Bernie Sanders in 2006

Watch Young Senator Barack Obama Campaign for Bernie Sanders in 2006


"When ordinary people decide they want a different future for themselves and for their children and their grandchildren, and they come together and work at a grassroots level, it doesn't matter how much money is spent," Obama said, previewing a theme that would dominate his first presidential campaign, "it doesn't matter what the powers and principalities say; we can bring about a change."

Obama also teased Sanders about his cult following in Vermont.

"How do you campaign where everybody knows you?" he asked. "I mean, what's the point?"

Sanders would go on to win his race with 67% of the vote.

Biden Will Not Accept Corporate Money If He Runs! Money in Politics 'Corrosive & Corrupting' he says

About one month ago, Joe Biden issued a challenge to Democrats after calling the Money that is so corrupting to our system of Government "A Hell of a Way to Run Democracy"

Biden said that Democrats MUST 'disarm' from this money and lead the way to getting it out of our system of government:

– He specifically called out the argument that candidates can’t “disarm” because their opponents won’t. ]“The first place you’ve got to start is the Democratic party. No matter how much you love me or somebody else, you have to demand of us that we demonstrate we understand. We can do something about the corrosive impact of massive amounts of money.”

That's a pretty strong statement so I am sure that if he enters the race, he will be joining Bernie Sanders and leading the way to END the takeover of our government by a small group of wealthy donors.

In fact, like Bernie, Biden believes that getting 'Private Money out of politics' is and should be a #1 issue for Democrats:

He said on a variety of issues, nothing is going to happen until we address the broken system. “If you could do only one single thing, only one, to increase fairness, equity, opportunity to middle class, pass rational gun control, deal with immigration, etc. What would it be? I can tell you one thing I would do. It would be get private money out of political process.”

And like Bernie Sanders, he believes that it CAN BE DONE, but of course, only if Candidates REFUSE to accept it, as Sanders is doing:

– And he believes change is possible: “You know, we have to speak up. You have to speak up. I know a lot of what I just said sounds Pollyannish to you. But I’ve been around longer than these other guys. I’m telling you it can be done. It always is done with generations like yours.”

“So ladies and gentleman, I predict one day that the American people are going to wake up and they are going to demand change....

The American People HAVE ALREADY wakened up. Over 80% of Americans across political lines, now say this IS a number one issue for this country.

And here Biden echoes, though he doesn't mention, Bernie Sanders on HOW it is possible to NOT accept money from Private Corporations:

If I get a chance to go on television with millions of dollars or I’m able to put 2,000 volunteers on the street, I’d take 2000 volunteers for free. Folks, don’t underestimate your ability to influence all of us who are tempted to yield to temptation to go ahead and do the same thing and, again, rationalize.

As everyone knows, Bernie Sanders has made Citizens United, which he calls 'one of the worst SC decisions ever made' a central issue of his campaign.

And as always, Bernie isn't just talking, he refuses to accept money from big donors and is taking small donations only from the PEOPLE who he hopes to represent and work for if elected.

He is demonstrating that it is FALSE to claim that candidates cannot run effective campaigns WITHOUT taking Corporate Money.

Biden NOT talking about Hillary he seems to want us to know, OR himself, I hope should he enter the race:

But what are we doing? I know a lot of people are going to read into this part of what I’m saying something I’m not intending. I’m not talking about any individual. I really am not.

So, I personally look forward to Biden joining Bernie in refusing to take the 'corrupting, corrosive' Corporate money now even more corrosive due to Citizens United IF he enters this race.

If he does NOT then he risks, as he stated himself, losing the trust of the people.

“Folks, we ought to start in our own party. You ought to be demanding of all of us, because at least in our own party fights among ourselves, in primaries, that we adhere to a policy that doesn’t rest on millionaires and billionaires.

We are, Mr. Vice President, we are! See Bernie Sanders' Campaign and join his Political Revolution which would benefit greatly with not one, but two Candidates for the WH running WITHOUT the influence of Corporate Money!

