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Wed Jun 27, 2018, 09:38 PM


Supreme Court Just Gave -Industry What It Wants - More Drive To Bust Unions

America is being turned into SERFDOM CAPITAL, and people are not even paying attention.

Wages are already stagnant, the Industrialist have kept the tax cuts money, and now they don't have to raise the pay of anyone, there will be no Unions that give employee's voice.

Trump already attacked "injury reporting" so people now have no historical data to base precedence about hazardous job injuries and before long they won't have a unions to fight for the worker.

The same dumb ass right wing white people who support that kind of stuff, are the same ones whining that they been left behind while they continue to do stupid stuff that makes sure they stay behind. But they are not along, we have too many right leaning democrats who are anti union as well... and we already know the people riding on Degrees, don't want Unions, because they detest seeing anyone make a decent living except themselves. We've become a society dumb enough to fall for the delusion that sitting in a class room for 4 yrs, and hanging out, and paying for a "get a job certificate' is suppose to be the cream of the crop... and none of the degree riders have any idea or thought of doing any actual production labor, they want to push paper and give orders.

Union people has skills of class and craft, even if it was assembly line work, it was a skill set that actually had hands on to produce something.

American Media Promoted Elitist Delusions, as if everyone is going to be an office worker.... Because of them, every low wage country will out pace us 50:1... they'd already out built us 100:1 in the past 50 yrs. As one commented posted after the travel ban, how a foreign survey said... many foreign people no longer want to come to America for vacation, because we got too many people shooting other people, families killing each others, old broken infrastructure, and old hotels that were built cheap, that can't touch the technology that many foreign location built into their facilities, our beaches are crowded and people can't find anywhere to park if they do go, and whats the use of coming here to shop, when everything in our stores is imported from some Foreign location.

Still People can't see....

America can't think deep enough to realize, the only thing that will save America is a 3-4-5 Trillion investment in Small Business Development and Small Business Growth, with Money Allocated for Small Business Start Up....

They glory days we rode the hell out of it, and now all we do is promote any skinny female body that will get practically naked on the media.... we no longer even have awareness, that a slim body and pretty face, does not infer integrity or dignity upon anyone... we see that by these same images who can't wait to blast across the media who they are sleeping with. we got a mass of men, getting busted for sexual encroachment and we got every other week some teacher that has bedded down the students.

We can't even tell the people, how we can fix health care, and how we can stimulate the economy in Rural Areas, Suburban Areas and We don't give a damn about inner city economics. We can't even get out people to continue promoting Clean Energy, We have not conversation in the public about how we can make health care better, we have no conversation on how we can protect workers rights, we have nothing that tells these companies who got our tax money, that they need to provide Pensions for the workers. They sold America on the sham of 401k, when half the working people don't make enough to contribute to it, and after they used the bait and switch game to lure people into it, with a claim of match money, now they contribute not one dime to it. We fell for it... and every 5 yrs they crash the economy and take 50% of what ever gains people thought they had. The wealthy is buying up all the homes, so the bulk of people can't be anything but perpetual renters because they can't earn enough to qualify to buy a home. And no one wants to move in the broken down community and fix them, because they don't have enough income... so the well to do degree riders come in with a gentrification program, and move out the remaining poor, and make it unaffordable for the average working person to even live there.

Why is our Democratic Message Not Talking About Any Of This!!!!! Why are they not telling us, what their plan is to help change and fix some of this for the average person. and lo and behold, they damn sure is not going to even think about how they can help or assist the minorities with anything. Heck, half the people won't even speak up when the police keep shooting young black people.

yep, just as I wrote the other day, people are UNAWARE that a Supreme Court Justice is Worth $TRILLION of Dollars to the Wealthy... and they proved that today... Again.... Now, we have one who is retiring, as part of the plot, because he leaned Right anyway, and he's no fool... he knows retiring now, send the Court Far to the Right....

and all that is going to happen, is people will crack a few jokes, sling a bit of sarcasm... and not generate any thing that puts the heat under Democrats ass and Democratic Politicians asses to do anything ... but hide out somewhere silent, afraid Trump might launch an attack on them.

