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NOW you're talking, White House Correspondents Association!


There's no way they qualify for credentials. NONE.

Sure serves up some food for thought, doesn't it.

Several restaurant chains' worth.

Even then, though, he'll still be trying to

exert influence. He won't willingly climb down from the biggest dream job he's ever dared to imagine. This has been his wet-dream for YEARS, being in a position this powerful and influential and so loaded with possibilities.

He won't give it up without a murderously dirty fight, and I further suspect, once he realizes it's a losing effort, he'd try to take as many of his adversaries as possible down with him.

I'd expect he wouldn't give this up and go quietly. He seems like the type whose mentality is - "if I have to shed blood, YOU'RE gonna shed MORE."

A synonym for trump.

Aka - a perfect description.

True that, AND she referred to Paul Ryan as the "Irish undertaker." ROFL!!!

Good times.

IMPEACH!!! Besides, that way, it doesn't have to be a long four years.

And yes, I know that means pResident Pence, but either way, both their "terms" would be short, quite truncated, and marked by turmoil. I doubt Pence would get much done, either.

Then we could wipe away the stain of BOTH of them in 2020.

Very nice, Binkie!

Works for me!

Me, too. All trump's little friends can come crawling to us. That means him, too.


Indeed! Kansas of all places.

Where they've been JUST SURE that this supply-side/trickle-down/starve-the-government/reaganomics/tax-cuts-for-the-rich crap was gonna work! Just like there's GONNA be a pony under all those piles of horse shit!

They were gonna make Kansas a laboratory for this. A test case for this - to prove to the nation and the world that it WORKS! That's what Brownback's objectives were, and he wasn't coy about it, either. He's a true believer in this baloney-fantasy and when he ran for governor he intended to prove it once he gained power.

And look where they are now. So far down in the dumpster that they're coming around to realizing that some of OUR side's ideas just happen to be better for people.
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