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Mon Mar 18, 2019, 06:52 PM

In Answer to Paul Krugman's Question: How Do We Save Rural America? Answer: Medicaid Expansion

NYT has not published any of my comments since I suggested that David Brooks was only supporting reparations because it is an issue the GOP hopes will fan the flames of white victim-hood. So, here is what I sent in response to Paul Krugman's latest piece about how to fix rural America:

Here is one simple thing that could make a world of difference. Encourage all states to accept the Medicaid expansion. Anyone who has visited rural Colorado or New Mexico recently knows that clinics, pharmacies and even hospitals spring up in rural areas when the population is insured. And then, these rural areas flourish. Compare this to rural Texas/Georgia and the southern states in between where you have to travel to a big city for health care--and where small towns are mostly boarded up.

Why does health care matter? One, it creates jobs. Well paying jobs. Health care spending is second only to education spending as a way to encourage economic growth.

Two, it keeps the local population healthy so the kids can go to school and get higher educations. It keeps the kids' parents healthy so they can work to put their kids through school.

And three, employers that offer health insurance are more likely to locate in an area that has health care providers. And those who work from home--say by computer, often highly skilled and highly paid professionals---will be more likely to buy the house of their dreams in the country if they know that the closest ER is not three hours away.

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