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Wed Jun 6, 2018, 11:19 AM


We Often Forget... "Let's Not Forget" and Become and Be Always Better For It.

We often forget (the influence's impact, of what money distorts)

... in the high end of the marquee university network, they educated the wealthy, both democratic and republican... and at that level of wealth, there are times the lines gets blurred, "because" !!! it not all about the education, its about the networks, as well as the expanse of endowment and the benefit it provides to bond those networks people build. There is no such thing as an all democratic profession in any business sector, nor is there an all republican profession in any business sector.
When money is the matter, the lines blur many different shades of grey... ((Such university is put out of reach of the Average America, and even the general State Universities is priced out of the range of the average America today. We need to understand what they means, and why is was set in motion, under the Reagan Administration. As was the Federalist Society created in 1982 that deals with Filling Positions of Judges in America and many other Conservative Agenda Concerns and Ideals. It was not for the Democratic Ideals, nor the better benefit of the general society of persons. ))

As Democrats we need to know what this means, and what it means as to the work we need to do. To promote the Ideals of the Democratic Platform. THAT WORK, WON'T BE EASY!!!

I can see it in this site as I've seen it in various other sites, the nature of challenge which caused us to loose the congress and the presidency, and we need to "get ready for the real work it takes to win it back".
When subject matter gets to what is realism about the people, about class and race and such things as economics, "silence is at an all time high". It tells a story!!! We can't afford the story it tells.

I've worked with heads of companies and the executive teams, and within the business planning and strategy, what is not present is any inference to being "democrat or republican"... its become about how to "increase profits"... customer services is nothing more than an annoyance they deal with to get to the profit markers they aspire to achieve.

Many of the feeder schools that feed the Ivy League system, do not teach the things we may speak about as general people, they speak and teach what they have always spoken and taught. That is how to keep wealth in the hands of the wealth.
The pomp and pageant stamped upon and after a degree, is they are taught they are a world apart from general society.

Unaware that everything about the general society is what feeds and fuels their position, and how they derive their wealth and what leads to them conferring status upon one another, by label or title.

When it gets down to the raw nitty gritty of what the Democratic Platform Promotes, there becomes a distortion. That distortion was seen in the mass of white males and white females that voted Republican. "Because" beyond much, it becomes about "the money" !!! Much of what Trump has done and what he say's does not pierce many deep enough, because they know in the world of money, what he does is what many do... Is anything... that gains "more money".

Russians were well aware of this, they know how to get into the wealthy community, the same as they have learned now to invade the poor and rural communities, because that is where they sow discord and Destabilize Society, but on the other end of the spectrum, "where the money spins"... people with it, know the networks that spin money, they know the systems that help hide money, and they were as lust driven for the rip off tax cuts as were many others, because its again, "about the money".

Many are taught that the average person is too complacent to give them any regard or allow them to build in social cohesion that can translate into power.
They are of many who "detest the drive of black people"... because black people know, that it takes cohesion and it takes standing up to the system of power and money, simply to be respected as a human being, let along to move forward to gain political power and influence. It's a thorn in the sides of the "money and power"... so they push and support and allow the same tool they used during segregation to be used today... and "that's police violence and brutality up to and including murder".... because they know it distracts blacks to have to fight against it, while the money and power makes moves in a directions to distance themselves and build block out walls in the meantime.

There's reason of many why people run from many post, and there is reasons why a few hundred people can read and have not a single word to say. But, they will spin jokes on a "meant for distraction article" in the list of 100's.

Republican know this, they've studied these sites and they know the gullibility and the fallibility of people sliding off the mound, when its time to throw a strike ball.

We sadly have a society lulled into the spin of "every 6-9 months being duped to buy a new phone" to take picture, play games and watch video... and the trips is... all the phone will do it. But they shell out 100's just to say they have the latest this or that.

The general system of political policy is for too many, only an opportunity to sling a pun, crack a joke and think they have made a difference. Republican see that and have studied it carefully... the mess with Facebook and others only now trying to clean up a mess they made, because they cared only about "the dollar"... ONLY when it cost Zuckerberg a few $billion, does he now pretend to want to correct what he can't correct. Facebook has sold out to everything it could on the Internet, where sites unrelated to Facebook, request Facebook sign in's. So, the mess is beyond Facebook's control, but they know the people are gullible enough to fall for the spin and drama of pretense to fix what it can't fix. " ((WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Facebook Inc (FB.O) said Tuesday it has data sharing partnerships with at least four Chinese companies including Huawei, the world's third largest smartphone maker, which has come under scrutiny from U.S. intelligence agencies on security concerns._
Earlier on Tuesday, the Senate Commerce Committee demanded that Facebook's chief executive officer, Mark Zuckerberg, respond to a report that user data was shared with at least 60 device manufacturers, weeks after the social media company said it would change its practices after a political firm got access to data from millions of users.
)) " I Guess, the real truth is: "The pursuit of Money" compromised the billion people Facebook claims are members.

Most people in the work place will not even mention anything political and often time friends will not even discuss it.

Republican created a diversion with bombs in the sand in Syria, and when the dust settled, they have slid a man into the Supreme Court seat. People never figured out how we got shammed.

The News talks and talks and when Republican come on, they allow them to push any narrative they want, and while they do so, the media heads back off, because their seat before the camera and the pay check is far more important to them than truly standing the ground on point and fact.

Trump learned during the campaigning, that he can say and do anything, and people grips a bit, he distracts and divert attention in another direction and give them some outlandish trash to spin, while the republican go ahead and move on policy and government systems dismantling.

While the general public is given another Dose of Social Destabilization.... !!!!

As Democrats lets get busy, and stay focused, and not keep chasing the rabbit like we're at the county fair... its not about winning a teddy bear... its about work needed to regain narrative, promote narrative and regain control of this government, before it becomes something none of us can even fathom to think.

this was posted as an OP, it is part of the "Social Destabilization" OP.

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