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Fred Sanders

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Mon Jul 9, 2018, 11:19 PM Jul 2018

Remember when the ACLU vetted all SCOTUS candidates and handed a list to Obama who choose a

nominee only from that private list...explaining how Obama's nomination was made in such a breathtakingly short time? Even the extreme right wing Federalist Society would dare not do such a thing and expect to get away with it!

Then, to compound things, Obama, and his majority-held Senate, followed up this transparent partisanship and abdication of their solemn vetting role to a partisan private group...by demanding a snap Senate vote (summer recess cancelled) to take place within 6 weeks of the nomination, barely 2 months from the seat even being open! Wow! A record shattering pace, bordering on panic for some reason, some say related to the looming criminal and election campaign investigations against Obama.

This all happened after Democrats shattered all Senate precedent by removing the 60 vote filibuster for nominees, eliminating forever the need for some modicum of consensus. And of course who can forget the Democrats refusing any vote on a sitting Republican President's nominee...for a whole year!

In those tense days of President Obama's tenure some said, quite reasonably, that no President under investigation for high crimes and even a possible illegal election victory should NOT be the decider on who gets a SCOTUS seat for life..not when the nominator may soon get 10 to life himself...not a good look for America. Nominator in prison. Nominee sitting pretty in a high court chair.


Funny, I have no recall of any of that either.

But it IS happening now. Only the names are different. Not to protect the innocent, but to protect the guilty, which includes the corporate media.

Of course for that very same corporate media, excluding cable once in a while, the reporting will be very different. Obama would have been roasted...Trump may get a mild corporate sunburn. The man who just gave giant corporations, including the media giants, tens of billions in tax breaks....just not the same reporting for a rea$on.

Hypocrisy, you have met your match. If you dare look American corporate media or their Republican cohorts in their bleary eyes....YOU would blush first.

Remember when the ACLU vetted all SCOTUS candidates and handed a list to Obama who choose a (Original Post) Fred Sanders Jul 2018 OP
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