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Thu Apr 9, 2020, 09:01 AM Apr 2020

This Is Trump's Fault

A s the pandemic kills, as the economic depression tightens its grip, Donald Trump has consistently put his own needs first. Right now, when his only care should be to beat the pandemic, Trump is renegotiating his debts with his bankers and lease payments with Palm Beach County.

He has never tried to be president of the whole United States, but at most 46 percent of it, to the extent that serving even the 46 percent has been consistent with his supreme concerns: stealing, loafing, and whining. Now he is not even serving the 46 percent. The people most victimized by his lies and fantasies are the people who trusted him, the more conservative Americans who harmed themselves to prove their loyalty to Trump.
Trump has mouthed the slogan “America first,” but he has never acted on it. It has always been “Trump first.” His business first. His excuses first. His pathetic vanity first.

Trump has taken millions in payments from the Treasury. He has taken millions in payments from U.S. businesses and foreign governments. He has taken millions in payments from the Republican Party and his own inaugural committee. He has taken so much that does not belong to him, that was unethical and even illegal for him to take. But responsibility? No, he will not take that.

Yet responsibility falls upon Trump, whether he takes it or not. No matter how much he deflects and insults and snivels and whines, this American catastrophe is on his hands and on his head.


It is worth clicking the link. It is a long read but it is a forensic examination of Trumps utter incompetency during this pandemic. I mean you know that he really is this awful but seeing all the instances of inaction or malicious decision making in one place is evidence that when all this is over people need to go to prison...

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This Is Trump's Fault (Original Post) Soph0571 Apr 2020 OP
We'll stated, duforsure Apr 2020 #1
If the Democrats really wanted to play hardball politics... kentuck Apr 2020 #2
Everywhere. Over and Over. Soph0571 Apr 2020 #20
Don't take any mercy on them...especially friends. kentuck Apr 2020 #22
Heh. It could literally save their lives n/t Soph0571 Apr 2020 #24
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The 20th Century had Typhoid Mary. We have COVID Donnie Fritz Walter Apr 2020 #7
This is why he's flogging the 'I blocked travel to China' thing. AtheistCrusader Apr 2020 #8
Oh, yes, Trumps's "travel ban" worked great... FailureToCommunicate Apr 2020 #10
Yeah, it doesn't do shit, but it curries favor with his base who are, pretty much, all some degree AtheistCrusader Apr 2020 #14
+1, and he did not block travel from China over 40,000 people still came in from China via other uponit7771 Apr 2020 #15
Yeah, it's a charade. But his base has capacity only for sound-bites, and 'travel ban to china' is AtheistCrusader Apr 2020 #16
+1, Red Don's sound bites are military spec ear worms uponit7771 Apr 2020 #18
This is a useful article for countering the 'ooga booga china' stuff. AtheistCrusader Apr 2020 #19
When people are dying gaslighting will not work Soph0571 Apr 2020 #21
TRUTH Ad Infinitum Apr 2020 #9
Every last one of the murder administration should be locked up now. onecaliberal Apr 2020 #11
he couldn't have done it without team limbaugh telling 50 mil a week that it was a hoax certainot Apr 2020 #13
Kick dalton99a Apr 2020 #23
K&R Blue Owl Apr 2020 #25
K&R uponit7771 Apr 2020 #26


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1. We'll stated,
Thu Apr 9, 2020, 09:30 AM
Apr 2020

And it reflects the evil trump and the GOP have inflicted on us all now.They could care less about the health of the American people while suggesting we return to work for him while a pandemic is attacking us. Treasonous traitors is what trump and the GOP are.


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2. If the Democrats really wanted to play hardball politics...
Thu Apr 9, 2020, 09:33 AM
Apr 2020

They would begin immediately to spread this message all over the social media, especially Facebook. Trump and the Republicans are already there.


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20. Everywhere. Over and Over.
Thu Apr 9, 2020, 06:04 PM
Apr 2020

Now we know Joe is the candidate - pointing out how shit Trump is being as his faithful die should be the number one campaign slogan. We know the fact he is a thief and a liar do nothing for them, but reminding them everyday that their loved ones are drowning in their lungs, because of what he did and did not do... that could break through. All the time they cannot feed their families because the economy has tanked.


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3. What? Congressional Republicans who ACTIVELY BLOCKED
Thu Apr 9, 2020, 09:40 AM
Apr 2020

all early actions to contain get off free? These extremely powerful people refused to pass additional laws as needed to solve problems that arose and force Trump to act, KNOWING inaction meant this killer virus would spread out of control. Remember, some of them are legislative EXPERTS on epidemic disease and control and they received intelligence briefings from the very beginning.

