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Thu Nov 19, 2020, 04:37 PM

It's a cancer. Can we defeat it without sacrificing the First Amendment? I think so... here's how:

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With every iteration of humankind's ability to communicate, there's been upheaval. I imagine our far-off ancestors who first progressed from gesture, facial expression, and simple syllabic phonemes to the development of complex verbal communication quickly overwhelmed and out-competed their neighbors who felt that grunts and hand-waving were enough for anyone and all these new-fangled "words" would just corrupt the youth and destroy all that was morally admirable in the contemporary social fabric.

Writing? Oh, we really took a wrong turn there. Being able to record experiences, transactions, and communications from the Divine fucked everything up and killed billions.

The printing press? The telegraph? Radio? Teevee? The devil's tools, every one, causing and/or contributing to an endless series of mass social upheavals, uncountable death and destruction. (Anyone remember the role of radio in the Rwandan genocide of 1994?)

And now here we are with mass social media being exploited by someone (who? More on that later...) to create powerful malign propaganda for the purpose of undermining democracy and destroying any social order based on social responsibility and mutual assistance.

Yes, I'm talking about QAnon, and here's an excellent and very thorough expose of just how this particular cancer was created, disseminated, and how it metastasized in America's body politic: A Game Designer's Analysis of QAnon.

Like any cancer, it has help from an immune system stressed by other assaults, and like many cancers, it weaponizes other systems of the body politic, distorting them and turning them into allies facilitating its spread and its destruction of healthy cells and structures.

It is serious. It is potentially fatal.

And it is all too tempting to apply remedies analogous to radical surgery, near-lethal chemotherapy or destructive radiation, in the form of First Amendment curtailments.

These remedies never really work, though. At best, they leave a vitiated, impaired body with a shortened lifespan and greatly diminished quality of life- at worst, they can be as fatal as the cancer itself. In the evolution of human communications, every time a new capability has developed, attempts to restrain, control or eliminate that capability have not ended well.

What, then?

My belief is that we can begin fighting back using two tools, and if they are consistently and vigorously applied, in time the health of the body WILL be able to reassert itself.

The first tool is understanding. There's a reason successful con artists never wise up the mark: It makes it difficult to use the same con again, as the mark remembers that the money they saw in the dropped wallet was only there for a moment and was quickly replaced with scrap paper.

The article linked above neatly exposes the mechanism of this particular con and why it is so powerful: It relies on apophenia, the human tendency to perceive patterns in unrelated events or objects. We are a species that evolved based on our ability to perceive and respond to patterns, and this is being turned against us.

When apophenia combines with the Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon and our innate tendency to confirmation bias, we can be highly manipulable. And this is what's happened to the QAnon cultists.

Once you understand this, it becomes easier to resist apophenic dysfunction: Yes, the cloud looks like a galloping horse for a few seconds and there was a horse in the field you just passed and you dreamt about the sound of hoofbeats last night after watching that Western movie, but that doesn't mean God is telling you to buy a horse, or even go riding.

As the game designer's analysis (linked above) points out, attacking the rationality and validity of any of the QAnon propaganda has the paradoxical effect of making them believe even more fervently, and questioning their rationality or accusing them of gullibility merely antagonizes them.

Vigorously promoting a broad understanding of just how this type of phenomenon works, however, can happen at a remove from the 'personal' level of the cultist. Continually exposing the mechanism of the con, rather than rating the gullibility of the mark, has more chance of succeeding in generating the cognitive dissonance that will loosen the hold of the propaganda. Discussing confirmation bias, apophenia, the Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon as normal processes that affect all of us may eventually have an effect.

And here's the other tool:

My granpere was the first (but by no means the last) to tell me that "Idle hands become the devil's tools" and I lost count of the number of times my own foolishness was met with an exasperated "You don't have enough to do" by parents, supervisors, teachers, friends, etc.

Being a dedicated QAnon rabbit-hole diver takes TIME. Many hours of it, spent on social media outlets, searching for "breadcrumbs", communicating with other initiates, etc.

These people truly don't have enough to do.

Imagine, if you will, that there were lots of good jobs within their ability to perform and paying enough to allow them to build an interesting life doing something other than hunching over a tablet?

We need a major public employment initiative. We need high-speed broadband available to every household in America and a corps similar to the CCC to make it happen. The Rural Electrification Act was a major building block in America's economic recovery from the Great Depression and it allowed us to tool up for war production in the face of the looming World War.