Republican are winning at Gerrymandering, and Trump will create another distraction when they get ready to use the Nuclear Options AGAIN, and seat another Right Wing Justice... and we will still have a mass of people, cracking jokes and pushing sarcasm, while the Republican will fill up the Federal Court with Right Wing Judges that coordinate with the Right Wing Supreme Court and they will FOREVER change America.

Now, what is the Democratic Plan? Please explain with some detail and explain how it is suppose to be implemented and then explain how it can benefit American peoples everyday life ???? but first name the front runner who can lead us?

I think the one that has the best chance is Elizabeth Warren... she's been speaking up and challenging and calling Republican out for the past 6 yrs...or so.... the sad thing, is she gets not collective support from the democratic congress people. They don't help her flank the Republican, they don't help her with promoting commentary narrative to support her fights, but she is relentless in pushing the fight and being concerned about the American people.

We need to wake up, and get off this.. I hate Trump obsession... its already understood that we hate Trump, now we need to focus on what are out plans, how do we expect to achieve them, and what are our methods of doing so, and how do we explain to the people how our plans can fix the schools, create business opportunity in Rural Areas, Suburban Areas, and Inner Cities Areas? How can we stop Online things like Amazon from killing jobs and stealing the sales data of people who use its site, and then promoting its own brand by using the stolen data from its sellers.
How do we expand clean energy, and what type of clean energy are we going to expand. How do we make education affordable, and how do we give Vocation and Technical Training the Credibility It deserves and keep the cost low for the lower income and those who's income is fast becoming insufficient to educate their kids or help them get and learn a skill.

Where's that message? How can we protect the remaining Fresh Water that we have, how do we reinvigorate the Farming Industry, and take it back from the Chemical Companies? How do we produce Medicine in America and Sell it at a price people can afford... Will we ever make our own appliances, will we ever make our own computers, and will we ever make our own cell phones ON AMERICA SOIL.... Absolutely none of that is being discussed by the Democratic Politicians.

We can't even go to the store and buy "Fish" and get what it is suppose to be, because its some screwed up, until we don't know what the heck it is, and many times it is certainly not what the label said. We can't even catch and sell natural catfish, now we import foreign farm raised catfish, and foreign farm raised shrimp.

We think Detroit is a real life example of what happens when we have no plan... we now see the fall of Department Stores that once were the cream of America, that even sold American made goods.
We see everything being sold and moved out of the country....
We have a stock market that has gone right back to the Casino Game that crashed us in 2008, and Trump is destroying more Regulation, while we have a straight out ego maniac EPA chief, who can't stop patronizing himself with our money.

there is no thought to preserve and protect anything for the generation that might exist in 2050... and beyond... all we see is run away greed and hiding money offshore and now waiting on N. Korea to open its doors so the wealthy can get even cheaper labor to produce cheap goods to sell us, and we will buy it, because we have not alternative...

We can't even go to the store and buy "organic" food, because the wage is too low, so we by chemical injected fruits and vegetable, and chemical saturated meats... and can foods that are filled with processing wage, and salted down to give it flavor.

Some foreign countries won't buy such things from us, because they don't allow those chemicals to poison their people.

What's our plan to change any of this?

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Wed Jun 27, 2018, 11:05 PM

1. I don't have an immediate answer

You make some very good observations.

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Response to bluecollar2 (Reply #1)

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 10:45 AM

9. The answer the OP looking for is quite simple. Declare the OP the heart, soul, conscience, and...


Last edited Thu Jun 28, 2018, 11:20 AM - Edit history (1)

Voice of the Democratic Party, and copy and paste its manifestos everywhere.

