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Sun Nov 7, 2021, 08:25 AM Nov 2021

Has anyone used restorz-it

I’m redoing my kitchen a DIY kind of thing. I was going to sand and paint my current cabinets but I started reading about “restorzit “. Has anyone here used it before? Sounds great but does it work ?

Thank you in advance

Has anyone used restorz-it (Original Post) Chille Nov 2021 OP
Try these links ... marble falls Nov 2021 #1
There's a cleaner to Chille Nov 2021 #2
Used it on my cabinets FalloutShelter Nov 2021 #3
shouldn't this be in the DIY- Home Improvment forum? nt Hotler Nov 2021 #4
we have a DIY forum? Shellback Squid Nov 2021 #5
The fact is you should read what to post in GD. LakeArenal Nov 2021 #6
Not excluded either, cmon, you must have read it Shellback Squid Nov 2021 #8
See comment #7. LakeArenal Nov 2021 #9
And see comment #5 Shellback Squid Nov 2021 #10
🙄. The DIY is where it's supposed to be. LakeArenal Nov 2021 #11
refer to #5 again Shellback Squid Nov 2021 #12
🙄 LakeArenal Nov 2021 #14
concession accepted Shellback Squid Nov 2021 #15
Yes, we have a DIY forum Trailrider1951 Nov 2021 #7
Well, it probably works fine in some cases. MineralMan Nov 2021 #13
Thank you nt Chille Nov 2021 #16

marble falls

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1. Try these links ...
Sun Nov 7, 2021, 08:33 AM
Nov 2021

Restorz-It Wood Finish Reviews - Viewpoints.com
[Search domain viewpoints.com] https://www.viewpoints.com › Restorz-It-Wood-Finish-reviews
Restorz-It had great reviews so I decided to try it on a couple of cabinets and see how it worked. It was good. There were 6 cabinets with more "wear" around the knobs that had to be cleaned and prepped more than all the others, but that's to be expected (sink area and high use cabinets). Still, it worked with just a little extra effort.

[Search domain stepbystep.com] https://www.stepbystep.com › Product-ReviewRestorz-It-Wood-Finish-Restorer-and-Cleaner-171228
Restorz-It filled in the scratches with the coloring agent and the overall sheen is awesome. By the way, it comes in three color choices, depending on your wood finish. If we replaced the vanity with a new one, it would have cost over $600! My $60 was well spent and a lot less of a hassle compared to removing the old one and installing the new one.

[Search domain houzz.com] https://www.houzz.com › discussions › 2638561 › anyone-ever-used-restorzit
I own a home in the high desert of Utah where the sun and heat can eat wood alive. When I tried restorzit the first time I followed the instructions and had just ok success. But the second time I used it like a rub in oil treatment. Apply, rub in, then clean cloth remove. The finish has been remarkable.

10 Best Restorz It Reviews - November 2021
[Search domain bierinternational.com] https://www.bierinternational.com › 10-best-restorz-it-reviews
Old Customer Reviews. One of the best ways to find out if a purchase is the right one for you is by reading through customer testimonials. You should look at positive and negative reviews so that you can see all of the benefits and drawbacks to buying an restorz it reviews from that seller.

[Search domain reference.com] https://www.reference.com › world-view › common-complaints-restorz-wood-finish-221ef0f9e85d23b
Common complaints about Restorz-It wood finish include not drying properly and leaving a tacky feel after weeks or months. Reviewers say they followed the product instructions and called the help line several times after getting the same outcome each time. One reviewer complained that the tacky finish was very difficult to remove.

[Search domain diychatroom.com] https://www.diychatroom.com › threads › restorz-it-product-questions.152463
Restorz-It. They have a cleaner to use first, then apply the Restorz-It, which is supposed to make the wood look new. ... I had read all those reviews and several others...the bad ones scare me...I sure don't want to have a bad time with that product and make this job harder...so, I still don't know if I will use it...that is why I came here ..



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2. There's a cleaner to
Sun Nov 7, 2021, 08:52 AM
Nov 2021

use first. I’m glad you responded because I wouldn’t have known to use their cleaner first for better results

Thank you marble falls


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3. Used it on my cabinets
Sun Nov 7, 2021, 08:52 AM
Nov 2021

I suggest… use a degreaser on the cabinets.
Light sand with 000 grade steel wool. Tack the surface with microfiber cloth. Apply product. Allow to dry for 24 hrs. Buff with microfiber cloth.

The results were phenomenal. Brought back the sheen and filled scratches. They look brand new.
Give extra attention (sanding) to any water damages spots; just enough to open the grain. May require more than one application. The color is almost buildable.

Too much info? LOL

Shellback Squid

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8. Not excluded either, cmon, you must have read it
Sun Nov 7, 2021, 11:04 AM
Nov 2021

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11. 🙄. The DIY is where it's supposed to be.
Sun Nov 7, 2021, 12:08 PM
Nov 2021

If you choose to misinterpret the guidelines here that’s up to you.

Speeding up on the yellow light isn’t what you’re supposed to do. But plenty do it


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13. Well, it probably works fine in some cases.
Sun Nov 7, 2021, 12:39 PM
Nov 2021

It also probably doesn't work well in other cases. With all such products it's crucial to read everything in the instructions for use, preferably before buying the product. For example, if your cabinets have a finish that is incompatible with the product, that product will not give you the results you want. That will be explained in the product instructions and you should pay close attention to that.

Like all products of that nature, too, preparation of surfaces is also critical. The instructions will tell you what you should do before using it. If you don't pay attention to and follow those instructions closely, you will not get the results you want.

With most products, if you visit the website of the manufacturer, you'll find the complete instructions for its use on that site. Before buying a product, you should read them all and assess the suitability of the product for your specific situation.

Most product failures come from a failure of the user to read, understand, and follow the instructions. That's your responsibility, so if you're disappointed with the results and didn't do those things, don't be surprised. The manufacturer wants you to succeed. It doesn't want you to fail to be satisfied. That's why that information exists and should be understood and followed to the letter.

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