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Mon Nov 20, 2023, 10:56 AM Nov 20

Donald Trump is now talking about "final battles." ...Jeff tiedrich


'we should all be fucking terrified. here’s why'

'“2024 is our final battle. With you at my side, we will demolish the Deep State, we wll expel the warmongers from our government, we will drive out the globalists, we will cast out the Communists, Marxists, and Fascists, we will throw off the sick political class that hates our Country, we will rout the Fake News Media, we will evict Joe Biden from the White House, and we will FINISH THE JOB ONCE AND FOR ALL!”

folks, when Donald Trump starts talking about “final battles” and “casting out” his enemies and “finishing the job” — holy shit! — everyone better sit up and take notice.

here’s why...“Sweeping Raids, Giant Camps and Mass Deportations: Inside Trump’s 2025 Immigration Plans”

that’s right, all this shit Trump is planning is straight out of the Nazi playbook.'
Donald Trump is now talking about "final battles." ...Jeff tiedrich (Original Post) Joinfortmill Nov 20 OP
Make a great ad for multigraincracker Nov 20 #1
More than likely HIS final battle Attilatheblond Nov 20 #2
Let's hope so. TSExile Nov 20 #3
Seriously PatSeg Nov 20 #7
Unfortunately, we HAVE seen something ... Whiskeytide Nov 20 #30
Yes, that is true PatSeg Nov 20 #44
"I genuinely fear that these are much more perilous times than even we here at DU want to believe." markodochartaigh Nov 20 #50
He didn't "get away" with Mr.Bill Nov 20 #24
Not only will he fail...he's then done. Who's going to listen after his colossal loss in '24?!! PortTack Nov 20 #58
Yes NJCher Nov 21 #60
so far....................... DemocraticPatriot Nov 20 #36
If there was a just god then they should be raptured away right now. erronis Nov 20 #13
'Rapture' is a more recentish 'dogmatical' 'principle' believed and circulated sprinkleeninow Nov 20 #27
still hope stage left Nov 20 #51
Final Prattle Xipe Totec Nov 20 #54
Trump is really saying, once elected he will pardon himself and family for their crimes. Freethinker65 Nov 20 #4
Can you imaging what the "All New Emoluments" will look like? erronis Nov 20 #14
IOWs, "the final solution". nt Disaffected Nov 20 #5
Is this the "Final Solution "? crazylikafox Nov 20 #6
Good, I hope it is. This GOP needs to go away forever. Initech Nov 20 #8
None of this is going to happen. Mr.Bill Nov 20 #9
It's not going to be just him Ohioboy Nov 20 #16
And do you think Mr.Bill Nov 20 #18
Billionaires are not immune to shortsighted thinking. haele Nov 20 #23
In Fascism TheRealNorth Nov 20 #42
"But that can never happen to meee... don't they know who I am? " haele Nov 20 #43
Sources? NJCher Nov 21 #61
History is littered with wealthy people playing politics who don't believe it can happen to them. haele Nov 21 #62
so personal experience, then NJCher Nov 21 #63
Lol, I do the same. I read Steglitz and Picketty a couple years ago and he haele Nov 21 #64
Maybe not TheRealNorth Nov 20 #41
I hope you are right Ohioboy Nov 20 #45
Yeah, they support him Mr.Bill Nov 20 #48
Hope you're right. But in 2016, he was pretty much on an ... Whiskeytide Nov 20 #33
A lot was in place before he was sworn into office. Mr.Bill Nov 20 #34
All true - but the majority of the Republican Party lacked ... Whiskeytide Nov 20 #37
Actually I think the last sentence in your post Mr.Bill Nov 20 #38
We're not talking about a replay of his first term. ShazzieB Nov 20 #53
"Globalist" was embedded in the core ideology of Nazism. NBachers Nov 20 #10
THE JOB! FINISH THE JOB! bucolic_frolic Nov 20 #11
Downtown Manhattan? lastlib Nov 20 #35
Playing to be bible thumpers Warpy Nov 20 #12
the solution et tu Nov 20 #15
Gonna' be extremely hard for Donnie Trump to do... chouchou Nov 20 #17
Let's skip ahead to the bunker scene. n/t Harker Nov 20 #19
Yep, I watched a great movie ..... Butterflylady Nov 20 #21
"Downfall", maybe? Harker Nov 20 #26
I agree... That was a good one. liberalla Nov 20 #39
When does he start talking about extra-large gas chambers and ovens? Bayard Nov 20 #20
We don't know for certain how much of TFG's fascist agenda could succeed, but Martin Eden Nov 20 #22
CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY BRAIN... homegirl Nov 20 #25
Make the Repukes own it. DJ Porkchop Nov 20 #28
The ANTI CHRIST is alive and well bluestarone Nov 20 #29
Reminds me of "pulp fiction, alfredo Nov 20 #31
Slobby is facing his final battle malaise Nov 20 #32
Trump is one hamburger away from his final battle. Buttertheslid. Nov 20 #40
Quick, get him the pistol of Fernand Mondego Kennah Nov 20 #46
He needs to have a final battle with a blood clot to the brain. Sky Jewels Nov 20 #47
It should be mentioned at every opportunity louis-t Nov 20 #49
Trump is cranking up the rhetoric. Aussie105 Nov 20 #52
I knew I didn't want to read this redqueen Nov 20 #55
I read bdamomma Nov 20 #56
I still have my Trump is Trash sign with his ugly head on Oscars body in a trash can.....America don't make me get that GuppyGal Nov 20 #57
WE can't let bdamomma Nov 20 #59


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1. Make a great ad for
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 11:01 AM
Nov 20

Dems in 2024.