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 07:39 AM

2. People run from Posting,


Last edited Thu Jun 28, 2018, 01:37 PM - Edit history (2)

because their ego can't allow them to get past their resentment at the writer... all because they don't want to face the real truth, and when its presented... They climb up with their silliness, thinking avoiding reading and avoiding thinking makes them some elitist. But they still don't think beyond the impulse to sling out a pun, push some sarcastic bull crap, and crack a joke as if that's all that matters is trying to be a master of wit and humor.

It's truly pathetic.... They can't remember from one week to the next, what the public issue is, and have no sensibilities that drive them to generate and promote public narratives. The consciousness of our make up, is lackadaisical, and Republican are continuing their march, and all we got as a response is some silly slap stick one liner comment.

We have no capacity that is being utilized to think... and construct ideas even to tell people things to pay attention unto.. except an obsession to attack any writer who trying to incite them to open their eyes and pay attention, and THINK.

Right now, most of the people could'nt tell the other what the Democratic Plan is, or How the Democrats plan to execute the plan. We got Schumer, appeasing Republican, because Waters, told them, don't pander to the Right Wing, We got Bill Clinton talking about his respect for Sarah Huckabee, when all the media, knows she spins the lies Trump wants spun on a daily basis.

Where is Obama, and why is he not heading groups that push a Public Message and Tell People... What and How the Democrats plan to Govern? Where is Hillary, just beause she lost, that was no reason to go silent, Loosing should not have caused her to back off of her plans and ideas, and it certainly should not have stopped her from promoting her Plans and Ideas. Why are they not Rallying the Democratic Congress people and telling them to get off their ass, and get on the Media and Talk to the People.

We did not learn a damn thing from the ass whipping we took in 2016. We should have been canvasing areas from day one with our Congressional People, in every district in America. Because its not just about the Presidency, its about Local and Regional Governance Positions as well. Instead... we see Republican who don't like Trump, left with no option but to accept the stuff Trump is doing, because the Democrats are not out telling them what are the options and how Democrats can do things that help them, we have no democrats going in these areas trying to win the soft republican votes.
If we did, those same soft republicans would have information and ideas about what Democrats claim they can do. They are people, and people respond to "who" comes and talk to them !!!! When the hell will Democrats Learn That Lesson !!!!

We can't even rally the young people to promote the plan, because we have not told them what the plan is. Hell, half the old people don't know what the plan is... all they know is Democrats do care about people. But democratic leaders are not telling them "how they care about people" and how that care can translate into improving their lives.

If Democrats had been pushing and promoting "Workers Rights and Workers Having Voice", it would have created support for Unions, and the Court is not deaf... they would be influenced by what the people want. But when the people don't speak, the court goes with what business wants, because business send people to "speak" and promote their wants and agenda.

We better learn how society functions, because it damn sure does not function as a mind reader. and a bunch of jokes and pun, only make us look like a mass of silliness. who can't take anything serious enough to actually have something to say, and express it.

This has been one of the most insidious past months, to come here, hoping to hear peoples thoughts about how we make things better as Democrats, and What things we want to make better, and how it can benefit and improve society, and all that can be found, is a litany of post, filled with nothing but sarcastic puns...and every post gets buried by the minute, only to be followed by a litany of others, still filled with nothing but sarcastic puns.

Ideas matter... !!! everything in our society is created from the generation of idea's... and we have not even figured that simplicity out. Instead we'd rather be like crabs in a barrel, one trying to pull the other back in, when that one tries to say, look beyond the rim of the barrel.


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Response to Civic Justice (Reply #2)

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 07:49 AM

3. Your obsession with puns is rather amusing.


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Response to Marengo (Reply #3)

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 08:35 AM

5. I don't come here for pun's, if that's what you like, that's your choice to do so.


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Response to Civic Justice (Reply #2)

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 02:06 PM

14. I don't particularily care for Sanders, but...


he is out talking, and he is trying to come up with ideas, and trying to help the people understand the ideas he comes up with. No one can take that from him.
I don't agree with all of his methods or the extent of some of his ideas, but I do see he is trying to have a message and promote a narrative about his ideas. he calls out Democrats on things which probably should be called out, because if they have a message, they would use his call out as a calling card to promote their message. Instead, they sit back silent as ever.