We need major public employment programs to manage the pandemic, to implement a robust power grid based on sustainable power sources, to preserve and restore the integrity of our water sources, clean air, and arable land. We need to re-tool public education to allow distance and in-person learning and to make higher education affordable and accessible to all.

These are jobs. Millions of them. And people doing jobs they can do, having accomplishments that matter, are way less vulnerable to being dragged down "you're hard done by and here's the conspiracy that's keeping you down" rabbit holes.

Yes, it would require major deficit spending, but in the long run, as with the New Deal programs, it would pay for itself over and over again in a better future and a more stable, secure and united America.

Without trashing the First Amendment.

Is anyone on the Transition Team listening?


P.S. On the "more about that later" thing related to who's responsible for the creation/dissemination of this toxic propaganda: I'm not sure it's worth a lot of effort identifying culprits right now. As with the "root cause" hypothesis for alcoholism/addiction treatment, it's more important to detox the brain and establish some stable recovery first, though it may be helpful in avoiding relapses. But if a culprit must be identified, I'd suggest examining two things: 1. Who benefits from a disunited and increasingly undemocratic America; and 2. Who has the resources to plan and carryout a vast propaganda offensive in relative secrecy?

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Response to TygrBright (Original post)

Thu Nov 19, 2020, 05:23 PM

1. We need what they have as was discussed last week

A platform loud and clear. More than one on every media type. It's the only way to fight back using the 1st Amendment. And, as they do, embellish the hell out of what's being said. A little white lie here and there doesn't hurt either. They tell whoppers all day long.

Check out du, Nov 9th post. About right-wing propaganda machine. Soothsayer posted it regarding Dr. Roberts discussing how dems won't pay attention to him. He's been trying to tell us we have to create the same type of messaging massively or we can't compete. And we have to do it yesterday!

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Response to judesedit (Reply #1)

Thu Nov 19, 2020, 06:33 PM

3. I've been saying for years AM radio is the problem.

There's 1500 radio stations across the country blasting Limbaugh and Hannity's bullshit, along with countless RW hosts who think just like them. Where as the number of true liberal talk stations in the country I can count on one hand. That's a huge fucking problem. We need to start building a network to counter theirs.

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Response to Initech (Reply #3)

Fri Nov 20, 2020, 11:55 AM

5. Exactly. They've ignored the right-wing propaganda machine for way too long

They'd better get with the program. It's only gonna get worse. Our deployed military had been subject to listening to that crap exclusively, also, for forever. Of course now with the internet on cell phones, there is more information available to service members. However, as with their training, they are taught to think as a unit, so as one goes, goes all in many cases.

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Response to Initech (Reply #3)

Sat Nov 21, 2020, 07:24 AM

8. Limbaugh is on around 600 stations not 1500

And Hannity is on around 530–many if not most being the same stations that carry Limbaugh

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Response to TygrBright (Original post)

Thu Nov 19, 2020, 06:28 PM

2. Interesting post on a very serious topic. I have a few questions.

Yes, I'm talking about QAnon, and here's an excellent and very thorough expose of just how this particular cancer was created, disseminated, and how it metastasized in America's body politic: A Game Designer's Analysis of QAnon.

My fear is that a large part of the group of people that QAnon appeals to were more than ready to believe the things that they were being told. QAnon provided a basis for believing things that they already largely believed or wanted to believe.

I can speak more generally to the things that appeal to the alt-right rather specifically to beliefs propounded by QAnon because I don't know exactly which of their beliefs come from QAnon and which from other sources. I do believe that racism is a significant contributor to these beliefs. People have a tendency to favor their own "in-group" to the detriment of anyone who is in an "out-group." This leads to a tendency toward both xenophobia and racism. I believe the best way to get past that is for individuals to trust that we can live peacefully and prosperously with "other" people. But that largely depends on people's attitude; and I think the attitude of these conspiracy theorists is the problem.

I don't doubt that apophenia, Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, and confirmation bias play a role. But, I do think that xenophobia and racism also play a role. I'm not sure which plays the stronger role.

Imagine, if you will, that there were lots of good jobs within their ability to perform and paying enough to allow them to build an interesting life doing something other than hunching over a tablet?

Yes, I agree that if almost everyone had a good job and there was a general prosperity all across the land, conspiracy theories would be far less likely to take hold. And I agree that the New Deal had a tremendous effect in bringing the economy back from the Depression. But, there was a recession that began in 1937, and I have heard (some) economists argue that World War II was what actually brought our economy back.

