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Thu May 10, 2018, 07:18 PM


Welcome to the Confederate Republic of America

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Yes... that has been and is the ideals of the Republican...

If people look back at the history of America and learn the truth of the Ideals of the Confederacy. It will be Overtly evident as to what is the make up, agenda and actions of the Current Republican Administration.

It's truths many don't want to face and some try not to know, because they don't want to face the truths as it being seen.

I write post and some complain about them, because they want to deny that "greed and racism" is in every aspect of America and its Amplified under the Republican Administration. One can't talk about any aspect of America in truth, without talking about Racism, because it was not only interwoven into the Policies it was Interwoven into how laws were design and certainly how they are applied.

People act bewildered by the Right Wing Mentality and their Actions, but if one learns the truth of the Ideology of the Confederacy, it is overtly visible.... all the way up to Trump's aim to try and turn American youth into "Apprentices" which is nothing but another word for 'INDENTURED SERVANT"... I write this stuff out as food for thought, but many gloss right past it, because as is the society, "it", has not been groomed to see the raw truth, only to deal with the sanitized version of history written basically by white people, who lived the life of the basic of Confederacy and many lived the basics of Jim Crow Ideological grooming, therefore they write what they are, because that is what they knew and what they accepted.

This site is quite weird and interesting because people don't elaborate to indulge many subjects, because there is too much they don't want to face up to actually and truthfully knowing. I've had post attacked, and likely will have more attacked, but I won't write to appease a few. Some attack the discussion of the reality of racist madness and some attack any commentary about Sander or any such things, because many want not to see beyond the rosy glasses.... so they attack and want to get posting removed. I don't come here to indulge in fiction and fantasy... nor to get lost in Selective Amnesia... I write commentary on a posting called "CNN poll: Democrats' 2018 advantage is nearly gone"... most glossed right past it, because it just might provoke thought to inquire and investigate and reveal what people try not to acknowledge. Yet, the numbers tell its truths. https://upload.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1014&pid=2056585

I wrote a post called : "Let's see how many Du'er truly support the Democratic Platform of Equality and etc.." some launched every type of attack they could... rather than look at the simplicity of the matter to find the real truths. Yes, it speaks of racism and the reality of it and how it reverberates in society, and how 50+ yrs did not make it vanish.

Another post written titled "This time around in the making of history, "they" won't come out so well !!!" Rather than be inspired, provoked and or moved to think and inquire, investigate and research, it too was glossed over and again, the overt nature of avoiding what might lead one to uncover some truth they have spent a life avoiding uncovering.

Yet, the reality of the Confederate Republic of America is a real goal being enacted EVERY DAY, by this republican Administration, and they know most Democrats would choose not to believe the fact that these people never ceded the cause of the Confederate, they simply move their war into the congress, where the average American would never suspect to see the nature of such war, when it right in their face.
The Confederate DESPISED the laws of the Union !!!! the same as the Republican are showing us every day, how they despise the Laws and the Judicial System and they Despise anything within the Constitution that does not emboldened Confederate Ideals. The highest level of Treason is being engaged daily and the news spins it, but we have no system that actually prosecute it for what it is. America is more worried about being embarrassed on the Global Stage, for not addressing the nature and Reality of the Confederate Waged War that has been going on for more than 153 yrs right in the United States Congress.
When we face up to call it what it is, ONLY then can we confront it for what it is.
Puns and slap stick jokes have done nothing but "entertain members", Republican see it as the frailty and frivolity of the Democratic masses, and they can step right over the pun and jokes as they continue to do every day. Their inner circle spins in a different framework, what they see and share and spread is... they are achieving their object, while many crack a joke and get caught up in the next spin of media drama tomorrow. This site bury's comments by the minute, so nothing stick, its just another cycle and spin of more jokes and puns.... that result to achieve nothing.

Many are oblivious to the commentary in the post "Trump wants youth labor, as "Apprentices'... which is a term for indentured servants!!!!"... but if they knew and understood what and how this worked in the Confederacy, they'd see the planned attack to turn their kids into "low wage labor bots".... even before they reach an age that is declared legal.

