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Fiendish Thingy

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Fri Jun 24, 2022, 02:33 PM Jun 2022

So, the death of Stare Decisis could be a good thing...

If Americans can prevent the establishment of permanent minority rule, and retain Dem control of the house and add two more Dems to the senate this November.

Campaigns shouldn’t focus just on Roe, but on the tools to get there; it will take a significant expansion of SCOTUS (I prefer 17-21 seats) to overturn today’s ruling on Dobbs.

Expand and pack the courts, and you can:

Overturn Dobbs;
Overturn Citizens United;
Overturn Hellyer (2nd amendment)

Thus the concept of stare decicis will become a quaint anachronism, more of a historical judicial suggestion than firm legal precedent.

If Americans have the fortitude to demand their representatives have the courage to expand the court, they can also demand them to have the courage to codify Roe, Overgefell, Griswold, and all the other significant rulings that haven’t been made law due to the obstruction of the filibuster.

Edit to add:
So, in my opinion, all Dem candidates should be required to answer YES to both of the following questions:
Do unconditionally support a woman’s right to choose?
Do you support expanding the number of seats on the Supreme Court?

IMO, it should be a part of the party platform.

So, the death of Stare Decisis could be a good thing... (Original Post) Fiendish Thingy Jun 2022 OP
That's my hope gratuitous Jun 2022 #1


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1. That's my hope
Fri Jun 24, 2022, 02:42 PM
Jun 2022

Future Court majorities should not feel any more constrained by settled law or stare decisis than the present majority when it comes time to review this week's execrable rulings.

I'd also like to see an aggressive effort by Congress to impeach, convict and remove any sitting justices who lied under oath during their confirmation hearings about their respect for settled law.

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