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Fri Mar 9, 2018, 08:39 AM Mar 2018

A little judo for Republicans re: video games and guns

I say we immediately confiscate guns from any gun owner who cannot prove he or she has never played a violent video game.

Violent video games are *sooooo* bad, and yet any ban on said games would only affect future gun owners. We need immediate action to ensure current gun owners are also not influenced by those nasty games...

A little judo for Republicans re: video games and guns (Original Post) ExciteBike66 Mar 2018 OP
I don't get it tymorial Mar 2018 #1
Yes and no ExciteBike66 Mar 2018 #2


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2. Yes and no
Fri Mar 9, 2018, 08:51 AM
Mar 2018

I'm a gun grabber, so I would totally confiscate all guns. I do not think video games are the cause of our problems, though.

The current conservative position seems to be that video games are really the cause of gun violence, so my suggestion is to use that theory against them by taking it seriously. Since any future ban on video games would not solve the problem of current gun owners having ALREADY played the video games, it makes sense to minimize the threat by taking away the guns.

Taking away the games will not work if the games have already been played.

Edit: I think of "judo" as a philosophy of using an opponent's strength against him. Thus I would use the Republicans' argument against them.

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