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Evolve Dammit

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Sat Sep 4, 2021, 03:38 PM Sep 2021

Two words made a huge impact on where we are as a divided nation: "Fake News."

Millions no longer trust viable news sources and instead embrace what their peers recommend or looks attractive. This strategy is not unique, is modeled after other previous autocrats, and has proven to be quite effective. The message is so tried and true that other autocratic leaders across the globe have been copying the resurrection by the one that made it popular again in the greatest democracy in the world. Accusations, actual charges, counts of impeachment, sexual assault suits, Covid, were all hoaxes and "fake news." Masks and vaccinations make you "look weak" and are dismissed openly, while embraced secretly. Military service is for "losers and suckers". It's OK not to disclose or pay taxes as an "elected" official and it's fine and dandy to mock, abuse, ridicule and threaten anyone who doesn't agree with the autocratic cult. "Lock her up," "Lock them up" all fire the bellies of the red meat "base". It's even OK to say elections are "rigged" and the outcome must be fraudulent. Based on what? Nothing. It's the huckster, con-artist carnival barker that has the biggest megaphone and today the message is amplified in seconds around the world.

Two words resonate with millions and you don't have to offer evidence or prove a damn thing. So easy. So effective. No soul or humanity required. Putin must be thrilled and Roy Cohn would be very proud.

Two words made a huge impact on where we are as a divided nation: "Fake News." (Original Post) Evolve Dammit Sep 2021 OP
I could not agree more MotorCityBeard Sep 2021 #1
Excellent points. This has been happening since W and the Project for a New American Century in Evolve Dammit Sep 2021 #3
Alternate facts - truthiness - Historic NY Sep 2021 #2
K&R Solomon Sep 2021 #4
But, WE have our heads in the sand? czarjak Sep 2021 #5
please explain. Not sure what you mean Evolve Dammit Sep 2021 #7
It's what they accuse us of. Projection and denial on their part. czarjak Sep 2021 #9
But we need to put blame where True Blue American Sep 2021 #6
It is bizarre. The MSM gave constant coverage to the Orange One. And now the attacks on Biden Evolve Dammit Sep 2021 #8
You are quite right on that. True Blue American Sep 2021 #12
lugenpresse 90-percent Sep 2021 #10
K&R. n.t. doublethink Sep 2021 #11
Even Germany True Blue American Sep 2021 #13


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1. I could not agree more
Sat Sep 4, 2021, 03:47 PM
Sep 2021

When Kellyanne started with her "alternative facts" bullshit when TFG first got into office, it literally scared me. I realized at the time they were just going to deny reality. Unfortunately, that worked for their supporters.

It also brought to mind a quote from Rove when W was in office;

“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

Evolve Dammit

(15,907 posts)
3. Excellent points. This has been happening since W and the Project for a New American Century in
Sat Sep 4, 2021, 03:54 PM
Sep 2021

our "modern politics." MSM with a few exceptions allowed it to go largely un-challenged. Alternative facts are simply lies. H called out "Donald's alternative reality" in the 2016 debates.

True Blue American

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6. But we need to put blame where
Sat Sep 4, 2021, 04:01 PM
Sep 2021

It belongs. Look how the MSM has attacked Biden over and over. For 2 weeks they have been unfit to watch. They had to pause a little yesterday when the President was out among the victims in La.

But this morning they were right back to bashing. I try to watch but have to turn it off. Breathlessly saying what Trump said last. The MSM pushed the war and now are angry it is over.

Evolve Dammit

(15,907 posts)
8. It is bizarre. The MSM gave constant coverage to the Orange One. And now the attacks on Biden
Sat Sep 4, 2021, 05:47 PM
Sep 2021

who inherited a pandemic, an un-winnable war, voter suppression, a coup attempt, attack on women's rights and is firmly stating facts with resolve. But, MSM apparently doesn't want these issues resolved or addressed. Quite the conundrum.

True Blue American

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12. You are quite right on that.
Sun Sep 5, 2021, 02:48 AM
Sep 2021

The MSM is not our friend. They have turned into hateful fear mongering, worse than tabloid trying to keep their ratings up.

CNN has become worse than Fox. MSNBC no better. They constantly show Fox clips of Trump. Bring on every disgruntled Biden hater they can find. Now they are bringing on refugees we brought out to complain how chaotic their departure was. Instead of being grateful.


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10. lugenpresse
Sat Sep 4, 2021, 06:37 PM
Sep 2021

yet another piece of propaganda invented by WW2 Nazi's. they went on to outlaw free speech altogether. If there were no Nazi's theer would have been no trump.


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