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Mon Mar 27, 2023, 04:20 PM Mar 2023

I went out in public today. For the first time since my last booster.

I needed to get glasses while I still have eyeglass insurance. Turning 65 in May. So the first thing I see was a huge yard sign for Dan Kelly for WI supreme court. Got to eye appointment, and while there 2 people covered in 2nd amendment hoodies with the cross rifle tag came in.

I then went to look at a senior apartment as the complex we have lived in for 6 years raises our rent by $300.00 per month. They have raised it 50.00 per month each year for the past 6 years. We have never missed a payment and are really good tenants. I guess that is not enough.

I had my husband bring me home, sore tired and discouraged. And to the news of another school shooting.

I have given up watching the news, pretty much keeping up to date with links on DU. And all I could think was people say don't shoot the messenger.

Well, I think the messenger has to do better at how they are approaching shootings, in particular school shootings.

Because the messengers are not getting shot, the children are.

I went out in public today. For the first time since my last booster. (Original Post) BoomaofBandM Mar 2023 OP
I totally understand. Desert grandma Mar 2023 #1

Desert grandma

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1. I totally understand.
Mon Mar 27, 2023, 06:21 PM
Mar 2023

I have been out but still wear a mask in crowded places. Our granddaughter came home from college for a weekend in November, and was not feeling well. She tested positive for Covid, and isolated in her room and started Plaxovid. She was fine after the week of treatment. My husband and I tested then as well. He tested positive but never developed symptoms. I tested negative on both the rapid and the other RNA testing. Our sweet granddaughter broke out in tears when she found out she was positive, because she was so afraid she would infect us.

I wanted to share with you that you can get individual vision insurance as well as individual dental insurance if you loose your current insurance. Check out Met Life Take Along Dental and Spirit Dental which both have a large provider network. There are other companies as well.

My friend lives in a senior apartment and it is quite nice. Hers also includes the utilities, various activities which are scheduled regularly and best of all, the rent will always be 30 percent of your income. Many are what is called "project based". This means you apply for the apartment at the office of the apartments themselves, as opposed to going through the city or county. Best of all, most that I know of allow you to have a pet!

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