Many of them actively worked to deceive the people into complacence, spreading the story that Democrats were misrepresenting a cold to unseat Trump. They only stopped that when rising death counts put an end to that tactic's usefulness.

They're hiding while the spotlight's on Trump, hoping and planning to get away with what amounts to genocide.


Python boot

(74 posts)
6. Report from Katie Porter
Thu Apr 9, 2020, 11:03 AM
Apr 2020

The report from Katie Porter's office makes it clear that trump was busy during January and February making sure our medical supplies were being depleted in order to drive the prices up. Can we arrest a siting president now? We can arrest Kushner or Pompeo or Barr. The doctors and nurses deserve our support - arrest the partisan guilty of genocide. Seventeen tons of medical equipment sent to China in February by the state department after trump calls Xi on unsecured phone. Who benefits? I would say Putin does. The evidence is there for charges of treason.


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12. Not letting him off, but Trump is a SYMPTOM of what's
Thu Apr 9, 2020, 11:36 AM
Apr 2020

taken over the Republican Party. His administration is largely stuffed with people the Republican leadership and the big powers they front for wanted around him, or were at least corrupt enough to go along.

All along, from court appointments to actions, Trump has furthered their domestic agenda, not always consistently but overall extremely consistently.

Any moment of any day of this year, McConnell could have made Trump an offer he couldn't refuse and compelled compliance. Instead, they let him do what furthered their goals, though they wouldn't let him build his wall because that was a big-government project that would have cost money earmarked for their kleptocracy.

And all the time they focused the blame on HIM for all these scheming traitors did and didn't do.

And never forget, the big businesses that own almost all MSM, including the cable networks, want Republicans to stay in power. And the MSM spotlight is on the fall guy for the kind of people in congress who are making it happen here.

When Trump goes, the courts will still be packed with their hard-right political agents chosen to corrupt, impede, and dismantle representative, progressive government.

Fritz Walter

(4,324 posts)
7. The 20th Century had Typhoid Mary. We have COVID Donnie
Thu Apr 9, 2020, 11:07 AM
Apr 2020

As I posted earlier, this is the TrumPlague. He didn't cause the pandemic, but he is destroying us through his inaction, ego-driven agenda, and vengeful treatment of seriously-impacted states!

Credit where it's due: world wide wally gave him that nickname in a reply to my OP. Thanks!


(33,982 posts)
8. This is why he's flogging the 'I blocked travel to China' thing.
Thu Apr 9, 2020, 11:12 AM
Apr 2020

It's LITERALLY the only measure he took. They didn't replace depleted PPE stockpiles. They didn't prepare hospitals. They didn't ready the USNS Comfort or Mercy until well into the epidemic, and basically shoved them out of port un-finished.

They haven't done ANYTHING with the advanced warning they got in November. Nothing. Except the travel ban, which CLEARLY WORKED right?


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15. +1, and he did not block travel from China over 40,000 people still came in from China via other
Thu Apr 9, 2020, 11:56 AM
Apr 2020

... routes and there was no testing of these people.


(33,982 posts)
16. Yeah, it's a charade. But his base has capacity only for sound-bites, and 'travel ban to china' is
Thu Apr 9, 2020, 12:02 PM
Apr 2020

precisely sound-bite sized.

I counter it where I see it with family and whatnot, but it has bigger legs than I do.


(9,685 posts)
21. When people are dying gaslighting will not work
Thu Apr 9, 2020, 06:08 PM
Apr 2020

Although I was listening to a podcast today and some bint said he is doing the best he can. Good grief - if this is the best he can do then he really needs fuck right off. But as I posted a couple of days ago...

You really can't fix racist stupid fucker.


Ad Infinitum

(74 posts)
Thu Apr 9, 2020, 11:12 AM
Apr 2020

Never let a good catastrophe go to waste.
Republican playbook writ large. They deliberately
targeted both coasts which were heavily weighted Blue.
efficient and more than to kill him some Liberals.

Now it doesn't confine itself to Blue areas.
It's going red!!!


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11. Every last one of the murder administration should be locked up now.
Thu Apr 9, 2020, 11:32 AM
Apr 2020

We need someone who can take hold of what is happening and provide a real cohesive coordinated response to the pandemic.



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13. he couldn't have done it without team limbaugh telling 50 mil a week that it was a hoax
Thu Apr 9, 2020, 11:52 AM
Apr 2020

used to sell big govt socialist solutions and bring down trump.

1500 radio stations licensed to operate in the public interest did that for 2 months to enable him to delay, and they should lose their licenses

all those radio advertisers on those stations are also responsible.

and now those stations are transitioning to ignoring their part and blaming democrats

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