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Fri Sep 21, 2012, 01:05 AM Sep 2012

Why are American and French voters rebelling against Globalism? Because Globalism is exactly THIS.

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Meet Gina Rinehart. Born Georgina Hope Hancock, Rinehart is heir to her father’s fortune built at Hancock Prospecting in Australia, where Rinehart remains as executive chair. Hancock Prospecting holds the rights to the world’s largest iron ore deposit and has made Rinehart the richest woman in the world, sitting on a fortune of almost $30 billion USD.

Yesterday, Rinehart lost her cool.

Asia’s richest woman, mining magnate Gina Rinehart, warned on Wednesday that Australia was becoming too expensive for mining firms which she said could hire workers for under $2 a day in Africa.

Rinehart’s comments, promptly denounced by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, coincide with growing concern about the strength of Australia’s mining boom in the face of weaker demand from main customer China and tumbling prices of iron ore, its single biggest export earner. …

“The evidence is inarguable that Australia is becoming too expensive and too uncompetitive to do export-oriented business,” Rinehart told the Sydney Mining Club in a rare public appearance. A video of her address was posted on the club’s website.

“Africans want to work, and its workers are willing to work for less than $2 per day,” she said in the video. “Such statistics make me worry for this country’s future.

And that is not anecdotal, either. The destructive effects of Globalism upon the working class is being felt in countries around the world... starting with the United States.

Offshoring will flatten wages in the United States and other advanced economies.
Global labor arbitrage -- the practice of constantly replacing expensive labor in one location with cheaper labor in another -- has been a cornerstone of corporate strategy for more than a century. This strategy matured over the past decade as technology and higher levels of development in the low-wage nations enabled their workers to take on service jobs and knowledge work; no longer is the practice limited to low-level production jobs. As developing countries provide an increasingly skilled workforce, developed nations' ability to differentiate themselves is dissolving, and the companies operating in those countries no longer need to pay their workers a premium. The most widespread and lasting impact of the maturation of global labor arbitrage is the decline in real wages in the developed nations. CFOs of U.S. companies can prepare now for a permanent resetting of wages for many workers in the upper salary ranges.

Increased global competition and low pricing power are driving the more aggressive forms of arbitrage: overseas sourcing, offshoring and foreign direct investment. In the IT industry, these practices are already moving into their second generation; Indian companies that took work from the United States and Europe are now offshoring less-skilled jobs to lower-cost locations such as China and Malaysia. IT wages in the United States dropped by an average of 3 percent in 2004.

Globalism is useful for exactly one thing: destroying the livelihood of America's working class, and apparently also the working class of France. Europe ain't far behind. Look what China is doing to Germany's solar energy market. Cheap labor is eroding at Germany, too.

Globalism is all about three things and that's it:
* Punishing American workers for earning a living wage
* Building walls to keep American workers out of the global labor force
* Reducing GLOBAL wages to as close to Gina Rinehart's dream of $2 a day as possible

Why else does practically EVERY corporation lobby for more Globalism and more foreign outsourcing? Because it's the PRIMARY WEAPON they use to cut workers' wages.

Fortunately the revolution against globalism is growing.
Listen up, Ralph Lauren. A survey of 1,200 Americans shows that 97% have a favorable view of goods manufactured in the United States. Moreover, there is a high level of support across the electorate for strong Buy America programs for public works.

Republicans (87%), Democrats (91%) and independents (87%) all favor Buy America policies, according to the survey released Monday by the Alliance of American Manufacturing.Even when presented with arguments from critics of Buy American about higher costs and increased taxes, voters supported Buy American policies by a wide margin.

The survey found that 53% of voters rate manufacturing as the industry "most important to the overall strength of the American economy."

Vast majority of French against globalization: poll

(Reuters) - A majority of the French favor protectionist measures and see globalization as bad for jobs, a poll showed, suggesting support for a trend in France's presidential campaign that has pushed President Nicolas Sarkozy to advocate a "Buy European" policy.

