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Wed Aug 26, 2020, 06:54 PM

Given Donald Trump's general ridiculousness and unfitness for office...

I'm trying to figure out the basis for his support. I may be wrong, but I've come up with three possible camps:

1. People who are either pathologically or willingly unaware of his general ridiculousness and unfitness. His madness represents some type of normality in their eyes. To these people, he can do no wrong. He has all successes and no failures to be held accountable for. Anyone not will him is against him and those are all the "bad" people. His every word is like manna from Heaven. Trump is the God Emperor and the first and last word. The sun rises and sets upon his wheat hued head and casts him in a perpetual golden glow and his enemies must be purged.

Basically, this is his cult, people who are too stupid and hateful to know just how stupid and hateful they actually are.

2. People who recognize his incompetence and silliness and can't or won't see anything prohibitively wrong with it. These are people who don't think that he causing irreparable harm to the nation. Sure, he's silly or whatever, but in the end to these people, they believe he's doing the ultimately right thing for America. In this group, people who oppose him are simply not giving him a fair chance. Sure things make look bad, but that "opinion" is only coming from biased sources. All is good within their narrow purview and won't change unless they're personally affected by Trump's detrimental actions. For this group, the jury is still out. They're unable to support anyone else other than a Republican, no matter what. "The Democrats, if they get in, will make things way worse."

To these partisans, things will be just fine in the end, just as long as the Republicans are in control... You'll see.

3. People who do recognize his general ridiculousness and unfitness for office and all the harm he's doing. However, for this group, the Republicans and Democrats are nothing more than both sides of the same coin and with the destructive course that Trump is taking the nation, they're willing to let him burn it all down. They want a new start, they want to rebuild their own utopia from the heap of ashes that Donald Trump will leave in his wake. They're hoping that their savior of choice will come in, riding on a white horse and lead us all to glory. The Republicans and Democrats are to be rejected and a new order is ready to replace them.

These are political serial arsonists. People who have the hardest time accepting the world as it exists. They all live at the farthest edges of the spectrum.

My issue with all of these people is that there are too many of these fuckers walking around. They all represent serious challenges in a campaign to make them listen to reason. I wonder if it's worth it to work that hard.

The cultists will never vote against him and are going to support him, no matter what. The partisans can't or won't allow themselves to listen to reason, because they're aware that finding out just how bad Trump is will cast doubt against their own delusions and shake their entire worldview. The serial arsonists are too busy living in their own heads to listen to reason.

You might get through to a partisan if you find a way to navigate throw the smoke screen of propaganda that they've chosen to surround themselves with. Who knows, they may have a Trump-induced personal tragedy and have become open to listen to reason for once. The serial arsonists name hold their nose and vote for Joe Biden as a recognition that, at least with Biden, they may get something for now in exchange for something later. Like maybe a fresh set of goat horns or whatever.

With the cultists, they're completely a lost cause. Not only have they've been brainwashed, but the contents has been tumble dried with a high heat setting.

I would imagine that some of them are willing to listen to reason and vote against Trump, but I would hazard that they're all scared to go against Trump. They're invested by group think, peer pressure and threats of retaliation where they to stand up to Trump and his bullies. If they are willing to take that step forward, out from under Trump's nebulous and porcine shadow. Are there enough of these people to make a huge difference either way? I don't know.

I'm afraid that the whitelash of 2016 is still ongoing, and we're left with still trying to shift the margin of pliable white voters over to our side. A monumental task, indeed Is it worth all the time and effort right now to work on them or can we just ignore them?

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Reply Given Donald Trump's general ridiculousness and unfitness for office... (Original post)
MrScorpio Aug 26 OP
Skittles Aug 26 #1
unblock Aug 26 #2

Response to MrScorpio (Original post)

Wed Aug 26, 2020, 07:00 PM

1. people who hate certain other people more than they love their country

that's who they are

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Response to MrScorpio (Original post)

Wed Aug 26, 2020, 07:08 PM

2. quite a bit of it is that the republican base has been brainwashed to think of democrats as evil

it's absolutely orwellian, but they've been hammering it for decades on hate radio and foxnews that our whole party is evil.

somehow, everything we do is "socialism" and will lead to jackbooted government agents stepping on their necks (and they think this completely oblivious to the obvious irony).

they have no sense of policy or proportion. whatever tax rates republicans propose, that's what capitalism and god and all things good say it should be; whatever democrats propose, that's socialism and evil and will destroy america, which they insist is our true intent. and yeah, they get this over a difference in of 3% in a tax rate.

so they support donnie because the alternative is supporting a democrat, which for them is like supporting the devil himself.

there's zero logic to it, it makes no sense whatsoever, total brainwashing, but for them it's a matter of loyalty and all that's right in the world. they may be disappointed in donnie, but many of them will absolutely never in a million years vote for a democrat.

remember that some of these people have listened to hate radio and foxnews 12 hours a day for 30 years or so.

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