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Sun Jan 27, 2019, 02:01 AM


All Republican Presidents Are Teflon Not Just Reagan

Watching the '80's on CNN. Just realized Teflon Ron isn't the only Teflon president. All Republican Presidents are Teflon.

Bush lied about WMD's and ignored dozens of direct warnings before 9-11 and still was not touched, or impeached. Looking the other way while the banks destroyed our economy hurt his "poll numbers" but he is comfortable at home painting by numbers for the rest of his days, and giving $500,000 speeches. He is truly Teflon.

Then there is the Orange Menace. He may someday pay for AN ENTIRE LIFETIME OF DOING CRIME AFTER CRIME, but then again, most agree he won't spend one second in prison.

They are all Teflon.

Obama? Clinton? They were impeached, or attacked with absolute bullsh*t relentlessly. Lied about constantly. The lies were non-stop.

They have to lie about Democrats, but with Republicans the truth is sick enough, we don't need to lie.

Time to get rid of Teflon.

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