THE CONFEDERACY WAS RUTHLESS AND THEY STILL ARE.... What many forget is the may have came to Appomattox, but they also ensure that Lincoln would not survive and they got what they wanted in President Andrew Johnson... and resumed amassing their fortunes and pushing the game of Apprentices, when that did not work out, they expanded the rip off program of "share cropping" ... and achieved the same results of wealth accumulation and leaving the people with nothing.

The Republican Health Care Plan told the real truth and people glossed right over it. The plan was designed for the young who do not frequently need medical care, it was structured that anyone sick, would pay through the teeth, and anyone old would be left in the Cold... Right this Day... Louisiana Republican are proposing cuts that will kick "Senior Geriatric Elderly out of Senior Care Facilities, and yet, the average person has no concept of how to see how that fits within the framework of what is Confederate Ideals. The Confederacy leaders had no use for anyone who could not work to make them money.
Betsy Devos and Ben Carson is designing a remake of the Antebellum Ideology when it comes to homes communities and schools... yet, people can't see the nature of it as remaking the Confederacy 21st Century Style.

Welcome to the Confederate Republic of America

The same Evangelicals who supported the Confederacy has been showing American, that they care nothing about a Union Created America and its Ideals... In the Confederacy... money ruled and who had it were considered "gentlemen" no matter how much vile an abuse and cruelty they engaged. This is exactly what we see today.

As Democrats if we don't pay attention and truly understand... then we become our own worst adversary, by our "let's gloss over this or that" mentality and demeanor.

Former President's have told the people that the nature of Democracy is under attack when they tell the public how fragile it is. and again, people gloss over it with a false sense of security, while Republican and Trump destroys every element and aspect of the existing Government and its International Relations EVERYDAY.

Republican's have told American's that they will pick up their guns and bring their Civil War back to the streets, and people think its a joke. It's no joke when they have waged war in Congress and State Governance for 153 yrs.
America is not broke for any reason other than Constructive Amassing of Money in the Hands of the Wealthy, it is no different than the nature of the Confederacy. Voting meant nothing to Republican other than amassing the weak and powerless to the republican support and its Confederate Ideals, because they know their base knows nothing, but worship the wealthy, because only the wealthy were the ones who controlled The Confederate Executive Suites. So, we see incessant Gerrymandering, with no sense of shame by Republican, and they attack any election with a false claim of fraud.... if it does not favor them.

Welcome to the Confederate Republic of America -- the Confederacy operated like what Russian does today in leadership ideology, the Wealthy Control power and dispense it only to their cronies. Its no fluke as to why Russian is so entrenched within the Republican Party.

Even with the war of the G.W. Bush initiation, once the weapons selling network was set up, one would be foolish to think that the "weapons seller" would allow that market just to shut down. We saw the rise of ISIS, it was not by a fluke, and in time history will tell, of the Right Wing support it received, because it attacked and destroyed what the Right Wing wanted Destroyed, which was Islamic history and Islamic lands, and when they destroyed and devastated to a degree, it suddenly wound down and now they are capturing the leaders, because they always knew who they were and where they were.
When Trump fired off his missiles in Syria, he was very deliberate to "WARN" Putin, so all the Russian were out of the way, and they blew up dirt the first time and the second time, they blew up non consequential things... and Russia played it role, of doing nothing but a little bit of talk, and its back to business as usual.

They detest the Mueller Investigation , because it is documenting truth they don't want told. Under Confederate Ideals, they view Mueller as a Traitor against the Confederacy Remake of America.

Welcome to the Confederate Republic of America

As John McCain stand against Trump attending his Funeral when it come, and stands against the CIA Right Wing Confederate Nominee, what did the next headline read.... it was launched to desecrate McCain... with the most Vile Headline it could create, to attack a man who spent his live in Congress, and as he stuggle to live, they launch an attack to try and Violently Desecrate his Legacy... with this Headlines. "https://www.yahoo.com/news/fox-business-guest-defends-torture-190037204.html

Welcome to the Confederacy that many are too blind to see it emergence from its long struggle to over take America, and now it feels embolden and and believes itself to be unstoppable.

