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Tue Nov 5, 2019, 12:03 AM

E-mail to the local radio talk show wingnut - his employee evaluation:

• Every time you & your co-wingnuts have mentioned a certain Democratic candidate, you have brought up that he married a very rich wife, that nobody should "feel sorry" for him because he’s got Wife Money, that the ONLY thing that fascinates you is that he married into a very rich family. Really, this pricks my curiosity “big time” (to use a CHEENEE-ism) – Why doesn’t wealth come up in any of your references to any of the BUSHes with their inherited and government subsidized wealth, CHEENEE’s war pillaging via the military-industrial complex (Halliburton/Iraq), and all Repuke corporate subsidies (farm/non-growing-crops for cash), Brown & Root in Vietnam, or any other Fat Cat Repuke?

• Regarding SHITLER, you often say he’s personally icky in the way of “causing his own problems,” yet your bottom line is that nothing he has done is THAT bad to warrant impeachment. You know that we can all scribble a laundry list of all the SERIOUS crap he has done daily – above all sidling up to all the dictators and wrecking our national interests and assaulting our democracy, but also all the “lesser” things of insulting and denigrating all constituent groups (veterans, Intelligence and State dept employees, persons based on race/ethnicity/disability, EVERYBODY), alienating ALLIES, non-performance of duty instead of putting the country ahead of his greed and neediness.

Yet, you say you don’t see THAT BIG A DEAL in anything he has done to warrant impeachment or whatever, beyond how he personally just rubs everybody the wrong way. WHAT, exactly does it take, for you? Every mention you make about Hillary drips with venom, despite your ZERO list of specific things of what you detest, what threat she has posed to the country. So, what is it that you justify keeping/justifying/defending this mobster? Really, WHAT? You did the same thing in 2003, swallowing every weekly “reason” Shrub-CHEENEE put out there for invading the wrong country (He threatened my dad; he’s got WMD; wah wah wah).

*******(Will add on, as memory serves)

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