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Fri Jun 1, 2018, 07:59 AM


Putin's Boy (Trump)..Should get Treason's Stiffest Penalty!!!

A report that U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to pursue German carmakers until there are no Mercedes-Benz rolling down New York's Fifth Avenue dented shares in the luxury car manufacturers on Thursday.

An excerpt from German magazine Wirtschaftswoche's article, which cited several unnamed European and U.S. diplomats but did not include any direct quotes, could not be independently verified, while a U.S. Embassy spokesman in Berlin referred questions to Washington.

The news and current affairs magazine said Trump had told French President Emmanuel Macron in April that he aimed to push German carmakers out of the United States altogether. Macron's administration in Paris declined to comment on the report.

Maybe all the specialist trained in our U.S. Military, should readjust their target to the current White House Administration and the Republican Congress!!! All the specialist trained in our U.S. Military signed up to "Protect America".

EXCERPT: Declaration of Independence

"" We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpation's, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.""

He (Trump) has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.
He (Trump) has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them

He (Trump) has called together legislative bodies at places unusual,(his private club in Florida) uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their Public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.

He (Trump) has endeavored to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.

He (Trump) has obstructed the Administration of Justice by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary Powers.
He (Trump) has made Judges dependent on his Will alone for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries
Trump is GUILTY OF:
For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:
For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:
He (Trump) has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.
He (Trump) has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless
In every stage of these Oppression's We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince (Trump (Kushner & Ivanks), whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

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Reply Putin's Boy (Trump)..Should get Treason's Stiffest Penalty!!! (Original post)
Civic Justice Jun 2018 OP
notdarkyet Jun 2018 #1
Civic Justice Jun 2018 #2

Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Fri Jun 1, 2018, 08:53 AM

1. People need to wake up to the harm and lasting damage one, demented, crazy insane person is being

Allowed that is inflicting financial and constitutional harm on our country.

Golden country your face is so red
With all of your money your poor can be fed
You strut around and you flirt with disaster
Never really carin' just what comes after
Well your blacks are dyin' but your back is still turned
And your freaks are cryin' but your back is still turned
You better stop your hidin' or your country will burn
The time has come for you my friend
To all this ugliness we must put an end
Before we leave, we must make a stand
Oh, we must make a stand
REO Speedwagon

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Response to notdarkyet (Reply #1)

Fri Jun 1, 2018, 10:11 AM

2. Sadly... people don't want the "raw truth"....


.... the desire to avoid facing it, dealing with it, and understanding the firm and determine stance needed to rid ourselves of it, makes ways for the raw truths, to overcome the nation.

Maybe when some realize, none within this site, or those who come to read whats here, need "not" be here to patronize each other, or expect to be appeased.. but... instead be with continued concern to address the matters and promote dialog, to gain and spread Democratic Narrative...

We have a bigger problem than we may even know, because when one has an adversary that is of the conduct of a wild beast, silence and certainly not a few happy go lucky thoughts and comments, will not deter a beast. We've seen 1.5 yrs of that already, and the beast is more aggressive than ever before.....

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