All highlights of quotes are mine ...

And if you want to know who else AGREES with Bernie, and now Biden, see here:

“Yes, We’re Corrupt”: A List of Politicians Admitting That Money Controls Politics

From Jim Hightower, one of the many from that article, both Repubs and Dems, who have now spoken out about this issue:

“Today’s whole political game, run by an absurdist’s nightmare of moneyed elites, is ridiculous – a game in which corporations are people and money is magically empowered to speak; candidates trek to the corporate suites and secret retreats of the rich, shamelessly selling their political souls.” – Jim Hightower, former Democratic agricultural commissioner of Texas, 2015.

Two Democratic Presidential Candidates running WITHOUT taking Corporate money would totally undermine Citizens United.

Let's hope more will join them in what is the #1 issue of this campaign!

Dear Bernie Supporters! You are AMAZING!

We Bernie Supporters have been receiving a lot of 'love letters' lately with lots of 'advice' etc.

But this one is to actually applaud the amazing, awesome job those who have been supporting Bernie's campaign have done in just over three months!

From day one when Bernie announced he was going to run, he had an instant army of volunteers ready to prove the naysayers WRONG but mostly to get his Progressive Left Message out to the people without the use of Corporate Money, knowing that the Corporate Media would not be promoting a non-Corporate Candidate.

And that army has steadily grown as his volunteers spread the word to more and more people.

Though we still have a long way to go regarding NAME RECOGNITION, just LOOK at what the people working together have achieved so far:

The Largest Crowds of any other Candidate in this Campaign:

Everywhere he goes he is attracting the largest crowds of any other candidate in this campaign! How is that happening, the status quo people are wondering?

He isn't buying expensive ads or getting much help from the Corporate Media, and yet, the crowds keep on coming, growing bigger and bigger all the time, including in RED STATES!

It is because of his SUPPORTERS. They are using all the tools available to them, to get the word out to as many people as possible, and so far no one can argue, they have proven to be better at promotion than all the expensive, Corporate Funded 'promoters' working for all the other candidates!

Advancing Steadily in the Polls:

When he began this campaign, he had the equivalent of ZERO name recognition and was polling at around 3%. I remember being told 'he doesn't stand a chance, he's at 3% for crying out loud'!

Well now he has already beaten the Dem Front Runner in one very important state according to polls and in now more than just a few outliers has broken into the 30s always trending upwards, while the Front Runner has fallen below 50% for the first time in a recent poll.

Not to mention he beats the top three Republicans, including the Reality TV Star, the Repub current Front Runner (lol) proving WRONG the notion that even if he won the Nomination, 'he can't beat the Repubs'.

Donations from hundreds of thousands of us have made it possible for him to finance this campaign.

All the credit for the success of Bernie's campaign so far goes to:

1) His obviously skilled and savvy Campaign managers who are organizing all his events, and who clearly are in touch with the people, as Bernie himself is.

2) US, his Supporters who are working beautifully with his campaign to keep his amazing momentum going until every last voter in the country knows who Bernie is and hears what he has to say!

Bernie's Supporters are most likely the ENVY of all other candidates for so many reasons.

Bernie doesn't have to pay us being one major reason. To have that kind of enthusiasm, not to need paid promoters and/or expensive ads, probably equals millions of dollars in 'campaign funds' which they have to get from entities to which they will become beholden.

Most importantly, Bernie's volunteer supporters make it possible for him to remain free to SPEAK OUT AGAINST those who are harming this country, to TELL THE TRUTH to the American people without fear of having his funding taken away.

Bernie has the most awesome, amazing supporters of any other candidate, not to mention how much FUN they are too!

And if we keep up the good work, imagine what we can do over the next three months!!

