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Mon Aug 30, 2021, 01:30 AM

Like many DUers I've lost near ones to covid. This one to Fundie anti-vax/mask-ism.

I just lost a relative to a NUTCASE fundamentalist wingnut cult. So be it. My Buddhist coping mechanism is to NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY, like the universe is NOT PERSONAL. So, goodbye.

I'm not even going to get into the death of a nearest one.

She’s a WHACK-O “religious” nut quoting the Bible. I sent her this “parable” from 1980s comedian on the CARSON show, Pete BARBUTTI:

“In desert dry Arizona (or desert dry wherever), a rare extensive rain event was prognosticated. The word went out for everybody to evacuate and most people did, and the National Guard went by in Jeeps with bullhorns asking the stragglers or those who couldn’t get out on their own to come with them in the Jeeps. And an old, ornery Believer on his porch with his Bible yelled at them, “I won’t go, I believe in God and God will protect me.”

So it began to rain and the water came up to the level of the porch and the National Guard came by in boats and implored him to come with them, and the old man with his Bible said, (same thing).

And The rain continued and the water rose to the level of the roof and the old man with his Bible was on the roof and the National Guard came by in helicopters and implored him to be lifted up, and the old man with his Bible said, (same thing).

So the water kept rising and the old man with his Bible drowned. And he woke up in Heaven and sitting on a cloud, thoroughly PISSED. And God passed by and the old man with his Bible said to him, “Hey! You!” And God said, “Are you talking to me?” And the old man with his Bible said, “I *believed* in you and look what happened to me!”

And God said, “I sent you a JEEP. I sent you a BOAT. I sent you a HELICOPTER!”

The relative is an ADEPT at quoting theological clap trap. Knows “parables” and has a high class Catholic university degree. Will she make the connection to the simple “God helps those who help themselves”? No, she prefers to nit pick on the numbers of angels on pin points.
And she’s off my relations list.

She sent a crapload of “scriptural” quotes and said that she exercises her *CHOICE* not to be offended. Huh, she loves her “choice.” As an exemplary Lib, I respect for others to have their beliefs AND expect mine to be RESPECTED.

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