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Mon Aug 7, 2023, 11:41 AM Aug 2023

Stolen From Rambo

Like Will Hunting (Matt Damon) stole Sean's (Robin Williams) line in Good Will Hunting tRump stole from Rambo (Rambo First Blood Part II - "...I'm coming to get you!&quot . While it was possible the former could follow up on his declaration it is not likely tRump will succeed in his efforts.

Stolen From Rambo (Original Post) bobnicewander Aug 2023 OP
Omar said it better - "When you come after the king, 3Hotdogs Aug 2023 #1
tRump doesn't read. bobnicewander Aug 2023 #2
Clearly, "What we have is a breakdown in communication." 3Hotdogs Aug 2023 #4
Great NowISeetheLight Aug 2023 #3


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2. tRump doesn't read.
Mon Aug 7, 2023, 02:03 PM
Aug 2023

I think he was trying to sound tough by emulating Stalone's rather recent in time character.


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3. Great
Mon Aug 7, 2023, 02:06 PM
Aug 2023

I loved Rambo II. "Murdock... I'm coming to get you."

I don't know how I can remember stuff like this. Movie clips I can quote almost verbatim.

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