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Tue Oct 9, 2018, 11:06 AM

If they want to overturn Roe v Wade, shouldn't post Roe v Wade kids be as expensive for the govt

and for the right wing as much as humanly possible?

Don't get me wrong... I love children, this is about making sure their lives have value in the face of an ideology that says they don't, especially if they are black lives that are apparently interchangeable and worth less than a confederate statue.

Let's say abortion is made illegal, we've got secret networks of people getting women access to abortion and birth control, so what do we do for the children already born?

These are just some things we can do, starting today, that will make us and future children expensive for right wing authoritarians and the nationalist cult...

Counter-recruitment - Right wing evangelicals see poor children as cannon fodder to die against Gog and Magog (Formerly Russia now the Muslims because Russia is now our BFF apparently) to bring in the "end times". Teach children starting today to be suspicious of joining the military, let's deny them the cannon fodder they need for the apocalypse.

Debt (Esp. medical debt) - Don't pay bills, don't pay medical bills. And if you do pay, pay as slowly as possible. Imagine if everyone did this, we'd find out what's greater, sanctity of life or the almighty dollar soon enough.

Don't run away from their labels - Don't be afraid of "liberal" or "politically correct", chuckle at it. When they call you "socialist", you say "OK, and?" The right wing keeps moving what they call "socialism" to the center. When we were younger, "socialism" was "Oh you must want universal healthcare", today "socialism" is "Oh you are with the school shooting survivors", and I'm pretty sure that when our own kids in politics "socialism" will be "Oh you don't want to throw virgins into volcanoes to appease the Dow and the job creators?"

Education - Sure the DeVos Department of Education wants to turn schools into the Department of Cheap Labor. This can be resisted though. Libraries, teach the children about fallacies that brought the right wing into power. Not to mention a little vitamin W. Teach kids to to ask who? Where? What? When? And every authoritarian's worst nightmare... Why? (So don't be upset if your own kids ask you why) Be a thorn in the side of those with power and teach kids to do the same.

It's OK to complain - We need to adopt an attitude that it's OK to complain about things, to tell authority figures they are doing something wrong, to find flaws in their thinking, to find problems, to find errors or to find things that make things unsafe or harmful. Adopt an attitude that it's not OK to live in an unsafe world, with contradictions, or with double standards. Find an authority figure, complain to them, if someone else has a similar complaint, don't say "well the previous person already said X", you agree with that person and restate the complaint in your own words. Call up legislators and complain to them. Complain at Town Halls. Complain to other people about what the government is doing. Complain to the media. Complain to the people who run health insurance companies. Complain to the boards of corporations. Note contradictions, note holes in records, ask when the timetable on something is going to be. Complain. Complain. Complain.

It's OK to lie - That's right, now don't lie just to lie, but I think we need to start saying it's OK to lie to people who don't already value the truth, your life, or your time. It's OK to lie to white supremacists. It's OK to lie to lie to right wing evangelicals. It's OK to lie to rape apologists. It's OK to lie to people to people who say your life matters less than a confederate flag. Thing is, I hang out with liberal Muslims and I see right wingers and trolls throw 'taqiyya' around a lot, the thing where Muslims can lie if their lives are in danger. But even if so, I think it would be right to lie though... all of our lives are in danger. But because they think ANYTHING a Muslim says is automatically 'taqiyya', they look like fools after a very short time and the way they talk about it, they even write like they are exhausted. It's because paranoia is mentally expensive. And if we're always lying to them, it will make them paranoid, make them expend mental resources.

Respect is earned - No authority figure deserves your respect or your children's respect just because they are in a position or because they have a nice last name. Franklin Graham is a nutjob, he doesn't deserve respect just because he is related to Billy Graham. Teach kids respect can be earned or taken away, make figures work for it. On that note, what is the "Office of the President" doing to earn your respect?

Unity - Now this isn't about hugging a Trump supporter, I'm not going to say that. But we're cheapened collectively when we are broken and we're cheaper when the poor white man is pitted against the poor black man. Make sure your circle of loved ones includes people from different colors, of different religions, of different genders, of different sexual orientations, etc.

Value - Teach kids lives have value. Every life matters, that black lives matter, GLBTQ lives matter, no matter who they are teach them their lives matter more than money or how the Dow Jones is doing.

Vote - Vote early, vote often, and take your kids with you to vote.

And I'm sure there are other ways too, let's start being expensive. Let's make our kids expensive.

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Response to ck4829 (Original post)

Tue Oct 9, 2018, 11:29 AM

1. I love this!

I would add, keep them away from the internet as long as you can. At a certain point, schools require kids have smartphones and laptops, around 6th grade. Until then, hold out.

Additionally, one thing kids today are deprived of is free range time. Make a "Map of Independence" of your neighborhood. Make your kid explore. Barney, other parents, other kids are telling yours to be afraid to leave the house. Fight back against this. The world is no more dangerous than it was for us.

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Response to violetpastille (Reply #1)

Tue Oct 9, 2018, 12:01 PM

3. Synergy!

Complain to the government about the lack of museums, parks, libraries, zoos, and more in your town.

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Response to ck4829 (Original post)

Tue Oct 9, 2018, 11:34 AM

2. From birth to emancipation, each extra child adds an est. $17K to local and state budgets too.


These fiscal conservatives will freak when the bill comes in. If 10K extra births occur in a state, each year, for 18 years, you're looking at an increase to state and local budgets of over $3 Billion per year! You have things such as medical, food, housing, tax deductions and most expensive of all, education & school transportation.

Right now, there is a near equilibrium between birth and death rates, keeping taxes flat. Births are relatively flat.

The elimination of abortion services will cause a massive spike in birth rates in each state, and that will decimate state budgets in a couple of decades. I believe Rick Perry cut back abortion in Texas for less than a year and that led to over 7K extra births, and he backed off on those restrictions--because it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize where that was going. We're talking Gov. Oops realized it... so it has to be pretty obvious.

Now: Add it the cost of foster care and stipends and you will see this spike closer to $25K or more per year.

I'll give you a classic Teabagger response to what I am describing:

I moved back to my hometown with four kids. A local teabagger, who drives around with RW radio blaring in his car, came up to me and started to give me shit for raising his taxes by moving four kids into our development, since it will drive up education costs for the town. Mind you, I never met this fucker before, and he just came up to me to give me shit about living.


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Response to TheBlackAdder (Reply #2)

Tue Oct 9, 2018, 12:03 PM

4. Interesting. So let's see here...

Financially expensive
Medically expensive
Mentally expensive
Socially expensive

What other ways can we make the American present and future more expensive for the right wing authoritarians.

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