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Wed Jan 4, 2023, 09:18 PM

Power and its structures

The definition :

Socialism is the Workers themselves together equally owning collectively the means of production. That to me by definition is anti-authoritarian.
Its closer in line with equality than conservatism ever will be.

Think of co ops run by the people working there with no boss taking the majority of profits for himself..instead the workers share it all together,equally.
This kind of fairness requires that people accept equality and by nature most people are good.

Did you know if wealth in our country was distributed evenly we would all have $419,527.


Top down authoritarian structures use any ism they can to make it put themselves on top,to privilege themselves.
Authoritarians,sociopathy ,narcissism iin positions of power is why systems fail or turn authoritarian.

Top down structures require one to see everything as a zero sum game which amounts to if I win,you lose,if you win I lose.
Relationships are all Transactional. And who has the most transactional relationships in thier lives?


Either you believe in equality. All deserving of life and security and happiness or ....you Don't .

The idea some people are more worthy of life and others are born inferior. Excuses like fate,destiny and "natural "social orders,darwinism,eugenics among other things are used to rationalize top down hierarchies are the way it is which are all lies..

Vertical power structures or horizontal shared power structures is what its about.

Sociopathy & narcissism ruins horizontal power structures with its entitlement,arrogant more deserving,better than everyone else,transactional relationships zero sum thinking,fate or destiny bullshit. The people who have these personality types are incurable abusive and manipulating and see everyone but themself as inferior to themself. Thats roughly 1/3rd of the population these days and it is increasing.
Wonder how awful people like Matt Gaetz and Bang bang Bobert get elected?

Insecure people who don't or were not allowed to see the source of thier misery because of what they have been taught or were forced to accept,or were made ignorant of fail to recognize certain social lies. If they are too stressed,busy or confused to introspect regarding thier own beliefs,the status quo remains.

People silenced by thier peers and parents since childhood.. sometimes don't ask why things are the way they are. They can be manipulated to buy into a top down social hierarchical structure despite it being a big source of social misery for themselves and everyone else not on top.

And the stress and busy of life along with whatever emotional pain they deal with it obscures to them why they are miserable themselves in a top down hierarchy. Nuclear families race and gender roles in are tools exploited and used reinforce mythical top down social hierarchical structures.

Myths of Horatio Algier are one such lie capitalism promotes to reinforce a wealth based top down hierarchy. There are many more similar lies taken as truth about what anarchy really means ,or the actual definition of what socialism really is. I see people reacting to these ideas like buzzwords and end up marginalizing people who question the way things are and they silence alternative thoughts by parroting status quo stuff all the time. Its kinda disconcerting and sad to watch.

A different definition than what top down hierarchies say is marginalized by default in our culture. If you dont believe the lie too,you get marginalized. Why is that?
Who benefits from this crap?

And the ones on top of top down hierarchies have a selfish interest and power trip confusing people as to what definitions of certain alternative systems that are non-hierarchy based really are,and to make you fear them.because those on top are scared shitless of ideas that invalidate thier game and abuse of power against the majority of us.

Bottom line are people equal and therefore mostly good


Are things "naturally " hierarchical in a society and some people are born inferior or less deserving than others.

That selfish/ nihilistic belief and the suffering hierarchy creates is what I think underpins alot of the problems in top down social societies like ours. Conservatism has a divine social order claim in its platform plank. Its also known as the divine right of kings.

Narcissism and those who are not narcissists ...in perpetual conflict.

It has been about this shit since forever.

Right now narcissism is becoming ascendant, again ,and when that goes too far we have fascism.
Because narcissists hate to lose and won't admit to themselves they are a problem and are wrong fucks over everyone.

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