Latest CNN/ORC/Int Poll Shows Sanders closing gap on Clinton

Democratic Primary Tightens

Two things are clear in the latest CNN/ORC International poll of Democrats and Democratic leaners: 1) Hillary still leads; and 2) Bernie has significantly cut into that lead over the last several months. From Clinton's high water mark of 69 percent to Bernie's five percent in April (a 64-point deficit) to Bernie now trailing Clinton by 21 points, this race gets tighter every month.


Overall, more Democrats say Clinton is the best person to handle the economy (Clinton 46 percent/Sanders 24 percent), race relations (Clinton 49/Sanders 25), foreign policy (Clinton 61/Biden 20/Sanders 10), and the income gap between rich and poor (Clinton 42/Sanders 33).

As some of the commenters to the thread stated, polls at this point are more about name recognitions than anything else.

As Bernie's name recognition increases, so do his poll numbers.

He is trending upwards every month, which means that the more people who are getting to know him, they more they are supporting him.

We need debates and I hope all the candidates will join O'Malley in his demand for those debates.

Why I do not Support Hillary Clinton

It could be summed up in one word: Judgement.

It is vitally important when choosing someone for the most important job in the country to look at their records and their positions on some of the major issues that faced them during their political careers. How they dealt with those issues, either by their votes if they were elected to represent the people, or their public positions on those issues tells us a lot about what kind of leader they will be.

If someone is in a position where they had the power to influence the lives of millions of other human beings then it better be someone who has shown they have the ability to judge the issues before them, to be able to asses the consequences that will result from their decisions and to judge those who are asking them for their support.

IF the record shows that on far too many important issues, a candidate has had to admit that their judgement was wrong, so wrong that they have to continually change their minds, to evolve and/or to apologize for their decisions then in my opinion, it is necessary to find someone else, someone who has demonstrated that they have made the correct decisions when asked to do so.

Hillary voted for the Iraq War stating she believed Bush/Cheney regarding the lies they told, which many ordinary people were able to see even though they did not have the access to the information Hillary had. I am sure there is no need to expand on the horrific consequences of that invasion still ongoing, to millions of human beings.

Hillary supported the horribly discriminatory Right Wing Welfare Reform Bill which statistics now show disproportionately adversely affected single minority mothers and their children. She public lauded the legislation and continued to do so in her last campaign for the WH in 2008. She has been silent in where she stands in this campaign.

Hillary supported the TPP while in her position as SOS and has not stated her position on this grotesque, labor killing Corporate written NAFTA on steroids, proposed secret deal so far.

When asked for her position on the Environment Destroying Keystone Pipeline, she is again evasive, stating she will let us know after she is elected. That is unacceptable for any candidate to say.

On Civil Rights for Gays Hillary touted the 'Sanctity of Marriage' in her opposition to Marriage Equality for Gays as late as 2013.

She also publicly supported all of President Clinton's devastatingly wrong policies on Tough on Crime Legislation which were responsible for expanding the prison population to the shameful rate of incarceration of mostly poor minorities which led to the destruction of families, voting rights and expanded the horrific Private Prison Industry which profits from locking up as many Americans, poor minorities mostly, as possible.

On the removal of regulations on Wall St which was signed into law by Bill Clinton, and which led to the Global Financial Meltdown, Hillary has stated she would not reinstate Glass Steagal.

On one of the most important issues finally being highlighted in this campaign, Campaign Finance Reform, the corrosive, corrupting influence of money on our electoral system, Hillary says she wants to rescind CU, while at the same time taking advantage of it.

For these and other reasons, I did not support Hillary in her last campaign, I supported Obama and do not support her in this campaign, I support Bernie Sanders.

I support Bernie Sanders because of his long record of GOOD JUDGEMENT on most of the major issues he was asked to make decisions on as an elected official.

Mostly for his prescience when he cast votes on the Iraq Wars, the Patriot Act, Welfare Reform, DOMA, and his long history on Civil Rights for AAs.

He has shown amazingly good judgement back when many politicians voted the wrong way either because they 'got it wrong', or because they were afraid of losing elections.

I cannot support anyone who has to evolve on major issues. It's great when people evolve on issues they were wrong about. Ordinary people have the time to evolve.

