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Mon Nov 30, 2020, 09:51 AM Nov 2020

They didn't listen; why should anyone listen to them?

I'm tired of families who contracted covid because they ignored warnings and held big weddings, birthdays, whatever and now TA-DA! have seen the light and just want to warn the rest of the world about covid. WHY ARE THEY BEING GIVEN TV TIME?

Goddammit, they have been warned over and over and over not to do what they have done BECAUSE what happened to them WILL HAPPEN and they all got sick--and god only knows how many innocent people they've infected.

But now they've seen the light! and they want to warn the rest of us!

Eat a bowl of dicks. All of them, even grandma.

They didn't listen; why should anyone listen to them? (Original Post) cyclonefence Nov 2020 OP
On the other hand, news coverage of such COVID outbreaks after gatherings MineralMan Nov 2020 #1
... DonViejo Nov 2020 #2
No one died cyclonefence Nov 2020 #4
I fully agree. Don't give a shit about their sob stories now. BusyBeingBest Nov 2020 #3
The people who deserve to die ... Martin Eden Nov 2020 #5


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1. On the other hand, news coverage of such COVID outbreaks after gatherings
Mon Nov 30, 2020, 10:04 AM
Nov 2020

does serve to warn people. To that extent, it's a good thing to cover.

As for your eating a "bowl of dicks" thing, I'm sorry, but people died. Were they stupid? Yes. Did they die anyhow? Yes. Did they deserve to die? No.

Anger and over-the-top curses aimed at them are not productive responses, it seems to me.


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4. No one died
Mon Nov 30, 2020, 01:51 PM
Nov 2020

No one even got very sick. The young woman's mother was in the hospital, briefly (occupying a bed perhaps needed by someone else's mother, someone else who had not flouted the guidelines) and all are recovering nicely.

"Eat a bowl of dicks" is intentionally shocking and disgusting. I am at an end of finding words to express my dismay over people who will not follow the simple rules that can keep us all safe, so that people won't get sick and die. "Eat a bowl of dicks" is unpleasant (although its absurdity makes me laugh), but at least it doesn't kill anyone.

None of us "deserves" anything that befalls us, but this family took it upon themselves to endanger other people, people they run into who may not (probably don't) have any idea that this idiot tribe decided a big party was more important than someone else's life.

Martin Eden

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5. The people who deserve to die ...
Mon Nov 30, 2020, 01:53 PM
Nov 2020

... are politicians and pundits who knowingly lied about the dangers of COVID-19 to advance their careers and/or a political/ideological agenda.

That includes the 46th president of the United States.

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