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Member since: Sun Jul 31, 2011, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 4,983

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Yeah right ...


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Everyone except the People are in the back pockets of the Kochs

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From the depths of Hell comes the truest truism ...


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We inherit the Earth from our Ancestors ...

and we borrow the Earth from our Children ...

Frack Track
Lyrics written and performed by Kellee Maize
Produced by Nice Nate

It took remapping buying peoples land and ransacking
they call it fracking marcellus shale sodomy
the earth we are cracking, a root chakra lobotomy
poisoning her bodily water, that we commonly call tap
but it ain't all that in honesty, this policy, affects the quality
of all water, companies often sloppily dispose
their monopoly will impose on every stream, ever lake
every body of water is in jeopardy and already has been in many ways
and then you have the effects on the people, animals, the botany
a high quantity of poisonous chemical oddities

No more raping the earth
No more taking from our place of birth
this is a final call
Before we all could fall
The time in now
we are the ones, bring you attention
we will find out how
when we can be clear about our intention

we can stop the maddness
we can end the sadness
with awareness and action
release our distractions, use our intention and passion

It seems many don't know that intention can heal water
but the point is we don't wanna go that far
our bodies mirror the cancer we created on the earth
we are belated in this birth of consciousness
but its not too late to change our fate
and the option is to release the hate we feel towards the rapist
and go to the source of the problem
if we were taught love we'd already be solving
so many are now evolving
i have faith in a final hour calling
yes yes ya'lling
no more drilling no more stalling
no more killing towers falling
this strait appalling
to treat the earth with hate
lets choose our fate,
and now behave
7 generations to save


Coal top mining leveled whole towns
Now we wanna break her open, a final knock-out round
we have the technology to find new forms of energy
but the profit mongering oil and gas company
has convinced us that no apology
is needed, people are not important in their economy
i can't consciously not speak my peace
there must be a release, its part of the proficy
that a time could come, when we can open our minds and become one
realize we're connected to every tree every animal
every bee, affects are multinational
to be impractical, its irrational not see how the fractile
of nature make up every lover and every hater


Fireworks from a Drone ... Cool

WTF ...19

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