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Tue Mar 15, 2022, 06:36 PM

A possible silver lining in the Ukraine tragedy - a tragedy in the making for Putin and his fans

Here is the sad truth.
Putin, besides being crazy determined and out of his mind and a demented killer terrorist, has most probably "fallen victim to his own propaganda". Launching an attack that appears to be a miscalculation, one that is horribly and tragically destructive to not only Ukraine and Ukrainians but also to Putin and Russia and hopefully to as many of those who consider themselves his fans as possible.

That is from this article on Alternet.

What merits further observation is that it is not only his own propaganda that may foil him, but the SUCCESS OF HIS PROPAGANDA IN THE UNITED STATES. That is really the clincher. That his propaganda content and propaganda techniques, honed for decades, could reduce the United States to a civil warring non-democracy (at least practically, and only to be saved if we fight against this tide) gave him too much pride and confidence. And the Ukrainian people (God bless their hearts and protect them from harm) with their courage and ability to stand up for principles are not only putting us to shame but showing the world how it is done. You can bloody the nose of a tyrant, who is trying to rule you with brute force and other odious schtuff, but only if you stand up as if nobody is watching and you just don't give a fig - because it simply is the right thing to do.

Can't we all think of some sports franchise (Bulls or Lakers or Celtics or others) who seems absolutely unbeatable for a time. They would never be defeated. Until they were. And then until they were consistently. And then until they were consistently until they faded into the past, only to possibly rise again later in another incarnation.

So that is with evil. So that is with misdirection, with lies, with propaganda, with dishonesty. It will always raise its ugly head. But it can be defeated. We can bloody its nose, even defeat it, even put it back in its place.

We may have to do that here too. We should do it. Every single day and every time we see such terrorism and lies and bullying and propaganda practiced. Standing up for high principles like true democracy and true and free expression of the will of the people (through honest and fair and inclusive voting, for instance) and true freedom and true unity in this United States. We can do it. And our elected representatives can do it. But if we don't do it soon, like now, and consistently, then perhaps we can expect the civil unrest or war or autocratic rule that we see as a possibility before us. Stand up now. As you can. How you can. Whenever you can.

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