I definitely agree that Biden/Harris should try to bring on economic prosperity. But, the reality is, that's easier said than done.

And, as to the first amendment, do you believe that Trump and his followers are just exercising their First Amendment rights when they claim that there was large-scale voter fraud in the election? If you do think that is what they are doing, do you think we should try to place some restrictions on speech to prevent this serious undermining of democracy?

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Response to Jim__ (Reply #2)

Thu Nov 19, 2020, 06:37 PM

4. Have you read the linked article in its entireity?

"I don't know exactly which of their beliefs come from QAnon and which from other sources."

The linked article goes into the process of how QAnon hooks onto, subsumes and subverts beliefs originating from other sources.

And yes, racism, misogyny and xenophobia are vulnerability factors that make the cancer more potent.

I am not in favor of curtailing First Amendment rights, I am in favor of vigorously fighting disinformation with quality information, and exposing the purveyors of disinformation and their motives, and prosecuting any actual criminal behavior in which they may have engaged.


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Response to TygrBright (Original post)

Sat Nov 21, 2020, 12:06 AM

6. Good points

I like the point about apophenia very much. I am not mentally ill, but my great grandmother-poor woman- was schizophrenic.

I am not sure if it is genetic, but to me at least apophenia is a constant irritant. The exasperating mental tic that makes one extra sensitive to the perception of non-existent patterns. I am educated, impatient with conspiracy theories and inclined to believe in the banality of evil.

I dismiss coincidences, meaningless patterns etc. as pure rubbish. But it is still annoying to even notice pointless drivel ..I would find a robot, for instance, that perceived loose connections as real patterns exasperating.

I often wistfully wish I was at the other end of the spectrum...randomania...the failure to notice real patterns. I keep striving for that..it would be less exhausting. I used to be completely oblivious...when I 33, for the first time, apophenia got triggered in my brain at a shitty workplace in ca. It is a very irritating tic and hard to turn off, once switched on...

I have tried mental exercises such as staring at a smiley face till all I see is 2 dots and a curve.....

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Response to TygrBright (Original post)

Sat Nov 21, 2020, 01:23 AM

7. Qanon wants to weaponize "Targeted Individuals"

Last edited Sat Nov 21, 2020, 09:43 AM - Edit history (10)

Apologies for the link bombing Tygrbright.

But, it is topical and I am partially doing it to save it in my journal. Years later, I find I can no longer find articles I don't save somewhere..

This is a topic of interest to me..especially the danger of Q types preying on these unfortunate people as big tech pushes actually creepy practices (no agenda with them-they are just vulgar, tacky, trite people).

(As an aside, this article on apophenia is cool:


I have a lot of sympathy for these troubled and mostly non violent people (Myron May, Gavin Long etc aside) who call themselves "targeted individuals".

Only the disgustingly vulgar and doltishly unimaginative could mock the non-violent struggling with such problems or worse exploit them as the cynical Q types do. Coercive or lazy psychiatry would make things worse. I wonder what the solution is for such people....Maybe better science education for a subset. Distrust of authority figures may not be the place to start-on some level trusting Facebook is more delusional than not. Better comprehension of what is scientifically feasible might be the place to start. Distrust creeps not technology.










(I can no longer find a good WaPo article from the 90s on the phenomenon. Not a good one from Vice).

Found it:

(I wonder if posting about this trash amplifies it...otoh it is important to know that people who believe junk like this exist. Especially if you are planning to blow the whistle on crappy tech..quite mundane dull crap but still reprehensible....)

On a funnier note, while I am glad I am not delusional, had I been delusional, I would hate the one described in that last article the most...of all possible delusions, as a bird lover, I would hate that one the most . I love birdsong..I would not want my non-delusional but apophenia prone brain to associate birdsong with a pack of creeps!

For serious advocates of privacy who are for stringent crackdowns on deregulation in ai/data science and support better practices related to informed consent/the right to information/the right to explanations etc., the TI worldview is no more helpful than is say "anti-psychiatry" (a libertarian thing). Psychiatry like say nutrition science, is a real science-just one involving many more complex variables.

But meanwhile corrupt large organizations are well-served by the mockery of all privacy advocates as paranoid tis. It is not an uncommon tactic with their ilk:

In-group language that relies on humor and metaphors of war and sport.
This was the culture at the one crap institution I workee at. E.g.: violated people whose lives are destroyed are "zebrafish" or in need of some timfoil. Zebrafish btw are a cool model system. I posted a cool paper on them in the science forum here. Double entendres about adult humans whose privacy you violate -less cool. Though them if you are creep you can claim they are imagining it being a tinfoil nutter. Creep culture must not take over tech. Real humor is usually not cruel and it is directed at oneself not those you fuck over and slander.

