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Fri Jul 16, 2021, 09:29 AM Jul 2021

The body in the box

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A man has a newsstand selling newspapers and magazines. Every day a gentleman walks up and buys the daily paper, looks at the front page and throws in the trash can. Finally after this goes on for a long time the man ask "why he buys it and throws it away".
The gentleman responds "for the obits".
Looking puzzled he says "but obituaries are in the back."
The gentleman calls back "this one will be on the front page."

I'm waiting for the body in the box picture too, could be soon.

The body in the box (Original Post) scarytomcat Jul 2021 OP
I don't want him to die. CrackityJones75 Jul 2021 #1
he will never be punished scarytomcat Jul 2021 #2
Although I tend to agree, why should that be true? Duppers Jul 2021 #3
yes we don't lock up Presidents. scarytomcat Jul 2021 #4
That'd make a mockery of Teddy Roosevelt's... Duppers Jul 2021 #5
I gotta tell ya, Maru Kitteh Jul 2021 #6


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3. Although I tend to agree, why should that be true?
Fri Jul 16, 2021, 07:14 PM
Jul 2021

Simply because jailing him would tarnish the office of the Presidency?

That happened the day that turd walked into the Oval Office.


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4. yes we don't lock up Presidents.
Fri Jul 16, 2021, 10:06 PM
Jul 2021

We would never do it. We need to make sure we don't elect crazy people. All the symptoms were there before the election and still republicQns pushed him through with the help of another crazy person from russia. They knew he was not capable of doing the job and did it anyway. Now that same craziness is destroying their party. We really need two functioning parties to have a two party democracy.


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5. That'd make a mockery of Teddy Roosevelt's...
Fri Jul 16, 2021, 11:35 PM
Jul 2021


It would then seem that keeping the presidency "unblemished," which it's not been, is more important than applying our laws. Sadly. Our presidents aren't infallible kings.

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