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Wed Oct 31, 2012, 07:04 PM

RFK, Jr: Democracy Under Assault

A Hostile Takeover of Our Country
By Robert F. Kennedy Jr., EcoWatch
29 October 12

American democracy is under assault.

In one super-PAC alone, Karl Rove and the Enron grifter Ed Gillespie, have assembled $200 million from big polluters and Wall Street moguls to buy the 2012 election.

Two of the Koch Brothers, Charles and David, pledged $130 million to elect candidates who favor unrestrained corporate profiteering.

The senators and congressmen they fund and elect are not representing the United States-they are representing Koch and its oil industry cronies, Big Pharma, and the Wall Street banksters currently mounting a hostile takeover of our government.

I have no problem characterizing these corporate-centric super-PACs as treasonous. We are now in a free fall toward old-fashioned oligarchy; noxious, thieving and tyrannical.
(More at: http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/277-75/14252-a-hostile-takeover-of-our-country)

Dear Brothers & Sisters; Friends & Acquaintances; Strangers & Sparring Partners:

Next Tuesday is an important day for our nation. Many forum participants have been investing time, money, and effort in the numerous local, state, and national campaign contests that should be decided upon Election Day. Some of us have been doing this for decades -- as the comments found here when George McGovern showed. Others are newer to politics, and bring the awesome energy that gives old folks like myself a renewed confidence in our future.

I posted the RFK Jr., article and link to illustrate a large part of the dark forces we find ourselves up against today. I do so knowing full well that some here are not inclined to like Robert -- to the extent that they sometimes react to information by or about him -- without taking the time required to actually respond to the message. However, I will respectfully submit that I have known him far longer and far better than anyone here, and I would ask that you consider reading the linked essay, for discussion here on this thread.

No one is perfect -- no presidential candidate, no senator or congressman, no state/county/city candidate. Nor are any journalists, political operatives, or citizens. But most of us share not only the imperfections that define the human condition …..we also have an interest in what happens in the next five days, on Election Day, and in the future. A common interest, and enough common causes, that we can find Common Ground. And that includes voting, and making sure everyone can vote. We can’t take that for granted.

The opposition we face includes enemies who do not have the least bit of “Good” within them. Or in their agendas, their blue-prints, and their plans for the future. They will tell any lie, sell any poison, steal without remorse, and cause suffering and death without conscience.

A “great lie” would be that our work ends on Tuesday night, with either a victory party or an Irish wake. No matter who wins the White House, the Congress, and state/local elections, we have to keep fighting the Good Fight. Our tactics will be adjusted by what the election outcomes are.

Another “great lie” is that you don’t matter …..that there is nothing you can do …….that it ain’t worth your time to keep on struggling. That isn’t a new lie for many (perhaps most) here on this forum. People have been pushing that lie in your faces since you were little. You may have learned it in school, or on the job. Indeed, the foundation for our enemies’ goals is built firmly upon repeating that lie so many times that it becomes entrenched in the social consciousness.

That’s bullshit. And we aren’t going to be stopped by the lies of shitheads in the 1% club. We aren’t looking to be viewed as acceptable by polite company. Don’t want to get ahead by crushing others and destroying the environment. We want what is our’s: democracy, a fair chance, and a fair share.

H2O Man

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