Team members are fiercely loyal to each other and driven by a sense of urgency, insecurity.

Leadership is complacent, opaque, hoards information, disperses accountability, avoids responsibility, and creates plausible deniability. High performers are venerated and not questioned (anyone remember Andy Rubin?)

And China is building an actual surveillance state..no tis needed:


Of course the authors are from Stanford and that man is from the Whore..I mean Hoover institution so they are probably merely envious at the panache with which China does this ans wistfully wishing they do all this overtly instead of having to fear all those awful civil liberties types and women's rights types...Poor stanford...damn the aclu, now, splc etc..all of those commies, tis and ecoterrorists no doubt...McCarthy had the right idea. Stanford is not bigoted. They just want the right kinds of women and immigrants..
They are not even racist necessarily..you just have to be a horrible, unprincipled but self righteous, sleazy little person. One wants the right kind of surveillance state not the Chinese kind..the Stanford kind...
What was that Sinclair Lewis thing about fascism wrapped in..blah blah..swop out medicine for flag and garbage tech for the other thing and you have it.

Dammit I said I would no longer do this..
I hope Tygrbright doesn't read this..nor anyone else.

I am one step awy from a straitjacket..sigh..the Biden victory makes one want to tell everyone how much Stanford sucks..but it cannot be good for DU..so I should stop.

Well this is a mess of a post. But I need these links. Fortunately, I doubt anyone reads this crap and if they do, they should get a life....actual DUers probably would just think oh there is the crazy lady who posts long self-involved rants about Stanford, meninists etc. Like the "ask me about my religion guy".

Oh well...The perks of anonymity..Every message board has its resident lunatics. I try not to break rules..but sigh...

You cannot be a GOP supporter, Russian or Chinese troll, a 3rd party supporter etc. There is nothing in the DU rulebook about the functionally insane . And I have been a poster since 2006. My nam78_two account was quite sane...but that was pre-Stanford....

As the US will have to with Trump, DU may have to define new rules for rants by crazy people not directly connected with the site's goals. Though I highly doubt that places like Stanford actually like seeing Dems in office and most certainly not liberal Dems.

And at least I am not spreading unfounded rumors or crazy conspiracy theories....just a suspicion that Stanford and their ilk (corporate partners like Facebook and Google) probably push for horribly deregulated practices in data science and are cryptocons. That has to be the dullest conspiracy theory out there...

I hope Stanford (whose scientists behave like flatulent athletes sated with factory-farmed, greasy meat),
chokes on its own greasy, meat constipation induced bowel gases....not fatally or anything..just

Ack my 2 week grace period is over...

(I look forward to filing a criminal case against the creeps responsible in all applicable cases here in india/anywhere though).

Actually these articles about targeted individuals who don't get psychiatric help..and I am comfortable in saying that without irony - make a very strong case for pushing for criminal charges against certain kinds of networks who abuse tech, data science and even medicine. It makes a serious case for not just stringent regulations preventing abusive surveillance state practices, but also for protections for whistleblowers ready to file serious allegations of misconduct, harassment and human rights abuses.
No whistleblower should hesitate to report bad tech and outrageous stuff really..

Crap..this post looks like a ti wrote it. Well nm...there is no bigger chestnut than that the mentally ill never know they are ill. However, the parameters determing what is misconduct, bigotry, abuse, fraud, malpractice- what constitute human rights abuses etc. are fairly straightforward.

It is hard for me to prove the kinds of criminal misconduct I am bothered about right now. But I am innately disdainful of conspiracy theories and was raised in a democracy. I am.pretty sure I have a solid case for criminal misconduct and I am filing it as soon as I can. I have no patience with creeps or with atrociously bad science and Facebook-like tech. The qanons and tis can do whatever the hell.they want to. But like the women who came out on Twitter during MeToo, I am not pulling back and I am retaining my anonymity and grimly determined to file allegations of serious misconduct, harassment,malpractice and fraud against all the creeps in the state/in tech, science medicine anywhere in this..It horrifies me..the notion of people this malevolent working in ai, psychiatry, data science etc. That is it. I am done wity this. I will contact women's groups and civil liberties groups and press criminal charges for most of the crap from these last 10 years even if it takes another 20 years.

