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Did tfg say this country is evil? (Original Post) Deuxcents Nov 2022 OP
Yes he said it. You heard it right! rainy Nov 2022 #1
Omg. I'm pissed in more ways than I can explain Deuxcents Nov 2022 #2
See this link to the Maddow Blog: highplainsdem Nov 2022 #3
Thanks for the link. Now, my jaw is really tight 🤬 Deuxcents Nov 2022 #4
You know what you should do, Donald? gratuitous Nov 2022 #5
Not only that, but he threatened Joe and Hunter with "the electric chair". . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2022 #6


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5. You know what you should do, Donald?
Wed Nov 2, 2022, 08:59 PM
Nov 2022

You should pick up sticks and head for North Korea! That would teach us all a good lesson. And when we begged you to come back, you could just laugh, ha ha, in our faces and stay in North Korea with the guy you fell in love with, Kim Jong-Il. And we'd all cry ourselves to sleep, knowing that we'd lost you forever.

That's what you should do, Donald. Show all us e-e-e-e-vil people what's what.

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