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Sat Feb 8, 2020, 01:16 PM Feb 2020

the Resistance

I have seen on twitter, Caligula jr. comment that Romney has joined the Resistance. I have seen that some Republican congressman have complained of townhalls having members of the Resistance there. I have not seen journalists, and teevee use the term, Those of us familiar with history, remember the usual reference to "the Resistance" was in Nazi occupied France. Patriotic Frenchmen worked against the occupation, and fascists. These Republicans do not appreciate how they are self-identifying.

the Resistance (Original Post) rustbeltvoice Feb 2020 OP
I'm with you until the last sentence. CaptYossarian Feb 2020 #1


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1. I'm with you until the last sentence.
Sat Feb 8, 2020, 01:34 PM
Feb 2020

Those bastards know exactly what they're doing. Since their lifetime in office relies exclusively on a megathon of cheating, they don't care about public opinion. It's in the bag.

The Founding Fathers couldn't conceive of Facebook any more than they could assault weapons, nukes or being owned by a Russian dictator. It was all about King George II and muskets.

If Paul Revere could text, his horse wouldn't have had to work so hard.

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