If I was qanon or a ti or a troll or a nut these assholes would have lucked out. As it happens I am a normal female scientist with a real complaint and the last of my empathy has finally been exhausted. I tried to be nice...

Anyway this is not the forum for this. It just happens to be a lefty board I used to visit. I am leaving these up.

When I press charges, I fail to see that they can hurt me.

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Response to CatLady78 (Reply #7)

Sat Nov 21, 2020, 11:32 AM

9. Never hesitate to post something useful to you - might be useful to others.

CatLady, as someone with my own struggles with mental illness, I have a high tolerance for "this works for me, please don't let it bug you" stuff.

I may even look over a few of your links when I have time.

We are changing, as a species, faster than the mechanisms of evolution can adapt our physiology. Brain plasticity is fortunatel (or unfortunately) not limited to the speed of evolution, but it's as much a victim of the pace of change as a coping tool.

Hang in there.


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Response to TygrBright (Reply #9)

Sat Nov 21, 2020, 11:46 AM

11. Thank you very muchTygrbright

I truly mean it. So, I will leave it that. I genuinely appreciate your compassionate, respectful and helpful response.
Thank you,

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Response to CatLady78 (Reply #7)

Sat Nov 21, 2020, 11:42 AM

10. Blast

Bloody hell ..I certainly have a talent for making myself seem lunatic. How did this happen? If people talked to me they would know I am basically rational and I would at least pretend to be civil. I find it hard to be fawning or insincere, but I could at least be polite.

The real extent of my delusion is this: I have dealt with some shitty stuff and I am not sure what the source is and I keep hoping that it is not the sort of moron I would actually feel bad about reporting even if they are lousy at their job.

At this point, I do not see how I can believe in any sort of system of ethics and not report a lot of what I have seen where it falls into any of these fields: data science, ai, psychiatry.

My real delusion is the belief (absent any solid proof) that these are corporate whores, nazis, meninists, malicious people or creeps. Because, if this is just someone who is well-ntentioned,stupid or neutral, I don't feel great about reporting them though I will.

I have good relations with all the physicians I deal with-especially our oncologist, oncology nurse etc. I keep hoping it is something like Facebook or most of Stanford or like the two actual creeps I have met here (one at an optics holography company and one at an Adhar office).

I don't why there is any stigma associated with mental illness. This is another inane chestnut.
Why would there be? Is there stigma associated with cancer?
Oh you mean...extremely backward people stigmatize mental illness and idiotic celebrities “share” to “spread awareness”. Why would I care about that? I am an atheist, vegetarian, pro drug legalization and I was for glbt rights, feminism etc. etc. long before those things were cool.
Why would I give a shit about stigma? I have never cared about impressing anyone. I am just sensitive about not being a nuisance in other people's spaces (given that secretly I hate having anyone in mine)-I don't wish other people ill but I don't like seeing them. I don’t want to see people I like, let alone anyone else.

I have no wish to be a nuisance in public spaces (which this is a fucking example of).
But that aside, I don't care what people think.

If I actually had a mental illness, I would go see a shrink and get medication...done...end of story.

But what I do object to is rotten professionals quickly deciding someone is nuts to cover their rears and then sticking them in some hellish kafkaesque piece of crap till they get exasperated enough that it spills out on some random liberal board they used years ago.

God I hope the criminals are analogous to Facebook, Jio or Google or someone like John Kapoor or a creep or someone I would have no compunction about reporting.

I so hope this is not someone who is simply an idiot.

I am pretty sure that since I went to that toilet in stanford...where they do creepy ass crap research, they put me in some shitty system where even after coming back here, some moronic indian ass was hired to keep this shit going.

And it is exasperating...these may not be bizarre delusions but they fit all the criteria for delusional thinking...jumping to conclusions,
That DSM is a piece of crap...they need to rewrite it taking creeps into account.

I used to download papers on mental illness from pubmed -very technical papers and try to read them and convince myself that I am just thinking in a loony way. That I just encountered some unpleasant toads at stanford and that I should move on. But over time, it just became harder and harder to actually believe that...the Cambridge Analytica and other data privacy scandals broke..and more & more stuff started falling into place...

I can gloomily see the irony of someone like myself (with no taste at all for conspiracy theories .) getting stuck with the sort of stuff that would be like catnip to actual conspiracy theorists whom I generally avoid.
And I always try to stay away from stuff belonging to meninists, nazis etc. so they don't think I want their stuff...Why set off a territorial right wing nut?
Because of ubiquitous male paranoia..before even metoo...usually you try to take blame and try to see that you take responsibility so this foul meninist cannot whine about how women take advantage of their gender etc. etc. Usually I think let actions speak..and unfortunately I at least..not being any kind of alpha female but a failure...could not let my sheer prowess speak for itself.