We need to wake up and know what we are dealing with....

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Thu May 10, 2018, 08:03 PM

1. People can run from the truth, but they can't hide without being overcome and decimated.


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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Fri May 11, 2018, 08:08 AM

2. Looking for truths


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THE CONFEDERACY...While ostensibly a "democratic republic" much like the United States, in practice the Confederacy was blatantly repressive and authoritarian, with almost all political power held by the plantation-owning plutocracy
"this should remind people, this is exactly what they see in this Trump Administration" !!!!!

Its not just people of the Right Wing Mentality who promote the ideals of white dominated communities, there are many of both parties who support and even promote white dominated communities. When Minorities move it, its not so much different than the late 1950's and 1960's... white people get bent out of shape, and many start their plan to move out immediately after. Yet, people say they support equality. For some its supported under the frameworks that existed in "segregationist time", its fine with them as long as it does not infringe upon white dominated sectors, be it communities, jobs and positions in jobs.

But many deny the truths that continue to unfold. Its quite sad, that even during the Jim Crow days many who abide by and went along with it, as they were comfortable to do so. If they had not been they would have stood up long ago against many of the Jim Crow Ideals.
Many like to claim they don't know what the Jim Crow Ideals were.

The Jim Crow system was under-girded by the following beliefs or rationalizations: whites were superior to blacks in all important ways, including but not limited to intelligence, morality, and civilized behavior; sexual relations between blacks and whites would produce a mongrel race which would destroy America; treating blacks as equals would encourage interracial sexual unions; any activity which suggested social equality encouraged interracial sexual relations; if necessary, violence must be used to keep blacks at the bottom of the racial hierarchy. The following Jim Crow etiquette norms show how inclusive and pervasive these norms were:

A black male could not offer his hand (to shake hands) with a white male because it implied being socially equal. Obviously, a black male could not offer his hand or any other part of his body to a white woman, because he risked being accused of rape.
Blacks and whites were not supposed to eat together. If they did eat together, whites were to be served first, and some sort of partition was to be placed between them.
Under no circumstance was a black male to offer to light the cigarette of a white female -- that gesture implied intimacy.
Blacks were not allowed to show public affection toward one another in public, especially kissing, because it offended whites.
Jim Crow etiquette prescribed that blacks were introduced to whites, never whites to blacks. For example: "Mr. Peters (the white person), this is Charlie (the black person), that I spoke to you about."
Whites did not use courtesy titles of respect when referring to blacks, for example, Mr., Mrs., Miss., Sir, or Ma'am. Instead, blacks were called by their first names. Blacks had to use courtesy titles when referring to whites, and were not allowed to call them by their first names.
If a black person rode in a car driven by a white person, the black person sat in the back seat, or the back of a truck.
White motorists had the right-of-way at all intersections.
Stetson Kennedy, the author of Jim Crow Guide (1990), offered these simple rules that blacks were supposed to observe in conversing with whites:

Never assert or even intimate that a white person is lying.
Never impute dishonorable intentions to a white person.
Never suggest that a white person is from an inferior class.
Never lay claim to, or overly demonstrate, superior knowledge or intelligence.
Never curse a white person.
Never laugh derisively at a white person.
Never comment upon the appearance of a white female.

Jim Crow laws touched every aspect of everyday life.