Warren does the same, she has a message, she has ideas and she puts up a fight to stand behind her ideals and she tries to tell the people in understanding terms the importance of addressing the acts done by republicans, she even explains why their idea are not good and then she follows it up to explain to people how her ideas and understanding of policies, laws and regulations work and how they can work better for the people.

I got no time for these people who sit and wait to come attack everything written, but offer up absolutely nothing of ideas, or thoughts about anything... other than their anguish, because I don't care for their puns and sarcastic humor as a tactic.

If they have ideas that are more conceptually functional... I'm all for it, it they can point out how any idea I present can be improved upon constructively, I'm all for it... but their anguish because I think their puns are a waste of time, then let them be anguished, because they still have not presented anything of ideas that help improve the Democratic Promotion of Democratic ideas or How better to achieve Democratic Agenda.

I'm not on her looking for some friends network... I'm on here because I think the Democratic Party is the best vehicle to achieve the progress American needs and to promote and stand behind the humane concerns in doing so.

I don't think some of these democrats give a damn about minority issues and the racism that is being done, or the incessant cop shooting, and many damn sure do not understand the premise or the point of "Black Lives Matter"... because American for 100's of years have had and taught and spread an ideology that black lives did not matter. they showed that with the history of slavery, and its been shown with the history of segregation and its continually shown with all the police treatment of black people, the high unemployment of black people and the incessantly aim to keep wages low for black people. Every time throughout history, the things they do to black people and do to push back, hold back and avoid supporting black people, continually doubles back upon them as well.

Just like Republican have Far Right Republican, Right leaning Republican, and Moderate Republican, and Left leaning Republican... the Democrats have equally so... Far Left Democrats, Right leaning Democrats, and Moderate Democrats, and Left leaning Democrats....

Neither party is one dimensional..... so for people to come to things I write and act like they are hurt, because they got some delusion that Democrats are one dimension... is itself a demonstration of their lack of understanding the make up of the party.

There are white Democrats who will move out of a community if minorities move in, just like there are Republican white people who will move out of a community because minorities move in. There are Democrats who will deal with minorities who are well to do, but want not much to do with minority democrats that are poor.... the same as there are Republican who will deal with minorities who are well to do, but want nothing to do with poor minorities.

The questions is... who do you think will stop to help a minority with a broken down vehicle on the highway, first... a white Democrat or a white Republican? That's right no one can answer the questions!!! because neither party is One dimensions, and every person is an individual. The same question could be asked about who would help a poor white person with a broken down vehicle on the highway first, a white Democrat, a black Democrat or a white Republican or a black Republican? That's right no one can answer the questions!!! because neither party is One dimensions, and every person is an individual.

it all comes back to ... what are the Ideas and Wants of the Individual, and which party can be perform to achieve it, based on what that party tells the public as to what they can and what they will do, and explain how they can and will do it, and how it can and will benefit the individual as well as general society. The one that promotes the narrative and get out to talk with the people... will be the one that wins.. because the people respond to who cares enough to come and talk to me !!!
Who cares enough to explain their plan to me? who cares enough to explain how they expect to achieve their ideas and plans?

It's basic human nature..... because people can be influenced.....

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 07:54 AM

4. Here's an Idea... what do we do when we have a nation of young people with no options visible.


Last edited Thu Jun 28, 2018, 07:09 PM - Edit history (2)

IMPROVE AND EXPAND THE CIVIL SERVICE CORP - Non Military Duty Designee - their Primary Task will involve "Civil Related Programs which serve and improve America".

