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Meet the Clinton shoe-thrower

Who throws a shoe? Honestly!

That would be 36-year-old Alison Ernst of Phoenix, Arizona, who was charged Thursday night with disorderly conduct by the Las Vegas Police Department after allegedly throwing a shoe at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

According to NBC News, who spoke with a Secret Service official, the U.S. Attorney’s office has declined federal prosecution. Ernst was wearing shoes on Thursday night when she attended a speech Clinton was giving in Las Vegas, but apparently brought an extra one specifically to throw at the former secretary of state. The official said the incident appeared to be “premeditated.”

Clinton ducked out of the shoe’s path and avoided being hit. She laughed it off with several clever quips, including “Is that somebody throwing something at me?” and “Is that part of Cirque de Soleil?” and “My goodness, I didn’t know that solid waste management was so controversial.”


Guess what ...

Men have nipples because everyone is a female until the Y chromosome kicks in.

We are all girl embryos.

UN: 'Massive shift' needed on energy

A UN report on climate change is expected to call for a trebling of the planet's use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.

The report is also expected to argue that the trend of increased carbon emissions can only be reversed if a "massive shift" in energy use is made.

Scientists will also cautiously endorse a shift to natural gas an alternative to carbon intensive sources.

The report will be released on Sunday at a press conference in Berlin.

It will argue that if significant action isn't taken by 2030, global temperatures could rise by more than 2 degrees C.

Such a rise in temperature would be highly dangerous, the report will argue.



Carbon Tax NOW, INVEST in Renewables

Climate Change in the American Mind (A Study)

Nearly two in three Americans (63%) believe global warming is happening. Relatively few –
only 16 percent – believe it is not. However, since Fall 2012, the percentage of Americans who
believe global warming is real has dropped 7 points to 63%, likely influenced by the relatively
cold winter of 2012-13 (compared to the prior year) and an unusually cold March just before
the survey was conducted. In March of 2012, after an unusually warm winter, 66 percent of
Americans believed global warming was happening; thus, seasonal effects may account for at
least some of the change we observe.

• Those who believe global warming is happening are more certain of their convictions than
those who do not. Of the 63% of Americans who believe global warming is happening, most
say they are “very” (33%) or “extremely sure” (27%). By contrast, of the unconvinced, fewer
are very (28%) or extremely sure of their view (18%).

• About half of Americans (49%) believe global warming – if it is happening – is caused mostly
by human activities, a decrease of 5 points since Fall 2012, but similar to levels stretching back
several years.

• More Americans believe that “most scientists think global warming is happening” than believe
there is widespread disagreement among scientists (42% versus 33%, respectively). One in five
Americans (20%) continue to feel they “don’t know enough to say” and fewer than one in 20
(4%) believe that “most scientists think global warming is not happening.”


NSA denies reports it exploited 'Heartbleed' to spy on consumers


The National Security Agency denied a report that it has exploited the "Heartbleed" bug to spy on consumers for the past two years.

"NSA was not aware of the recently identified vulnerability in OpenSSL, the so-called Heartbleed vulnerability, until it was made public in a private sector cybersecurity report," the agency said in a statement. "Reports that say otherwise are wrong. Reports that NSA or any other part of the government were aware of the so-called Heartbleed vulnerability before April 2014 are wrong."

The statement came in response to a story by Bloomberg on Friday that claimed the NSA had known about the vulnerability in OpenSSL since it was first introduced two years ago.

OpenSSL is the open-source encryption software that 66% of all servers on the Internet use to provide additional security. Late last week, security researchers discovered a flaw that would allow hackers using a simple piece of software to easily access user IDs and passwords.

Read more: http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-report-nsa-denies-heartbleed-bug-spy-consumers-20140411,0,5235051.story

Wow, that was fast, denial ...is not just a river in the middle east ../b]

I need more ice ....


Either We Right the Ship or We Will Sink

With the 2014 midterm elections coming up, some are looking toward new hope for the nation and the economy. The months ahead could determine the success or failure of the nation’s economic course; will we right the ship- or sink into the history books as another former superpower?

