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Fri Aug 10, 2018, 06:31 AM


The first time I took part in a 'gay political event' that event was demonstrating against health

insurance companies, calling for universal health care and action on AIDS, this event was organized by ACT UP, a group that started in NYC. Their first action ever took part on Wall Street targeting the financial, insurance and especially pharmaceutical industries, the posters said 'No More Business As Usual' and the day ended with mass arrests, but not nearly as many as there were on subsequent, yearly Wall St demonstrations.

So what it is you think you are teaching me here today? You need to take this message to your 'populist' cohort on DU, they are very confused people. In addition, any valid progressive populism will very actively include all people and avoid all hint of right wing populism, progressive populists do not need to be coaxed into supporting 'social issues' they come with those issues leading, if only to make sure everyone knows they are not just Mike Huckabee on a field trip to DU. The actual history of populism in the US creates a context in which progressive populism must define itself as progressive without reservation. If they do not, they will not gain the trust of minority voters. It's that simple, and without the minority voters, they don't have a movement. Deny the history at your own peril. It is white straight progressive populists who need the rest of us. The rest of us have each other and do not really need y'all. We want you to join up, but we will not be taking the back seats for you.


This is a post from May 2015 from one of my favorite DUíers of the past. I donít want to make this about the individual poster, but I recognized near the end of their stay they seemed extremely frustrated over peopleís willingness to ignore historical realities and trends in order to win the narrative of the day for nothing more than self interest. I was not one of this persons favorite posters. I always paid attention to what they said.

I think the wording of this post of theirs is something all can understand, even if they want to use nuance to argue differently. It addresses a large issue we are currently seeing, and have seen in the past, in a very succinct way.

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