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Quite frankly, I think life in prison would be worse than the death penalty for this (Original Post) BigDemVoter Oct 2022 OP
Paywall. Who you talking about? LakeArenal Oct 2022 #1
The killer in Parkland, FL, Nikolas Cruz. . . BigDemVoter Oct 2022 #5
Thanks LakeArenal Oct 2022 #7
I'll take affixation by H2O every time multigraincracker Oct 2022 #2
As long as I'm hypothesizing ... Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #3
Not many prisoners would select the death penalty if given a choice. Chainfire Oct 2022 #4
It's a huge waste of time and legal expense. Tommy Carcetti Oct 2022 #6


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4. Not many prisoners would select the death penalty if given a choice.
Wed Oct 12, 2022, 03:54 PM
Oct 2022

It would be a very dark existence knowing that one day, after the legal squabbling was over, that people were going to come get you from your cell, tie you down and pump poison into you while a bunch of witnesses were looking on.

I am not in favor of the death penalty, but if anyone gets it, this man should be the one. He had his moment of infamy, now it is time to for him to pay the piper, either through death, or disappearing into a cell for the rest of his natural life. Whatever the jury and court decides is fine with me.

Tommy Carcetti

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6. It's a huge waste of time and legal expense.
Wed Oct 12, 2022, 04:00 PM
Oct 2022

They should have just taken the shooter's offer to plead guilty and let him rot away in prison.

As it stands now, they're unlikely to get a unanimous death penalty verdict from the jury, nor should we even be bothering with such things in this day and age.

Even when it comes to truly horrific crimes like this.

The Colorado theater shooter got life in prison and no one bothers to think about him any more, nor should they.

Death penalty proceedings just add unnecessary attention to the culprit.

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