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The people have spoken. (Original Post) MiddleFingerMom Sep 2012 OP
Haha, love it MFM. That baby on the right and Obama's facial expression are priceless...n/t monmouth Sep 2012 #1
He's baaaaaaaaack. Scuba Sep 2012 #2
Indeed they have, my dear MFM! CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2012 #3
My dear CaliforniaPeggy! MiddleFingerMom Sep 2012 #6
You missed what happened a moment later to the baby Romney was holding... pinboy3niner Sep 2012 #4
...... alittlelark Sep 2012 #5
That is scary hrmjustin Sep 2012 #7
!!! MiddleFingerMom Sep 2012 #9
The kids have spoken hrmjustin Sep 2012 #8
Kids know. They know. mnhtnbb Sep 2012 #10
I think part of the ability to deal with babies... AnneD Sep 2012 #11
Romney is showing the kid what his life will be like... hay rick Sep 2012 #12
Mitt Romney is the opposite of King Midas. Initech Sep 2012 #13


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6. My dear CaliforniaPeggy!
Sat Sep 29, 2012, 07:35 PM
Sep 2012

I've always been able to connect with small children (for the most part). My BIL used to ask
me, "How do you DO that?" a LOT... as I had a knack for getting my infant niece and nephew
from cranky-to-giggling quickly. He thought I was a "baby-whisperer" -- long before that
concept was named.
I think President Obama has the same quality. Oh sure, I bet he gets babies that won't stop
crying... but for the most part, I bet he's a baby-whisperer and is able to connect with them...
and to be one OF/with them.
Just look at his face here. That's a man who can be both one OF them AND responsible
for/towards them simultaneously.
I think that extends WAY beyond babies... that he can be responsible for/towards people in
general -- a people-whisperer.
Unlike Romney, who just EXUDES a general disconnect with what WE would consider "the people" --
the 99%.


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11. I think part of the ability to deal with babies...
Sat Sep 29, 2012, 10:36 PM
Sep 2012

and kids is the ability to be goofy with them. It is part of being relaxed and comfortably with them. They sense that. No offense to him but I bet Obama came get pretty goofy looking when he wants. And how he can do that and retain his cool factor is truly interesting.

hay rick

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12. Romney is showing the kid what his life will be like...
Sat Sep 29, 2012, 10:45 PM
Sep 2012

after Bain Capital "harvests" his employer's company and sends his job overseas.


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13. Mitt Romney is the opposite of King Midas.
Sat Sep 29, 2012, 10:52 PM
Sep 2012

Where King Midas - everything he touches turns to gold. With Mitt Romney - everything he touches turns to shit - babies, companies, the Olympics... you name it.

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