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Fri Mar 31, 2023, 12:28 AM Mar 2023

I am getting a bad feeling...

The statements and hyperbole fro.m the moron brigade of Trump water carriers is quasireligious tripe and exceedingly cultish. Its starting to feel like we are heading to an American "Troubles" along with the death, misery and senseless loss it would entail.

I am getting a pit in my stomach that gets worse daily...talk me down, I'm on the ledge lately...

I am getting a bad feeling... (Original Post) Moostache Mar 2023 OP
I have enough meds to go around. RandySF Mar 2023 #1
I'm afraid I feel much the same Otto_Harper Mar 2023 #2
keep this in mind Skittles Mar 2023 #3
1000% this. chia Mar 2023 #16
They are a minority Hassin Bin Sober Mar 2023 #17
Remember this? Phoenix61 Mar 2023 #4
We have been H2O Man Mar 2023 #5
'What trouble?' - Jeremiah Johnson pecosbob Mar 2023 #6
FDR multigraincracker Mar 2023 #7
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. mobeau69 Mar 2023 #14
We Have Nothing To Fear... DET Mar 2023 #8
+1 Meadowoak Mar 2023 #9
Barcaloungers are fer them liberal elites... oioioi Mar 2023 #12
THEY live in fear. Hence the guns. usonian Mar 2023 #10
Not me FrankBooth Mar 2023 #11
If we buy up all the Loperomide at Walmart, Captain Zero Mar 2023 #13
One of the benefits of their idiocy..... BlueTsunami2018 Mar 2023 #15

Hassin Bin Sober

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17. They are a minority
Fri Mar 31, 2023, 05:15 AM
Mar 2023

We pretty much live in a surveillance state. Which kinda comes in handy some times.

And while our cops are pretty sympathetic to these clowns, these clowns tend to kill/injure cops so that sympathy won’t last long.

Unfortunately it’s only a matter of time before some goof shoots up some police station/FBI office/gay bar/synagogue/grocery store.


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4. Remember this?
Fri Mar 31, 2023, 12:47 AM
Mar 2023

“A man was arrested and another was left bloodied as dozens of people protested a Drag Story Hour event in New York City on Sunday, according to videos shared on social media and in local news reports. At least some of the protesters appeared to be affiliated with the Proud Boys, a far-right extremist group.”

"”I came here to help, not get the s--- beat out of me," he said, accompanied by a fellow protester in a Proud Boys sweatshirt and surrounded by a swath of local media.”

This is who they are. It’s why they love Trump because they see themselves in him. Bullies who whine when their victims hit back.


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8. We Have Nothing To Fear...
Fri Mar 31, 2023, 12:56 AM
Mar 2023

I’m not worried (caveat: I live in a blue county in a purple state). Most of these people are cowards; the rest are too damned stupid to organize effectively. There may be sporadic outbreaks of violence over the next few months or years, but we’ve been living with that for a long time. If there were going to be violent protests in response to Trump’s indictment, we would have seen at least some of that tonight. Most of these guys are probably on their second six pack by now and are nodding off in their Barcaloungers.


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12. Barcaloungers are fer them liberal elites...
Fri Mar 31, 2023, 01:09 AM
Mar 2023

Barcalo, the country's oldest manufacturer of reclining chairs, is reputed to be the first American company to allow its employees coffee breaks, in 1902.



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10. THEY live in fear. Hence the guns.
Fri Mar 31, 2023, 01:03 AM
Mar 2023

Fear of becoming a minority (soon they will be, not just politically), and raise hell.

I will link my best posts soon and share.

They are cornered rats.

Captain Zero

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13. If we buy up all the Loperomide at Walmart,
Fri Mar 31, 2023, 01:15 AM
Mar 2023

They'll just be sitting on their toilets squirting out shit.


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15. One of the benefits of their idiocy.....
Fri Mar 31, 2023, 03:36 AM
Mar 2023

Is that they believe they were set up on 1/6 by the feds or Antifa to act out and they fear any action or protest they are involved in will result in the same. There might be some lone wolf activity but I doubt there will be anything on a large scale.

Ironically, he neutered his own people by lying to them so often.

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