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Thu Mar 26, 2020, 10:24 AM

The big push by Fascist Capitalists to restart the economy by Easter come hell or high water.

The big push by Fascist Capitalists to restart the economy by Easter come hell or high water.

Basic thinking,.. game plan.

"2.5% of the population which is (1) generally expensive to maintain, and (2) not productive"

Why should we bring the economy to a skidding halt just to save the elderly demographic of society.

Re-open the economy by Easter. Get it going full blast by November, with a robust economy we can easily get trDump re-elected.

Texas Lieutenant Governor normalizing this concept - seniors willing to die and sacrifice themselves to restore a health AmeriKKKan economy.

This is like the Nazi concept of ridding society of the undesirables (elderly on the dole collecting Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid) a soft and compassionate way of condoning and normalizing eugenics.

Crisis planning and disaster planning is the perfect time and place to normalize an elderly eugenics program, let's face it most elderly can properly be designated "TAKERS".

The perfect reality is the rich elderly can afford to fend for themselves during this crisis of the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand the poor elderly can not shelter in place and avoid all contact with the coronavirus as effectively as the rich so the death toll of the poor elderly will be much higher because they do not have the blessings of their wealth to insulate them from any contact with the virus.

Here we now have a soft and hushed eugenics of the poorer elderly population but so what, these are the egregious "TAKERS" as previously identified by members of the political AmeriKKKan Fascist extreme Right Wing Republican Party.

Normalize this,
Die, you elderly takers and worthless eaters and breathers, DIE. You are too expensive for society to keep and quite honestly you are a drag on our economy. Our ambition is to perk our. economy up - so we can then get Donald J. Trump re-elected.

Do us a favor less than affluent elderly,.. just drop dead, or die quietly and softly and don't interrupt our mad and selfish dash for maximized gluttony, greed, and astounding avarice.

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