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Fri Sep 17, 2021, 06:18 PM

Somehow, I subscribed to Fast Forward, a Boston Globe newsletter, and this is from today's...

It's kinda long, but worth it:

I must say, you are completely fed up with the willfully unvaccinated. Your anger is evident in your e-mails. Here are your comments. (Since some of you didn't want your name used, I haven't used any.)

"I have said for years that stupidity is the inability to learn, while ignorance is the conscious choice not to. The willfully unvaccinated are ignorant."

"Perhaps the only good thing about them is that some of them have removed, or will remove, themselves from the gene pool. Darwin strikes again!"

"As a senior fully vaccinated, I, like Howard Stern, am sick to death of having to remain inside and cautious so they can run around acting as if there is no COVID and, heaven forbid, mask wearing. Disgustingly pathetic. They get their life; when do we get ours? Shame them all."

"I am angry and frustrated with willingly unvaccinated individuals and propose the following: Invite them to some interesting event. Then lock the doors and have them first watch a video of someone gasping for breath and then being intubated; up close and personal. Maybe interview a grieving family member. This would be supervised by people (such as the trusty National Guard) in N-95s standing 10 feet away. Then put on the event only for those who choose to get vaccinated first. If people decline the vaccination, they don’t get to attend the event. I am historically a pacifist, but I am close to the end of my last nerve."

"My sacro-cranial chiropractor is an amazing and kind healer who cured my sciatica a few years ago. However, today she revealed that she is not vaccinated, and it is on purpose. I was flummoxed! She is pretty convinced that her supplement regimen and excellent immune system are going to help her avoid COVID. (She 'never' gets the flu!) Fortunately, we are in California, so her odds are better than if she lived in, say, Alabama or Mississippi. But I am just shocked, confused, and frankly, a little freaked out.

"How can one of the best people I know make this choice? And what am I going to do about it?

"For now I have not canceled my appointments, because I'm vaccinated and feel relatively safe (for myself). I'm not sure I can stay calm if we have a conversation about it again, and I'm not sure I can NOT have a conversation about it again, either! This is not just about one's self. I believe it is our responsibility to do this for the greater good (our community). I always thought she was much smarter than I probably am, and I am just so disappointed."

"I came home to the sound of wailing and crying from my 41-year-old daughter. She just heard her best friend in SF died of the virus that day. They both gave birth to their two children four years ago, shared everything and with great care and friendship. She was ill for five days and died that morning when her husband came home to check on her. No vaccination and two children, a 4- and 10-year-old, and a loving husband. God help us."

"I'm not angry, I'm furious! Furious at the refuseniks for whom, let's face it, there's no downside of NOT being vaccinated until they get sick. After which all hell breaks loose because they need an ICU bed, ventilator etc.

"And then, of course, they wake up and want the vaccine.

"Meanwhile, they've caused goodness knows how many people to be infected and get sick, including small children. Their ignorance and selfishness knows no bounds. It's a dumbdemic.
The problem is that in their minds, they don't have to get vaccinated because they can get by just fine without it.

"I think we need to take some measures to force them to rethink:
1. Insurance companies need to raise premiums on those who choose to be unvaccinated.
2. Hospitals need to prioritize the care for vaccinated patients.
3. Unvaccinated people cannot enter public buildings, sports stadiums, public transit, or airports.
4. Like in R.I., if you don't comply with your employer's demand to get vaccinated and lose your job, no unemployment payments for you.
5. Religious exemption? That’s fine, as long as your church picks up the cost of treatment.

"Let's see how that works. Cuz oh boy, miss the football game?"

"Angry at the willingly unvaccinated? Damn straight I am. We have 3 granddaughters ages 2, 4, and 8 who are put at risk by these imbeciles. Our 16-year-old grandson got vaccinated as soon as he became eligible, as did everyone in our immediate family. Still, way too many out there who are a danger to everyone."

"Anyone who refuses to be fully vaccinated has no commonsense. Obviously, some people must think they are immortal. With all the horrific stories about unvaccinated people infecting others and people needlessly dying, they must think it won't happen to them. I truly do not understand them and their lack of logic. Since I am the exact polar opposite of them, I can't wait to get my booster shot this fall!"

"When the unvaccinated get COVID, no medical care will be provided, NONE. No docs or hospitals will treat them. They will receive no medical benefits of any type. If they are allowed to return to work, they will get tested every morning before entering the workplace, AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE. If they test positive, their pay will be immediately suspended and they will not be eligible for any company, state, or federal benefits; no sick time, no short-term (or long-term) disability, no unemployment, no food stamps, etc. If it can be proven that the person did not quarantine, they can be fined and put under house arrest for a period of time. If they infect someone else, they will be held financially responsible for the sick person's expenses.

"Until we play hardball, we will never contain this virus. It's time to stop being polite, and kick some ass."

"Everyone has the right to remain unvaccinated if they choose. I reserve the right to request they be exiled to an isolated island so the only people they can infect and kill are themselves and people who think like them."

