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Mon Sep 18, 2023, 10:50 AM Sep 18

John Solomon inadvertently detonated the House impeachment case


The right-wing scandal machine relies on confusing the public with references to an obscure cast of characters and a plethora of minute details which they claim prove their political foes engaged in nefarious deeds. But when you dig through the labyrinthine particulars they rail about, you often find that the core of their story is total nonsense. Here is one such case.

The right-wing conspiracy theory that Joe Biden, as vice president, pushed for Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor in order to aid his son Hunter’s business dealings is a pillar of House Republicans’ push to impeach him. Even some GOP members of Congress have pointed out there is “no evidence” to support this long-debunked narrative. But the hypothesis is further demolished by a document published last month by — of all people — the fabulist John Solomon, which indisputably confirms that at the time of that meeting, it was the policy of the U.S. government to seek that prosecutor’s removal.

The right has baselessly claimed for years that when Biden told Ukraine’s leaders during a December 2015 visit that the U.S. would not release $1 billion in loan guarantees unless they fired Viktor Shokin, the country’s prosecutor general, he was acting to benefit Hunter by halting Shokin’s purported probe of Burisma Holdings, on whose board Hunter served. Solomon, a former Fox News contributor and Washington Times editor, played a key role in concocting this pseudoscandal, alongside Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, Fox News host Sean Hannity, and others, as they sought to damage Biden’s 2020 presidential run.

Their allegations were nonsense: Biden was carrying out U.S. policy, Shokin had been widely faulted by Western governments for failing to prosecute corruption, and his Burisma probe had stalled, as detailed in contemporaneous news reports and sworn testimony during then-President Donald Trump’s first impeachment. But House Republicans have revived the conspiracy theory as the core of their Biden impeachment plan.


John Solomon inadvertently detonated the House impeachment case (Original Post) Nevilledog Sep 18 OP
Have to knock down lie after lie after lie RussBLib Sep 18 #1
They didn't catch on in 2022. maxsolomon Sep 18 #3
Like a bunch of monkeys, Bayard Sep 18 #2
And we just need to throw it right back. flying_wahini Sep 18 #4
Just as their constituents demand! dchill Sep 18 #6
So how did Solomon detonate the case? LymphocyteLover Sep 18 #5
Oh this explains it better LymphocyteLover Sep 18 #10
You silly libruls. That just proves that the whole Obama/Biden administration was in on it!!11! progressoid Sep 18 #7
Solomon and Meghan Kelly along with CNN and CBS were all named in Hunter Biden's Bev54 Sep 18 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author Bayard Sep 18 #9


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1. Have to knock down lie after lie after lie
Mon Sep 18, 2023, 10:54 AM
Sep 18

Meanwhile not much is getting thru Congress. I hold out hope that the American people will eventually "catch on" and start voting against the do-nothing instigators.


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5. So how did Solomon detonate the case?
Mon Sep 18, 2023, 01:11 PM
Sep 18

I mean I see in the piece that he wrote about a new memo that helps Biden but of course the right will spin that exactly as they want and they already have.

So what is detonated?


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8. Solomon and Meghan Kelly along with CNN and CBS were all named in Hunter Biden's
Mon Sep 18, 2023, 01:43 PM
Sep 18

lawsuit against the IRS as outlets that IRS agents went on and divulged Hunter's personal and private tax information. Solomon and Kelly were named more than the others but CNN a couple of times and once for CBS. It tells me that these two MSM outlets are peddling in RW propaganda, illegally obtained along with the other two extremists.

Response to Nevilledog (Original post)

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