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Thu Feb 14, 2019, 01:16 AM

Did we learn anything this week? Lesson one gazillion in Repubs are assholes and Dems need to learn.

how to take victory laps.

tRump and the Repubs got their collective asses handed to them. One of the worst beat downs in recent memory.

He can't declare a National emergency, he can't reallocate funds from other sources. He can talk, bluster, bluff, pontificate and the media can continue to allow this ridiculous behavior.

He didn't get a concrete reinforced wall from sea to shining see. This after he failed at the original promise that Mexico would pay. He got less than he would have got from the December deal. (when Repubs controlled congress) He shut down the gov't, blew a ton of money, and got slapped down. He will continue to get slapped down if he tries to reallocate funds.

Folks, he lost, BIGLY! VERY VERY BIGLY in MAGAt speak.

Now the repukes are spinning, refusing to admit the smack down, trying to declare victory, it is bullshit. And Dems need to taunt them, laugh at them and loudly remind them of their huge failure. There is absolutely no need to be nice to them.

Be happy, team Pelosi basically just had a three and out in football terms. On first down the repukes ran a draw play and lost five yards, then the QB dropped back to pass and took a hard sack, on third down the QB launched a weak pass due to intense pressure, then the Receiver got hit so damn hard that the ball bounced lamely to the turf. They are bruised, bloodied, and will be hesitant to come out for the next series. Next step is to hit them even harder. Dance when we knock them down and always remember, never let up and never feel sorry for them.

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