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Tue Aug 28, 2012, 05:34 AM

This is an open letter (read angry rant) to Tom Smith and all others

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who support him in his ignorant and demented ideas about women regarding the CRIME of RAPE.

Of course, I must also include (in no particular order) Eric Cantor; John Boehner; Todd Akin; Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan; Mike Huckabee; Terry England; Bob McDonnell; Tom Corbett; Scott Walker; Rance Priebus ;Dr. Fred Mecklenburg; Michele Bachman; Mitch McConnell; Cathy McMorris Rodgers; Rush Limbaugh and sadly, so many others with nearly unlimited access to what is facetiously referred to as the "Main Stream Media" The MSM has certainly done it's part in legitimizing the pernicious sexist spew coming from this barbarous collective.

Mostly, I write this letter to address the deranged Republicans in Congress who are collectively constructing a malignant web of lies to validate their on-going, insane and hateful evisceration of the Rights of Women. I will attempt to write this so that even they can understand:

For your information -

Having a baby as a result of a RAPE is NOTHING like having a baby out of wedlock. A pregnancy from a RAPE is not about "oops I had unprotected sex and got pregnant" ....RAPE is a CRIME OF VIOLENCE.


RAPE is a CRIME of MURDEROUS WRATH and HATRED, of ANGER and BRUTALITY, DOMINANCE and CONTROL. The only PASSIONS evoked in RAPE are RAGE toward the target and TERROR from the target. RAPE is only about SEX because the RAPIST uses his PENIS as a WEAPON.

Let me repeat this so that it will be very clear to you: A RAPIST USES HIS PENIS AS A WEAPON!!!!!!

There is nothing, NOTHING about RAPE that is 'sex as usual' and for you to suggest that RAPE is just 'another way for a woman to get pregnant' or that RAPE can be considered Legitimate or Non-Legitimate is beyond FOUL and REPUGNANT.

Your offensive idea that RAPE is not a TRUE RAPE if the woman becomes pregnant is repulsive and your smug pronouncement that a woman who becomes pregnant from a RAPE is not all that different from a woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock is amoral and almost criminal in its recklessness and shows how absolutely ignorant and lacking in compassion and human grace you truly are.

You and all your ignorant contemporaries who insist upon spewing this LIE about RAPE make me sick, physically and spiritually.

It is clear you have no love or understanding of women AT ALL. And, by the way, if you are a woman who validates this insanity by ignoring it or making excuses for it then you are clearly delusional, possibly insane and have a deep seated hatred for yourself and for your sex. You should all at least TRY to get in touch with a glimmer of your higher consciousness or even just a remnant of conscience. But you may no longer possess either of those things after all the hatred you have cultivated in your own hearts and incited in others. You need to educate yourselves or you just need to go away.. you are not fit to be in any position of leadership.

SHAME on you

SHAME on all of you who perpetuate this absolute fallacy about RAPE.

And DOUBLE SHAME on the people who have voted for you or who are considering giving you their vote.

(Edited to add a name)

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