Media and Music... is doing what, promoting Drugs themed TV shows and any kind of slap stick programming that is driven by using young thing body women flashing their ass, to the expanse of using plus sized women flashing their ass in a continual competition of ass flashing... followed by a vanity based bickering fest!!! and we call it "entertainment", when fact is it is influence a generation!!!! rich people walking around in torn jeans, trying to look like they are costumed as if they actually wore those jeans out from working, when fact is, not one of them will get their hands busy doing any kind of manual labor. they are simply costuming looking like some media caricature, as their only aim and claim of self identity. The madness has led to nothing but Material External Self Measure, increased suicide, increased bullying and a society addicted to video games and posting picture and comments on Facebook about superficial things, moment by moment.
Many can't walk 10 steps without scrolling through their phone to see what antic's picture someone posted, or what non consequential thing someone has posted.

They did not learn a darn thing behind what Facebook did to feed them influential distractions, and sell their data, so data mining companies could tell Republican operatives, how insidious and lost minded people were, and how quickly it could fill them with doubts, that drove them to vote against their own democratic nominee.
Now Facebook got them lined up to charge them a monthly fee, because it see's their obsession has become and addiction. most of them will never know the difference.

Apple makes fools of them every 5-7 months with another phone, to take pictures and play games, and NOT EVEN ONE APPLE PRODUCT IS MADE IN AMERICA... the only thing american's can do is get a low paying sales job, to sell Apple products.

People rushed out to buy a apple watch, that does no more than what's already capable with their cell phone. but all they care about is the "publicity to say, I have the latest gadget"... all the while Apple becomes a Trillion Dollar Company, the Chinese have the production jobs, and Americans working sales jobs and giving their money to Apple.

We better wake up... because if we don't have a plan, you can damn sure bet Republican got one for you, and its not in your best interest.

I see people pulling a 500 series Mercedes that cost close to if not a 100k, up to a house that likely did not cost over 120k, and others going out trying to buy the biggest house in the community, with the biggest car, while on a job, that might not exist in 6 months. They live on spending every dime they make to "look the pretense of wealth", for a year, and then they go into credit debt, trying to hang on to the image, and when the job fades away, they are stuck in a rut, and then want to kill the whole family, or one mate kills the others, or they rush to the divorce court, because one did not make the other's fantasy come true.... and in the wake they have babies galore, being raised by one parent, trying to pretend they can be both mother and father, and send the kids into self confusion, and others using the kids as a gambit tools to enact their vengeance upon the mother or the father of that kid. all because the fiction had to come face to face with reality and they were ill equipped to know the difference.

Then an incessantly large and growing amount of people wants to claim "I'm Depressed" ... and then use that as a reason and justification when they go out and do stupid stuff. People who get to know themselves and accept themselves as being a functioning and productive person, don't become consumed with claiming "I'm Depressed"... because they are busy investing themselves in being their productive self, and taking pride in being whom they are. Hell.. people now claim depressed, because they don't want to face the reality of "aging", and others, become to claim depression, if they can't be a "perpetual shop-a-holic, buying shit to trying and make others think they are something they are not, while they slide the plastic, creating debt they can't pay.

We got a society now, who can't appreciate their own hair... obsessed with weaves and wigs that dominate the scenario, because people are too lazy to get up and groom themselves naturally. They have gone so obsessed with the madness, they put that crap on the pre-teen's heads, before they even have a chance to learn how to appreciate their natural self.
Its a shame.... !!! people walking around with their head looking like it covered in rope.. while they pat their head because it itches, because they can't wash it.... but all they can think is .. It looks good! how can something fake ever come close to what ones natural self is?

People using public services, and then waste the resource they do have, buying fake hair, and fictitious designer labels, trying to look a part... that does not fit the reality of their condition.

