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Mon Jul 16, 2018, 07:05 PM

Vladimir Putin is not a stupid man, when he talked about "George Soros", he was gloating

“You have a lot of individuals in the United States, take George Soros, for instance, with multibillion capitals, but does it make him — his position, his posture, the posture of the United States? No, it does not,” Putin said.

George Soros is the Emmanuel Goldstein of the right wing, he's that shadowy figure who controls everything.

There is George Soros, the mortal man.

And then there is "GEORGE SOROS!!!", the illusion the hard right uses to justify fear and as they make conspiracy theories up about as a "deep state" and Soros, and liberals, and Jews, and immigrants, and Muslims, and GLBTQ people, and the EU, and Martians, and Antifa, and Pizzagate, and Satanists, and the kids who survive school shootings, and the Freemasons, and on and on are all conspiring against them.

When they frame it about Soros and the Deep State, they don't have to talk about the Council for National Policy or Groundswell.

When they frame it about Pizzagate, they don't have to talk about Josh Duggar.

"GEORGE SOROS!!!", not George Soros, is the mirror of the right wing. This constructed image of George Soros is as much a part of the extreme right wing as confederate flags, "good national security" meaning "Yeah there's a mass shooter, but the shooter's not Muslim, so win!" or "If you get sick and don't have health insurance, just don't make a mess as you die, k? Thanks."

And so... what are hackers to the Putinist regime?

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