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Sat Sep 19, 2020, 09:49 AM Sep 2020

If Biden wins, he needs to appoint a committee to investigate the 2016 election

We need a thorough investigation into the election to determine if Trump's election was legitimate. To what end did Russia interfere?Were votes changed? Were other actors illegally interfering?

And if there is solid evidence that votes were changed, we need to determine how to remediate the harm that was done. I don't know what that looks like. But I think for starters, we need look at Trump executive orders and appointees. And then we need to look at laws.

I honestly don't know how you undue four years of illegitimacy but if there is evidence--strong evidence--that votes were changed, we need a national discussion about how to undue the harm of the illegitimacy.


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2. Agreed, but I'll go a step further.
Sat Sep 19, 2020, 09:59 AM
Sep 2020

His DOJ must also charge and aggressively prosecute Trump's many crimes while in office, as well as those elected officials in Congress who aided and abetted them, or were accessories after the fact.

NO MORE declining to prosecute in the interest of preserving mutual toleration, when toleration stopped being mutual years ago.

regnaD kciN

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4. My guess is that 45 will issue himself a pardon in the way out...
Sat Sep 19, 2020, 10:15 AM
Sep 2020

...and the new SCOTUS will declare it legitimate.


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5. There'll need to be a whole slew of investigations...
Sat Sep 19, 2020, 10:26 AM
Sep 2020

...so many that Republicans will cry "political purge."

Doesn't matter. A purge is exactly what they've been after for 50 years. Permanent Republican Majority. Doing away with the last remnants of the New Deal. Keeping a few liberals around, neutered, to serve as an example for the generations. "We're history's actors...and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do'."

The rot has to be exposed and cleaned out so that the foundations can be shored up and repaired.


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8. The key word is independent. And not just Trump crimes. All crimes related to Trump's
Sat Sep 19, 2020, 11:04 AM
Sep 2020

Illegitimate presidency.

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