Jim Crow laws touched every aspect of everyday life. For example, in 1935, Oklahoma prohibited blacks and whites from boating together. Boating implied social equality. In 1905, Georgia established separate parks for blacks and whites. In 1930, Birmingham, Alabama, made it illegal for blacks and whites to play checkers or dominoes together. Here are some of the typical Jim Crow laws, as compiled by the Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site Interpretive Staff:

Barbers. No colored barber shall serve as a barber (to) white girls or women (Georgia).
Blind Wards. The board of trustees shall...maintain a separate building...on separate ground for the admission, care, instruction, and support of all blind persons of the colored or black race (Louisiana).
Burial. The officer in charge shall not bury, or allow to be buried, any colored persons upon ground set apart or used for the burial of white persons (Georgia).
Buses.All passenger stations in this state operated by any motor transportation company shall have separate waiting rooms or space and separate ticket windows for the white and colored races (Alabama).
Child Custody. It shall be unlawful for any parent, relative, or other white person in this State, having the control or custody of any white child, by right of guardianship, natural or acquired, or otherwise, to dispose of, give or surrender such white child permanently into the custody, control, maintenance, or support, of a negro (South Carolina).
Education.The schools for white children and the schools for negro children shall be conducted separately (Florida).
Libraries. The state librarian is directed to fit up and maintain a separate place for the use of the colored people who may come to the library for the purpose of reading books or periodicals (North Carolina).
Mental Hospitals. The Board of Control shall see that proper and distinct apartments are arranged for said patients, so that in no case shall Negroes and white persons be together (Georgia).
Militia. The white and colored militia shall be separately enrolled, and shall never be compelled to serve in the same organization. No organization of colored troops shall be permitted where white troops are available and where whites are permitted to be organized, colored troops shall be under the command of white officers (North Carolina).
Nurses. No person or corporation shall require any White female nurse to nurse in wards or rooms in hospitals, either public or private, in which negro men are placed (Alabama).
Prisons. The warden shall see that the white convicts shall have separate apartments for both eating and sleeping from the negro convicts (Mississippi).
Reform Schools. The children of white and colored races committed to the houses of reform shall be kept entirely separate from each other (Kentucky).
Teaching. Any instructor who shall teach in any school, college or institution where members of the white and colored race are received and enrolled as pupils for instruction shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be fined... (Oklahoma).
Wine and Beer. All persons licensed to conduct the business of selling beer or wine...shall serve either white people exclusively or colored people exclusively and shall not sell to the two races within the same room at any time (Georgia).1


The Jim Crow laws and system of etiquette were undergirded by violence, real and threatened.

People run from these subjects that expose the historical truths that shaped so much of America white society, across this nation.

We see elements of it everyday with the police conduct, merchant establishment and the litany of incidents from college campuses to golf course.... Yet, people make claim to support equality, but go silent when these things happen.
Many look for any angle as a first thought to blame or seek to find something to blame on the minorities affected, before they consider and acknowledge the elements of the same history of the past as to conduct and accosting of minorities.

Post like this won't get much commentary, because its difficult to refute the truths that exist and its not structured to be suitable for jokes and puns....

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Fri May 11, 2018, 08:45 AM

3. You've given me some things to think about.

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Fri May 11, 2018, 09:47 AM

4. Much is told and exposed in the nature of commentary and post views and comments


..... nothing moves many to say much beyond the 'drama spins" of headline news... and within an hour or a day, a new headline and drama spin comes and people go into a tailspin, all over again.

Such stuff does nothing to promote or support the Democratic Ideals and Certainly does not expound upon elements of the Democratic Platform.

In some ways its like the 1950's still exist in tonality and aspects of mentality... "the go along with" unless it touches on an area that infringes upon the wide spread groomed in sense of white privilege. That was the hard truth for 100 yrs.. The force of Law, by the Civil Rights Act, of 1964 did open the door for some who were previously fearful of the right wing racist backlash, but there are many others who abide by the law, but not within the hear and within the ideals that shape their lives. If they did, we'd not have so much of the high frequency of racist things happening this very day, the police would not be continually feeling 'entitled" to have an adverse demeanor when it comes to minorities.
The good thing is.. there is a volume of young people with true and honorable democratic values, who do stand up and do so frequently,and as time comes the "YOUNG" will do far more to promote the values that are "honest and true" in democratic ideals,and they will be 'unwavering" in their support of equality in all things.