In fact I’ll have make another donation after reading that.

When they give you lemons, make lemonade.


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2. More than likely HIS final battle
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 11:03 AM
Nov 20

And in his desperation he is blowing his dog whistle to those really far fight authoritarian evangelicals who long for the 'end times' in their lifetimes. He is whistling to them because he is running out of less crazed people to bilk and knows they are desperate to be 'final battle' warriors or the (smug) righteous who will be raptured in time to avoid the whole eeewwww part of the end times.


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7. Seriously
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 11:52 AM
Nov 20

It is mindboggling. Everything just slides off him, but when other people try to imitate his crap, they almost always fail. It is not like he is intelligent, talented, or innovative. None of his slogans or speeches are even original, yet his mindless followers eat it up.

It is so bizarre. I've never seen anything like it in real life.


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30. Unfortunately, we HAVE seen something ...
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 02:21 PM
Nov 20

… like it. His speeches have always had a flavor of 1930’s Nazism. Now, he’s going all in on it. There is no reason the same tactics that worked on the German population then would not work now in this country. We are not significantly more educated in politics than the Germans were. In fact - maybe we’re dumber in that regard because for many their perception of the political world is shaped by the woefully inadequate modern media.

When he says these things, we tend to exclaim “he’s finally gone too far”. But for a significant portion of our electorate, he’s hasn’t gone far enough. Yet.

I genuinely fear that these are much more perilous times than even we here at DU want to believe.


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44. Yes, that is true
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 04:44 PM
Nov 20

though I think Hitler was more strategic and probably more intelligent than Trump who is just mimicking him. Also, I believe Hitler was a more proficient public speaker, whereas Trump just rambles often incoherently. He can say pretty much anything and his followers cheer him on. In the beginning, even he appeared to be surprised at what he could get away with. I don't think he ever anticipated his success.

I agree, it is terrifying that to a "significant portion of our electorate, he’s hasn’t gone far enough." We have every reason to be very fearful. There is something that's just not right about our species that we keep doing the same things over and over again, after being repeatedly warned. Even if people don't read history books, our movies and television programs have told us countless stories about World War II and the Nazis, not to mention science fiction movies about futuristic dystopian societies that aren't terribly farfetched. Apparently some people are incapable or unwilling to connect the dots.


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50. "I genuinely fear that these are much more perilous times than even we here at DU want to believe."
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 07:08 PM
Nov 20

You are correct. I have Asperger's and grew up gay in Amarillo Texas a half century ago. There is very little that Trump, Bannon, Roger Stone, governors Abbott and DeSantis, etc. say that doesn't sound like an echo from my youth. I do hear more Democrats waking up, especially after Project 2025 was made public. That gives me some hope.


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24. He didn't "get away" with
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 01:44 PM
Nov 20

being elected to a second term. He's a failure. He has failed at everything he's ever tried to do, and he will fail at what he is talking about doing next.


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60. Yes
Tue Nov 21, 2023, 02:33 AM
Nov 21

I don’t get how people are fearful and terrified over this loser. Why— all of a sudden—will his trajectory change?

Furthermore, while I like Tiedrich a lot, I don’t understand advocating “terrified.” Emotional reactions are not what is needed. Logic and common sense are what is needed.


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36. so far.......................
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 03:09 PM
Nov 20

I believe in Karma. Karma may come very late to the game---

but Karma eventually comes.....

When she comes, it will be with a giant shitload of bricks.....

we just have to do what we can do in the meantime, with a greater effort than we ever did before....

VOTE!!!! and bring a few never-voters with you!!!


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13. If there was a just god then they should be raptured away right now.
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 12:17 PM
Nov 20

Like your phrasing: "desperate to be 'final battle' warriors or the (smug) righteous who will be raptured in time to avoid the whole eeewwww part of the end times"

More proof that there is no god, or if there is something like one, that it has a tremendous sense of humor and horror.


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27. 'Rapture' is a more recentish 'dogmatical' 'principle' believed and circulated
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 02:09 PM
Nov 20

by certain sects causing misleading error.

'The righteous in God will be met with Him upon His return for them in the final act. The Parousia, The Eschaton, The End of This Age. Who are the righteous? Those who do His commandments/exhortations to the best of their ability. *Judge not lest ye be judged.* This is missing from some peoples' spirituality.'


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4. Trump is really saying, once elected he will pardon himself and family for their crimes.
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 11:26 AM
Nov 20

He will escalate privatizing public resources to his own personal benefit. He will offer to trade everything tangible of value this country has to make side deals for himself with foreign leaders and oligarchs.
He will abuse Presidential power to try to destroy anyone in his way.