"I am angry and confused about the willfully unvaccinated. There appears to be many reasons, besides ignorance and stupidity. So many people today (esp. the young) have a strong sense of entitlement. There is also a lot of selfishness! A letter to the editor appeared in today's Albany NY Times Union about the 'Selfish Generation.' In brief, it states that so many lost their lives in WWII, but were very willing to sacrifice. The country was willing to deal with short rations and supplies for the war effort. And so many firefighters willingly sacrificed their lives on 9/11 trying to save others. But today, so many are selfish, thinking only of themselves. I couldn't agree more!"

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Reply Somehow, I subscribed to Fast Forward, a Boston Globe newsletter, and this is from today's... (Original post)
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Response to TreasonousBastard (Original post)

Fri Sep 17, 2021, 07:33 PM

1. ol' day's !

well shit ! coming to the day's of the plague when they burned your body & all your personal belonging & basically canceled ya ' from the planet ! so what ever ya ' think about the vaccine , knock your self out , make damn sure you take all your love on's with ya '. there won't be no trace of ya to remember ! that's ok tho' , you probably weren't worth remembering any way !

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Response to TreasonousBastard (Original post)

Fri Sep 17, 2021, 07:48 PM

2. "My sacro-cranial chiropractor is an amazing and kind healer..."

Never, ever, be surprised that a practitioner of the crazy pseudoscience of chiropractic in an anti-vaxxer, or by any other crazy woo they might peddle.

Some chiropractors do manage to help patients feel better, but that is in spite of, not because of chiropractic itself.

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Response to Silent3 (Reply #2)

Fri Sep 17, 2021, 08:11 PM

3. I knew my chiropractor was okay when he started wearing a mask and requiring patients to do the same

That office has done all the mitigation measures. Social distancing in the waiting room, plexiglas around the front desk, masks for eairhead. Last summer they briefly relaxed the masking requirement for patients who were vaccinated, then went back to requiring masks when the CDC reversed itself.

Not all chiropractors are woo-woo airheads.

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Response to ShazzieB (Reply #3)

Fri Sep 17, 2021, 08:30 PM

4. This ☝️☝️☝️

And just like that, a rant about anti-vaxxers pivots into a rant against chiropractors...

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Response to ShazzieB (Reply #3)

Fri Sep 17, 2021, 09:52 PM

9. My point is that chiropractic itself is woo

Most chiropractors now at least mix in science-based medicine, but the core of chiropractic is pseudoscience about “vitalism”, “subluxations”, and the like.

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Response to TreasonousBastard (Original post)

Fri Sep 17, 2021, 08:31 PM

5. I really, really wish hospitals would refuse to treat the unvaccinated if they get Covid.

Treat them for anything else, absolutely, but not for Covid.

And here's something I've been saying for quite a while now about all of this.

Pretend it's the spring of 1939, you and I are good friends and we're planning a trip to Europe next year. We've been scrimping and saving, working extra jobs, planned at least some of where we'll go and what we'll do. We can hardly wait! It's going to be a fantastic trip.

Then September rolls around and war breaks out. Oh, crap. Clearly we won't be going to Europe next year, but we're optimistic that the war won't last long and we can go in 1941. Alas, the war drags on and on. It doesn't finally end until May, 1945 in Europe. The very soonest we could make that long-postponed trip will be 1946, maybe even a year or two later. And when we finally get there, the Europe we see will be unimaginably different from the one we would have seen in 1939.

And so it's going to be with Covid. Things will change, change more, change differently from anything we could have imagined a year and a half ago. I hesitate to make any solid predictions, but I'm hoping that the kinds of things President Biden is trying to do will be among them. Better health care, a far stronger safety net, a more robust infrastructure. None of these things will happen quickly or easily, but perhaps in a decade, maybe less.

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Response to TreasonousBastard (Original post)

Fri Sep 17, 2021, 08:34 PM

6. It could be construed as unethical for me to agree, but I do

The epidemic has increased demand in my ancillary medical field exponentially. I'll be back on the front lines in about a month. Oddly enough it's the anti-vaxxers in the medical field that are opening up top pay travel gigs, and like a vulture I'll be swooping in.
However, it is those exact unmasked anti-vaxxers that made me afraid to continue in my field a couple months ago.
It will be a great relief they've had to ante up or get out.

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Response to lambchopp59 (Reply #6)

Fri Sep 17, 2021, 08:54 PM

7. Tell them it makes you lose weight and

Stops baldness.

Stupid? Yes. But it would probably work!

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Response to TreasonousBastard (Original post)

Fri Sep 17, 2021, 09:14 PM

8. This is my kind of essay! I love every work of this!

Sure speaks for how I’m feeling about the willfully unvaccinated.

I don’t care about what sort of excuse or rationale anyone. An come up with at this point. It’s simple: Get Vaccinated, DAMMIT! NOW, DAMMIT!!!

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