However, leaders do not have that luxury, their decisions will affect the very lives of millions of other people and for that reason it is our duty to make sure we choose wisely when choosing leaders.

Bernie Sanders Draws More People Than Clinton Or Trump With Crowd That Stopped Iowa State Fair

Bernie Sanders Draws More People Than Clinton Or Trump With Crowd That Stopped Iowa State Fair

Jason Easley writing at Politicus USA lets us know that not only has the MSM noticed Bernie Sanders (Meet The Press being the most main stream of all) but Chuck Todd has finally seen the Bernie Sanders phenomenon up close and personal and he's now a believer.

Chuck Todd reported on Meet The Press that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders drew more people to the Iowa State Fair than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Todd said that the Sanders crowd was so big that it stopped the fair.

Before bringing in Sanders for an interview, Todd said, “From my three days in Iowa, it’s clear to me that the Bernie Sanders phenomenon is very real. The Vermont Independent Senator is attracting huge crowds.”

After bringing in Sanders, Todd continued, “I have to say I was both in Clear Lake watched you there, watched you in Soapbox. You had so many people, the fair stopped. Forget Trump. Forget Hillary Clinton. I think you might have had the biggest crowd yesterday.”

Bernie2016TV tried to livestream his event in Dubugue but there were technical problems which they say, they are encountering at other Bernie events.

I haven't found any information on how big that crowd was yet.

His next event is tomorrow, Tuesday in Reno!

Veterans For Bernie! "Bernie Sanders’ surge is partly fueled by veterans"

Veterans For Bernie ‏@Vets4Bernie 6h6 hours ago
I can't think of a single reason not to support Bernie Sanders. #FeelTheBern #Vets4Bernie http://vetsforbernie.org

Bernie has huge support from Veterans for whom he has worked tirelessly in order to provide for their needs.

Bernie Sanders battled over veterans issues as head of the Senate’s veterans affairs panel.

Bernie Sanders’ surge is partly fueled by veterans

DES MOINES — Vermont’s Bernie Sanders railed against the Vietnam War. He voted against invading Iraq — both times. He wants to cut the defense budget.

He might not be a friend to the military, but many veterans believe he’s gone to war for them. And that’s why they’re out there cheering for a socialist as he launches a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Even Republican Veterans are supporting him:

There’s the former Marine who drove about six hours to hear Sanders speak in Des Moines. There’s another former Marine, this one a registered Republican, going door-to-door to collect signatures so Sanders’ name will appear on the ballot in Indiana. Entire Reddit threads are dedicated to how veterans can best pitch Sanders to other veterans.

“He is revered,” said Paul Loebe, a 31-year-old who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan during eight years of active duty and spends three hours a day updating a Facebook page promoting Sanders to veterans. “He’s very consistent with where he stands. He’s the first politician that I’ve believed in my life.”

And anyone who says Bernie hasn't been an 'effective legislator' in the Senate, better not say it to any of these guys:

Veterans also credit Sanders for striking a deal with Republicans to pass a smaller — $16 billion — package aimed at erasing the lengthy wait times at veterans hospitals. Passing it earned Sanders top awards from the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Military Officers Association of America.

It's worth reading the whole article which points out that politicians court the veteran vote and how while Hillary did hold a roundtable event with veterans, she didn't take any questions. Bernie always takes questions. In fact he asks for them:

After speech at Drake University, the Vermont senator asked for questions. Tyson Manker was right there in the front row. He stood up, identified himself as a former Marine who drove six hours for the event, and said: “Mr. Sanders, I look forward to the day I can call you Mr. President.”

He has slammed the warmongers who sent them to war but then forgot them when they returned saying that IF we are going to send our troops to war, the least we can do is make sure we take care of them when they return.

A man of honor and integrity who is attracting even people who normally would disagree with him on almost everything, but one thing they all say is that he is a man of his word, honest and straighforward and a fighter for what the believes in.
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