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Sun Jan 30, 2022, 01:57 PM

CNN Panelist: "In the upside world we're living in right now"

Is our world really upside down? Is up down and left right? Is some news fake and some news real? Could I ever be influenced by fake news directed at me?

I must admit, I sometimes have these questions run through my mind and I have to clarify to myself that MY news and MY sources are the real ones and the other guy is the one getting bum information (or no information) from his FAKE NEWS source. It's a ridiculous doubt to carry these days, but I think all of us realize that these are times like no other before and all of us are a few missteps away from living in a compromised democracy...if democracy can exist under Trump's rule at all.

But here's one way I can divine the truth from the fiction and the real from the fake. An imaginary world doesn't have courtrooms. It doesn't have a set of laws codified at the state and federal levels. It doesn't have prisons. It doesn't have trials (except for lame Congressional hearings). There's never been a Democratic transgressor that landed in their fake prison.

The real world features real trials with real evidence and due process. The real world has already tried and sentenced real people from their fake world to serve time in our real prisons.

Just like discovering moss on the north side of a tree can help get you oriented if you're lost in the woods, the results of real world action can help distinguish what is real from what is fake. Right now, there are tens of millions of Americans who want their fictional world to be considered on par with ours.

It will never be.

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