And now, we have a youth society, looking like vagabonds walking around with uncombed hair, and covered in slogans, to the extent they cover their skin with markings, and wonder why no one wants to hire them. Its so crazy that we have people with florescent colored hair... and other imagery, that you'd never find in a financial establishment... and if you don't find it there, it means, no one wants it in their office where they are trying to push and promote a profession. It use to be illegal to tattoo a person under 18, now... they can barely get to the age of 14 without marking on their skin, with absolutely no idea what lies ahead in their future, and how that imagery will hinder them.
Young men, hung up on a 40 yrs old fad, of saggin pants, and too ignorant to know that image gets them rejected from a distant viewing of them. Many have change their whole gait in their walk, trying to keep their pants from falling down, until they don't walk... they wobble.
Then we got the others images of people walking around in some slip on plastic shoe, with socks, like they have a life of leisure, but can't make the monthly payments to cover their own living habitat.

We ... have become something that is self defeating... and we wonder why Republicans are dead set to create an authoritarian regime... and promote the wealthy to treat people like they are SERF's, and Indentured Servants. People can't even mind their own business about their own sexuality, they have to parade it in public as if it the full definition of being a person. when sex is a private matter of the individual, it need not be a paraded as a badge, as if that's the whole of all one is about. Do what you like, but everyone else has no necessary need to know what you do in your sex life.

We better wake up as a society and think in terms of "Personal Dignity", and "Personal Integrity"... and how we can be a productive person in a society, that is driven by the necessity to have monetary means to take care of basic living conditions.

Today, we've made it so crazy, until people now wear the label "single parent" as if its some ideal badge of honor, when fact is it deprives the child of knowing the nature and reality of what is a mother and what is a father.... as being the basis of what drives the natural procreation's functions of gender's.

I don't care if a person is homosexual or non homosexual.. that's their business. it does not need to be made everybody else's business, just live your life as a person... not as some caricature imagery as if one has to fit some clone scripted imagery.

People can no longer deal with the real life challenge and trial of actually "having the stamina and fortitude to learn each other, as person... they want instantly to be patronized, and flattered, as their basis of relation, and when that is not forth coming, within a short time, they can't stand the sight or presence of the other. Until we have a society, that is now driven in an instance to want to Kill the other... That's a form of Savagery.... it is not a format of Respect for and of Humanity.

Then when they are caught, they want to claim innocent and then plead, "depression"..... made them do it.

We better wake up, because its becoming almost too late... if we don't learn the reality of civility, and civic societal respect and responsibility for self and humanity. We can't have Civility without having a Civil People with a Civic Understanding of what it is to live in a Civics based Civil Society... and if we can't learn that, then we contribute to the destruction of Democracy.

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Response to Civic Justice (Reply #4)

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 08:46 AM

6. I work in a setting, where I see how uninformed people are about even basic things they must do


to facilitate what they claim they want.

I've ran programs that are designed and of purpose to help people who are in dire straits and I've seen the multitude of people who are unwilling to even do what it takes to get the help they need.
After seeing and dealing with such devastation of human beinga and the impact is has upon human potential, I don't have time for pun's ....

After work is done, I have no issue with humor and fun !!! but when I come to forums, I am more concerned about the civility of what matters to have a better society, and what matters to have better civics based reality, and what it means to the future to have those things in the lives of individual, young, old and children s lives; I've seen and still see the ravages of age and people with broken down bodies and no means of getting assistance, as well as people who once had functional lives, that resulted to become devastated in their retirement age, facing challenges, because our society did not have the determined focus to ensure the most valuable asset in this nation, which is people!! to be equipped with life skills to help their personal living conditions.

I see the internet as a great tool, even today, the voiceless minorities who have never been heard before, are today capable of being heard because of the Internet. many white people who have never heard the thoughts of minorities, hear it and because it goes contrary o the prejudicial thoughts they were raised to think.. have difficulty dealing with minority perspectives, and certainly they have difficulty dealing with minority perspective about race... because it does not fit with what they have been groomed to think.