The survey by pollster IFOP and due to be published on Thursday in La Croix daily showed that eight out of 10 French people saw globalization as hurting employment, while nearly seven in 10 said it helped to increase public deficits.

Of the 1,052 people questioned by IFOP between April 6 and 10, only 22 percent saw globalization as a "good thing" for their country, while seven in 10 said France should increase taxes on products imported from emerging countries.

It's time to end Globalism and tear down the walls that are being built up to block Americans out of the labor market.

Globalism: the next best thing to outright slavery.
Why are American and French voters rebelling against Globalism? Because Globalism is exactly THIS. (Original Post) Zalatix Sep 2012 OP
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Yup, and America is deep into encouraging slavery. Zalatix Sep 2012 #4
America - and its citizens. Scootaloo Sep 2012 #5
That's because of the globalist free trader philosophy that profit is the highest priority, Zorra Sep 2012 #8
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3. It's time to look at the true core of the problem; SLAVERY
Fri Sep 21, 2012, 02:55 AM
Sep 2012

"I can employ Africans for two dollars!" is the statement of a slavedriver. At what other costs do her "savings" come? Human loss - loss in health, wealth, life, and security.

So long as other human beings are held in bondage - literal or practical - we workers in the west are going to see our own economic health deteriorate. Why employ a worker at a wage, when you can toss pennies at a slave under lock and gun in China and call it "pay"?



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4. Yup, and America is deep into encouraging slavery.
Fri Sep 21, 2012, 02:02 PM
Sep 2012

You never hear a free trader talking about this side of globalism.


WikiLeaks Haiti: Let Them Live on $3 a Day

Contractors for Fruit of the Loom, Hanes and Levi’s worked in close concert with the US Embassy when they aggressively moved to block a minimum wage increase for Haitian assembly zone workers, the lowest-paid in the hemisphere, according to secret State Department cables.

The factory owners told the Haitian Parliament that they were willing to give workers a 9-cents-per-hour pay increase to 31 cents per hour to make T-shirts, bras and underwear for US clothing giants like Dockers and Nautica.

But the factory owners refused to pay 62 cents per hour, or $5 per day, as a measure unanimously passed by the Haitian Parliament in June 2009 would have mandated. And they had the vigorous backing of the US Agency for International Development and the US Embassy when they took that stand.

To resolve the impasse between the factory owners and Parliament, the State Department urged quick intervention by then Haitian President René Préval.


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5. America - and its citizens.
Fri Sep 21, 2012, 02:08 PM
Sep 2012

Do people really think that Wal-Mart has "everyday low prices" because the Walton Family is cutting their on profits down, or something?


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8. That's because of the globalist free trader philosophy that profit is the highest priority,
Fri Sep 21, 2012, 02:20 PM
Sep 2012

and that people and their families and their lives are expendable resources, with very little value to them.

We desperately need to "depose" these sociopaths from all positions of power and control.


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7. Yes it's slave labor
Fri Sep 21, 2012, 02:19 PM
Sep 2012

And Africans aren't really happy with it either. It wasn't, but maybe a month ago were the police force in South Africa shot a bunch of striking mine workers.


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10. "Free Trade" is a SCAM....
Fri Sep 21, 2012, 06:47 PM
Sep 2012

...designed by RICH Corporate Owners to avoid Human Rights, Worker's Rights, and Environmental Protections in order to increase their profit margins. They used smooth talking politicians to sell their SCAM to gullible Americans.
The SCAM has worked PERFECTLY,
and is STILL being sold to gullible Americans.

Sorry, Virginia,
but there is NO Giant Invisible Hand,
and no such thing as a Free Market.
They made that shit up!

[font size=4]Cherish Your Memories

cause we're taking everything else!

You will know them by their WORKS,
not by their rhetoric, promises, or excuses.
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