But I do want to have some peace and quiet in my own space. That is the path to prowess and I am reporting you.

And at some point you realize that when you are dealing with an idiotic enough faux professional...it doesn't matter what you do or say. This fucking moron will stand their ground....

But this pos can tell their kids or whatever morons work for them what to think and how to think.

But science and medicine are not this idiot’s territory. You don't get to decide that people are tis or schizos because they think you are rotten at your job and kinda sleazy and kinda creepy. I am so glad I am not in the market for immigration papers or a job or money. I just want to be left the fuck alone.

I am not getting lumped in with tis or with some sort of left leaning qanon types.

I am reporting misconduct in ..whatever fucking field this is,.
i am truly sorry if you are not a nazi, extremist, meninist or
facebook...this still sucks and I am obligated to report you.

This is too annoying to endure. And if I cannot be anonymous, that will make this a lot worse. I have no patience with...

I want to do science in peace and quiet or just live in peace and quiet and not have too much to do with other people...and I really don;t like people contacting me in my home.

You know and I know that this is not in my head...I am not sure what your end game is..but I am filing allegations of misconduct.
thankfully I am pretty sure none of the scientists I knew (coauthors, mentors, labmates, close friends) or worked with, nor our oncologist or scientists I talk to now, are involved in this...nor my 1 friend in science nor the 2 shrinks and 1 therapist I met with in the us. They were neither insane nor unethical. I don't know who this is...maybe they are not a nazi/extremist or meninist, but something is certainly wrong with them.

Yes I am well aware that this sounds like a post written by a lunatic. Only it is not...It is a response to gaslighting...
I am too irritable a person to have a response to gaslighting and histrionics and theatre.
Why is there no regulatory agency checking these horrible jackasses?

I should really try not to get baited...because I look crazy and right now there isn;t a shred of real proof.

But I am not crazy...my vuews are left of centre and I am not pragmatist in some hideous centrist way. But I am pragmatic in other ways...I don;t believe in conspiracy theories...nut I do believe in corruption, fraud, the banality of evil and in morons/meninists and extremists...

I should not be doing this here...But there is no system to report this to. Itr is this lousy kafkaesque tech labyrinth that exasperates one...
I could forgive the non creepy of these people for being horrible human beings...I cannot forgive them for being such huge bores.

And this is not fair to du...which has other goals. But what the hell am I to do...use Twitter or barf facebook?
And there is no fucking actual system to report this to.

I suppose anyone who reads this here is convinced I must have about 6 types of mental issues...I really don't. I actually seem more nuts when I try to ignore this. I just cannot prove it.

This is so fucking awful...If I do not come off as insane (and even I would assume someone who does all this is nuts), I come off as some oversharing, rambling nut. but I cannot keep living in this fucking Handmaid't Fucking Tale...where creepy daat science, ai and med practices are considered normal.

What sort of person posts drivel like this on a message board where normally one would post polite, non controversial stuff.

If I had access to a normal hr that is what I would do. And I am not the type of person who would try to exploit tosh like this.
I just *clenched teeth* want to be left the fuck alone..and not help regularize garbae tech.
This has nothing to do with du's goals..they are a respectable enougj liberal dem website..my own reason for being on du is that they are privately quite left but pragmatic enough to have the sense to want dems in office, given what the party of the apocalypse is.
But havin shit like this here is just bad, But I have a vague hope that it might terminate some of this..

I would never ask ANYONE for help etc. Not my thing...but I want some outlet and I apologize to du but it happened here. I am not crazy...I was gaslighted in some majot ways. That was nit my typical experience in science. I liked most scientists and was fortunate enough to not meet creeps and discrimination until I went to Stanford,..which is a creepy school and then I came back here and met a few more lower rent creeps...groan...

My mom says no one will believe me...Stanford is rich, powerful and so on and I am a not very bright postdoc...But the other two institutions were not small and I was fine with them. Not that I am not going to drag them into this...or anyone but the culpable.

Ayway I have 4-6 months of hard work ahead to fix my science career and no time for this...I hope stanford gets diarrhoea and that so do the rest of these creeps...
I will check back in May 2021...
Too much work to do and focusing on these toads is not good. My mom's cancer is also slowly going into remission...not tje time to dwell on the fartarses of Stanfird.

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