With each passing day the American labor force is being quietly redeployed into lower-paying service, retail, hospitality, assembly, and distribution jobs. These transient jobs do not support communities, careers, or provide benefits. Is this the career path you envisioned for yourself?

It is apparent that America’s fundamental economic underpinnings are slipping. The evidence continues to mount: U.S. currency is being devalued; the opportunities to produce goods in America have all but vanished; nearly all manufactured goods come from overseas; and we have made almost no effort to restrain other countries from purchasing or bankrupting our industries. Since 1976 we have sold over 16,000 of our best companies to foreign entities, and all of the future profit and technologies will go with them.

As our means to produce wealth diminishes, the American economy is increasingly being financed by foreign nations in ways that do not draw national headlines, but warrant further examination. Foreign nations directly purchase U.S. Treasuries – not only for the return or safety – but to create leverage over our policies, artificially suppress our interest rates to suppress savings, and keep our currency artificially strong which suppresses our exports and rewards consumer spending on imports.


Why Won't Washington Take on Wall Street's Biggest Crimes?

Yesterday, the judge in the SAC case accepted the firm's plea deal with the Justice Department, in which the firm and its subsidiaries pled guilty to wire fraud and securities fraud and agreed to pay a $900 million penalty and $300 million in disgorged profits. The Southern District hailed the deal as the crowning victory in their multi-year campaign against insider trading, which notably has resulted in more than 70 convictions and exactly zero acquittals. Congratulations.

But what many of us want to know is: why, immediately after the most severe financial crisis in more than seventy years, which resulted in the loss of almost nine million jobs, did the Justice Department choose to train its heavy artillery on insider traders? Sure, insider trading is bad. It's very rich people cheating to make themselves extravagantly rich. It should be illegal, and people should go to jail for it. But it's far from the biggest thing wrong with our financial markets and institutions.

There are some serious academics who even think that insider trading should be legal. The argument goes roughly like this. Say a company discovers a new drug that can cure cancer. Once that information becomes public, the company's stock price will soar. But we all know that some people find out sooner than others. By the time you read it in the Wall Street Journal, lots of other people know it already. High-speed trading firms buy access to electronic news and data feeds in part so that they can trade on that information milliseconds before anyone else. In any case, you aren't going to be the person who buys more stock in the brief window before the stock reaches its new equilibrium price. It's going to be some hedge fund manager in Greenwich. Now, why is that better for society than if the person who benefits from the information is a company insider? Furthermore, if we allow insiders to trade, then stock prices will respond to new information more rapidly, which means stock prices will more accurately reflect fundamental values, which is a good thing.



The major reason is because they would have to investigate the role of our politicians in bailing out the greediest MFs on the planet ...

Harvard Faculty Slam College Over ‘Misconstrued’ Climate Change Pledge

More than 100 distinguished faculty members at Harvard have signed an open letter to college president Drew Faust, saying her recent pledge to take climate change more seriously did not go far enough.

Faust had announced Monday that, in response to mounting pressure from a student activist group, Harvard would commit to making more environmentally responsible and sustainable investments with its $33 billion endowment. Faust did not, however, do what the student group had really wanted: a commitment from their school to completely divest from climate-change-causing fossil fuels.

On Thursday, the group of faculty — ranging from the Nobel Peace-winning founder of Harvard Medical’s Center for Health, the Curator of Ancient Coins at the Harvard Art Museum, and the Interim Chairman of the English Department — agreed with the students, slamming Faust’s public statements opposing divestment as inaccurate and irresponsible. From the letter:

Our University invests in the fossil fuel industry: this is for us the central issue. We now know that fossil fuels cause climate change of unprecedented destructive potential. We also know that many in this industry spend large sums of money to mislead the public, deny climate science, control legislation and regulation, and suppress alternative energy sources.


What’s Next in the Search for Flight 370

Investigators have narrowed down the search area for the missing Malaysian jetliner, but it could be weeks or months before they find any trace of the plane. Here are the steps ahead:


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