I know some of the things I write, rub people in ways they don't want to be rubbed... but reality will not only rub a person, reality will slap the crap out of people, when they choose to remain unaware of much, in a world of such diversity as what we live within.

We better become willing to learn what we don't want to learn, and see the truths beyond the prejudices that we were groomed to culturally follow... which has a history of being based on biases, bigotry, class divisions, segregationist ignorance, and external self measure based on materialism.

I see countless destitute people everyday... I see countless right wing type, that are in dire poverty, still hoping their white skin will give them something they have not prepared themselves to learn and earn.

So, where in that picture is there time for incessant devotion to pun's ?

I have lived and worked and don't owe anything other than my home payment and utilities and personal necessity items, I don't have a line of credit debt. I have old vehicles, but they are paid for, and I keep up the maintenance because I don't see a need for a perpetual vehicle payment. I lived through having those encumbrances, and I know the pressure and challenge of it. I came from a poverty based environment as a black family in a economically challenged reality as were many black people and poor white people facing the same on economics, but my family never allowed us to feel impoverished as a person. I lived through segregation, but my parents never allowed us to feel inferior to anyone. I've done jobs that some would never do, and I've conferred with heads of corporations... so, I've seen the various perspectives and lived in and through and with it. I know all my local political people, and I share ideas and thoughts with and unto them. I continually write out program in my personal time, and when I'm working, I invest in developing means to advance the job that I do, rather than follow a script that does not promote ongoing advancing progressive developments. It matters, on an individual level... because we only live once, and we can choose... to be a consumer only or a contributor along with our consumption's. I complain about much, but I'm also willing to do something about the things I complain about.

If you want to know why I write with the aim of drive to incite people to think and express themselves, its because I know without it.... we don't have the chance we could have.

Therefore when I come to forums, I come with the intent to communicate ideas, thoughts and investigate as well as promote ideas that might just help us as a society to become to be the better society we claim we want to be.

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Response to Civic Justice (Reply #6)

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 10:20 AM

8. Your incessant declarations of self importance are as amusing as your pathological hatred of puns.


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Response to Civic Justice (Reply #6)

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 01:27 PM

10. I'm talking about conditions that exist in our society....


if you don't want to read it, then don't...

anyone without a sense of self importance, maybe should check themselves, because it certainly has much to do about ones convictions.

If you did not think perceptions, image and presentation and self valuation did not matter, you'd not be posting puns about Right Wingers...

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Response to Civic Justice (Reply #10)

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 01:33 PM

12. I'd rationalize self-importance the same way as well were I consistently guilty of it.

Otherwise, I'd be forced to realize that my desire to advertise my alleged wit is not in fact, conviction, but rather mere self-satisfaction.

Welcome back, kaybee!

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Response to Civic Justice (Reply #4)

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 09:41 AM

7. LOL! Now you're going after tattoos, hair styles, and single parenthood. Is all of this part of...


The “narrative” you insist we promote?

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Response to Marengo (Reply #7)

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 01:31 PM

11. Promote any Narrative you want.. at the very least ... generate a narrative to be promoted. or not !


I don't care what ones concerns are, I care more than people have concerns and are concerned enough to address what they have concerns about....

If any or all of you missed that point, its only because you want to miss it. If you don't care for my posting, then trolling behind me is only going to irritate you more, and that too is your choice.

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Response to Civic Justice (Reply #11)

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 01:51 PM

13. I've heard eerily similar rants from RWNJs on cultural issues. Not sure what that says about you.


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Response to Marengo (Reply #13)

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 02:08 PM

15. you still have not said anything, other than chasing around my posting looking to criticize it...


maybe you can benefit from grasping the fact that, being a Democrat IS NOT One Dimensional.... maybe you won't benefit from such point of fact.

it might even be interesting that you consider what your one liners continue to say about you?

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Response to Civic Justice (Reply #15)

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 02:26 PM

16. I should think it rather obvious, I find you amusing.


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