It may take a decade to see the impact, as the very young today move up into the mid teens and those in their mid teens move into the business world of life.
The young now embrace multicultural friends and relations and the young are more motivated to choose a mate, not based on skin, but on the person as individual. There will be backlash from some, but the young today are learning not to be deterred by such constraining bias promotion.

When they stand to reshape the Democratic Party, it will not be with the splintering that exist today, and the wavering that is often seen, even in this site as to how strong a stand is for the Democratic values. They won't be driven by "Envy" as is seen too in this site, nor will they be so quick to take dialog as if its a lecture, but to see it as an engagement of information and they will have a willingness and driven mind to be "interactive with expounding upon details, with details".

They are learning that futile ignorance of envious competing madness, is not good and only exposes the weakness in some who are eager to engage in such insidious conduct.

The more they come to know how Jim Crow Ideals influenced the environments they grew up in and how it influenced their parents, they will use that knowledge to move away from those influences. They are fast learning that many people live by that grooming which may well have infected their parents as well as their communities, and as they become even more aware... they will resent any inferences of such influence within their lives. This is the step process of life... it has been going on since the days of slavery in America, sometimes fractional steps, and a step back and a half step forward, but as MLK said, The Arc of the Moral Universe Is Long, But It Bends Toward Justice ... we have to acknowledge the deep meaning with such statement, and accept its truth..

John 8:32
And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Fri May 11, 2018, 11:21 AM

5. Part II



The vastness of the picture has to be presented in Parts.... along with the fact people today have such a short attention span, some have envy and resentment and many other dispositions that prohibit their investment of time to read and certainly a reluctance to write in expanded commentary to explore and inquire into the things that truly matter for the future of America.

The volume of work required to promote Democratic Narrative, is vast, and in doing so, to expose the Republican Agenda in the process, certainly it is important not to avoid the discussion of bigotry, bias and racism; which has been a long established madness within America for 100's of years. One would be unaware and highly negligent to seek to ignore or even try to ignore the element of racism and try to avoid or downplay the necessity of discussions about and of racism when trying to move the Democratic agenda forward.

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Mon May 14, 2018, 03:46 PM

6. every word, statement about CRA


true with a racist, historically, AG like SESSIONS, out front advisors like bolton, stealth advisors like gorka, bannon. All white supremacy advocates. People really didn't think their influence had ended, did they? They have just taken a lower public profile. Still here pouring racist poison in trumps ear.

The racist RW has been at it since the Nixon-Atwater 'southern strategy' as a reaction to the right gained by blood and sweat as the 64-65 Human and Civil Rights Acts. This country has had many generations to end racial discrimination. Loss of white privilege and entitlement has thwarted that goal...one step forward, 2 back.

President Obama was the last straw for racist white people, scared the shit out of them. Why do you think they would go to the Russians and Comey to steal our last election? They were desperate to defeat HRC.

NOVEMBER 2018. WE MUST GOTV LIKE 2008!!!!!!!!! Show our damn fangs!.

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Mon May 14, 2018, 03:57 PM

7. every word, statement about CRA


proven true with a racist, historically, AG like SESSIONS, out front advisors like bolton, stealth advisors like gorka, bannon, jones, hannity, limbaugh and a host of television MSM 'talking heads' male and female. All white supremacy advocates. People really didn't think their influence had ended with the so-called firings of these people, did they? They have just taken a lower public profile. Still here pouring racist poison in trumps ear.

The racist RW has been at it since the Nixon-Atwater 'southern strategy' as a reaction to the rights gained in literal blood and sweat as the 64-65 Human and Civil Rights Acts. This country has had many generations to end racial discrimination. Loss of white privilege and entitlement has thwarted that goal...one step forward, 2 back, ALWAYS.

President Obama was the last straw for racist white people, scared the shit out of them. Why do you think they would go to the Russians and Comey to steal our last election? They were desperate to defeat HRC.

NOVEMBER 2018. WE MUST GOTV LIKE 2008!!!!!!!!! Show our damn fangs!.

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