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Wed Jun 26, 2019, 01:05 PM

Regarding that horrific photo showing refugee deaths near Brownsville...

News reports said they had tried to gain legal entry at a border crossing but the waiting time was unbearable, particularly carrying a child. I recall a claim that border authorities are only allowing three applications per day, with hundreds in-waiting.

The photo is going viral around the world and it has Trump's name all over it. Caring citizens are screaming for change but offer few long-term solutions. This is not by any means a new problem and it's one that is killing people, damaging families and thousands of people's health and costing both the U.S. and Mexican governments billions of dollars each year.

One would think that two civilized nations could design a system with several safe UN- or EU-type neutral buffer zones somewhere in Mexico with facilities of sufficient means so that no one starves or dies and families would not be separated, and that cases could be quickly prioritized owing to need and health. Perhaps we need Canada or others to intervene as a moderator. Something like this could also be cost effective compared to the mess we have now and fewer people would suffer.

One huge fundamental problem I'm seeing is that once an individual crosses that thin red border line, their entire life, legal status and rights instantly change. It's a move that's difficult to reverse because they are then on U.S. soil and totally at the mercy of U.S. laws and our DHS. They may already be in trouble with Mexican authorities as illegals. It is horrifying that these folks risk traversing the entire length of Mexico with all the associated dangers and then be treated like animals at our border.

Most of these travelers have no means to take a safe break and seek legal consultation prior to making a potentially dangerous move. By having a properly operated international neutral zone, none of that should occur. I'm probably also a dreamer and very naive but it's OK because that's how workable ideas evolve.

I do realize any such scheme would be fraught with complexities and risks but might work with proper planning, financial support and international assistance. I also realize the Trump administration does not have that sort of moral fiber, and that progressive ideas of this nature are contrary to their archaic political philosophy.

The shear volume of refugee and immigrant inflow obviously has practical limits but in concert with Mexico we should provide humane temporary safety and shelter so that healthy and less needy excess people can be humanely turned back and returned home. This bad situation will only get worse with increasing effects of climate change and the proliferation of barbaric right-wing and despotic regimes to the south.

The entire world must quickly become better prepared for mass movement of refugees and desperate immigrants. Unfortunately, most governments seem to be moving in the opposite direction.

Just wanted to throw some thoughts out for discussion because we need less rage and more ideas that might lead to practical solutions.

Blast away!......

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