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Sun Jun 11, 2023, 05:16 PM Jun 2023

What would Trump's MAGA defense look like?

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He might claim he is entitled to those documents because he is the "rightful" President. Will that help him? No, because he is of course not President. But that's a guess of one reason he kept the documents in the first place, as props to prove he is "really" President to others.


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1. I think he's been pretty clear. The whole indictment is a HOAX by Democrat DOJ & Joe Biden
Sun Jun 11, 2023, 05:24 PM
Jun 2023

He can't deny the evidence, other than to say it's fake.


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2. Before the trial begins,
Sun Jun 11, 2023, 05:27 PM
Jun 2023

they will bring up any ridiculous pre-trial motion they can possibly think of. First up will probably be that all the searches were illegal and all that evidence must be thrown out. It will all be about keeping evidence out of the trial.


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6. Maggots and tRaitor tRump are going to have to go through these indictments .....
Sun Jun 11, 2023, 05:43 PM
Jun 2023

and then they'll have to go through what happened in Georgia when he tried to steal that state by way of fake electors and threatening the secretary of state, then there's more Jack to take up what happened on Jan. 6th., where the DOJ, Jack smith have the goods on tRaitor tRump there. He nor his dime store attorneys will be able to throw out WHOLE boat loads of evidence. Any way you slice it, he's going down.

MAGGOTS are angry now. Wait until they get a belly full of Georgia and January 6th, as the indictments pile up more than likely into the 600 or 700 and maybe nearing the 1,000 count range

I'm gonna make a prediction: The shit stains health is really going to go into decline these next several months--he's mentally tanking NOW, and going into the 2024 General Election it's not going to be pretty for that tReasonous piece of shit, nearing 80. ALL of that stress and drinking cases of Diet Coke, buckets of chicken, bags of Oreo's and all of those LIES, treason and having to defend MORE lies and law-breaking. His dime store attorneys are going to be worn OUT, because to try to have to defend all of that law-breaking and treason ain't gonna happen

This is gonna be SOME show trial for the shit stain, maggots and those probably un-paid, dime store attorney's of tRaitor tRumps


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4. Like pretty much everything else he touches...total insanity.
Sun Jun 11, 2023, 05:32 PM
Jun 2023

His lawyers will have a miserable job just trying to get him to shut up during testimony from others.

I would LOVE to see him bound and gagged they way they infamously did to Bobby Seale during the Chicago 7 trial when he stated that he wanted to provide his own defense.


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7. Oh hey ... if rPOTUS Pisswig we're to ummm expire ...
Sun Jun 11, 2023, 05:46 PM
Jun 2023

Then that would make Pence rPOTUS …


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