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Progressive Jones

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Sun Mar 22, 2020, 04:03 PM Mar 2020

OK. The US has strategic oil reserves, and it never seems to be too hard to

come up with all kinds of cash. We also have massive military supplies.
So, why in the f*ck do we not have strategic medical emergency supplies???

We're talking about face masks and rubber gloves here, for crying out loud.

Why doesn't the government maintain warehouses across the nation containing basic medical equipment?
Gloves, masks, respirators, bandages, stretchers, and other items that are needed in large numbers in an emergency.

We can't keep running the US government like the "Dollar Store" economy that we've become.

Major fundamental changes must be brought about in every aspect of life in the US.

No more tax breaks, and more tax increases (especially on Wall St.). Major changes to corporate law.

A big swing to the Left in our government is necessary for the survival of the United States.

OK. The US has strategic oil reserves, and it never seems to be too hard to (Original Post) Progressive Jones Mar 2020 OP
We do. Igel Mar 2020 #1


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1. We do.
Sun Mar 22, 2020, 04:15 PM
Mar 2020

It's been in the news a bunch of times. "Strategic defense stockpile," I think is its designation.

Pro Publica had an odd tweet saying that some states got their full request (3/11/20 request) and some didn't, quite rage-provoking; and then an article actually trying to figure out why that was so. Just see the tweet, just feel the rage. Read the article and it makes you think a bit more.

20 some warehouses, all hush-hush (to prevent thefts before or during an emergency), with unspecified stuff. But in some cases they've said, things like "12 million N95 masks". The Pro Publica article says what the basica guidelines are for distributing them. 25% to be doled out based on population, 25% on the basis of something else (need? I forget). 50% to be held in reserve for real emergencies. Since they're distributed and should have a quick turnaround time, I'm assuming a "real emergency" isn't "we predict in 10 days we'll run out" but more like "tomorrow we use our last one." But states request them, not hospitals, and the request must be made.

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