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Thu Jun 24, 2021, 02:17 PM Jun 2021

New polls show GOP willingness to subvert 2020 election

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New polls show GOP willingness to subvert 2020 election
By Marshall Cohen, CNN
Updated 1:49 PM ET, Thu June 24, 2021

"New polls released Thursday show just how far Republicans were willing to go to support then-President Donald Trump's unprecedented efforts to subvert the 2020 election.
Their polls found that after the election, a supermajority of Republicans backed Trump's efforts to overturn the results: 86% said his legal challenges were appropriate, 79% said they weren't confident in the national vote tally, and 68% said Trump really won. Another 54% said Trump should never concede, and a plurality said state legislatures should override the popular vote...

Additionally, only 34% of Trump voters said they would accept Biden as the legitimate president, according to the post-election polls. That pales in comparison to similar surveys conducted by Gallup after previous controversial elections -- 68% of Al Gore voters in 2000 accepted George W. Bush's legitimacy, and 76% of Hillary Clinton voters in 2016 accepted Trump's as president..."

Brainwashing works with Trump and especially Fox News having completely gaslighted Republicans to think that Trump won, which they of course would want to believe. Listen to the video at the link-- people in Florida saying they saw various stolen election evidence on TV. The interviewer tells them that was debunked but they don't believe him. They "saw" it on TV!

The USA is in deep deep trouble, because the GOP retains significant power across the country, in a majority of states-- almost 2 to 1-- they control the state legislatures. There needs to be some serious effort to stop the propaganda, which isn't easy given the 1st Amendment. Any ideas how to mitigate the damage beyond Democrats voting against the GOP which is obvious, but won't work in GOP dominated locations?

New polls show GOP willingness to subvert 2020 election (Original Post) andym Jun 2021 OP
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1. Us little people do what we can...
Thu Jun 24, 2021, 02:44 PM
Jun 2021

GOTV, actual voting, working with grassroots organizations, speaking out at township, county and other meetings trying to inform people…but we need help.

I would love to see/hear our Democratic leaders hit the sidewalks, speak out to the media, hold town hall meetings. We NEED to hear from them. They make much noise when they need money, calm us down a little, actually tell us they’re after the congressional insurrectionists, point them out over and over and over again. Shame them. A little of this would make a huge difference.

The country is in deep shit.


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2. Very good idea
Thu Jun 24, 2021, 02:53 PM
Jun 2021

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Perhaps even the President himself needs to address it publicly. At least people who are uninformed need to hear what is happening. Not sure much can be done for the already brainwashed.

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