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14. Can you imaging what the "All New Emoluments" will look like?
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 12:21 PM
Nov 20

Not just lavish gifts from furriners; not just spending 10 times normal on his cheap hotel rooms. No, if you want to share a bugger or two with him, you'll need to bring wads of cash - truckloads. And you can park them openly at the gates of the new White House (used to be called Mer-de-Largo.)


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9. None of this is going to happen.
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 12:02 PM
Nov 20

In 2016 he said on day one, he was going to deport every illegal alien in the country..

He's full of bullshit. 320 million people are not going to stand idly by and let this happen, and if he tries any of it, I hope he is prepared to live in a vault ten stories underground. And he probably won't even be safe there.


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16. It's not going to be just him
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 12:33 PM
Nov 20

He's going to have a lot of useful idiots helping him. Check out the 2025 Project https://www.project2025.org/. This is the kind of thing that is already in the works. They will have everything in place on day one to help Trump carry out his plans.


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18. And do you think
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 12:54 PM
Nov 20

300 million people are just going to stand there and watch? Do you think Billionaires are just going to watch their fortunes be destroyed? Look at the "army" he was able to raise on 1/6. They couldn't even take one building. See my post #9 about doing things "on day one".


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23. Billionaires are not immune to shortsighted thinking.
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 01:36 PM
Nov 20

And too many of them have bought into the idea that God favored them with wealth, so God will protect them in their fascist remaking of a world that doesn't show them the bootlicking respect they honestly believe they're entitled to.

If Elon Musk feels only a very little discomfort from losing a quarter of his wealth on Twitter, what do you think the other Billionaires feel about their internal thinking of though of losing an equally "small" bit of wealth so long as they get the ego-boo they get from their purchase of the fictional government they want.

It's just numbers to them, because they've gone past the point their accountant says "no", and no one in their circle has fallen hard enough to make an impression yet.



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42. In Fascism
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 04:27 PM
Nov 20

You either play ball with the Fascists, or the Fascists will redistribute your wealth the the party loyalists.


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43. "But that can never happen to meee... don't they know who I am? "
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 04:35 PM
Nov 20

How many of these upper level Millionaires/Billionaires ever had to do much more than a marketing hustle of other people's money or work to get where they are? Very few Billionaires respect the way their money was acquired. Especially the ones that cozy up to religious nutjobs or authoritarians who love to eat their own once they got their victims in line.

No one is an island...but with enough money, some people believe they can just buy their way into their getaway island and not face any consequences when things start to go south. I'm
thinking at a lot of tech and hedge fund bros believe that in their dystopian little hearts...



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62. History is littered with wealthy people playing politics who don't believe it can happen to them.
Tue Nov 21, 2023, 11:23 AM
Nov 21

The billionaires funding conservative politics are not generally the "unknown rich guy next door" living in a modest family house down the block, who works quietly and provides all sorts of charity with the wealth they don't use to live on or grow their businesses.
For every George Soros, there's a Charles Koch, a Rupert Murdoch, a Peter Theil, an Elon Musk.
It especially bad with inherited Wealth. Especially families that insulate their children from repercussions the real world brings, because their trust fund keeps them from having to worry about not having enough money to pay for whims, and grow up thinking they have the right to buy their way out of any trouble or unhappiness they experience.
It may sound like jealousy, but I've actually interacted with several people of wealth at times over my life. They always seem to have a harder time dealing with problems, never really seem to be happy (nothing is ever good enough) and tend to be insulated in their bubbles of expertise, or tunnel visioned, no matter how smart or patient, or worldly they seem to be. It's a human nature to take the easy way out instead of working a problem all the way through. It's also human nature to put one's own benefit first, then think of others.
Look at it this way - the fewer resources one has, the wider the range of results and long range implications one has to be concerned about.

I'm not saying that all people with wealth are sociopathic Libertarian Assholes, but there's a sphere of money and power around them that's hard to overcome - there's way too many of them who believe they can just toss a little money at a problem to make it go away and they'll never have to pay a serious price on the reprecussions to the games they play within their bubbles. I work in Tech and contracting, I've watched it lead to the downfall of many an otherwise good engineer who started up a profitable company and couldn't realize they were getting played by the sharks or their own kids looking to make bigger profits off their work.

I've actually heard this from more wealthy people (who aren't famous) living in that rarified bubble of money and influence - "If I can work hard and smart enough to succeed, why can't everyone else? Too many people are lazy and looking for handouts." The humble ones don't talk, but the humble ones are also not generally trying to get out there and change policy.

Here's another problem with wealth - corporatization. That totally throws the thinking human equation out of the picture, because the corporation has to protect itself, no matter who is technically in charge making the big bucks. The head of Nestle back in the early 2000's to justify privatization of aquifers " (sic) Water is too important a resource to trust to regular people or nations - those whose profits depend on it will take better care of it in the long run".
The individual millionaire or billionaire within means little to the corporation, so long as it keeps making a profit. And if a corporation becomes part of a government, the individual billionaire, no matter how involved with it, historically means even less.



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63. so personal experience, then
Tue Nov 21, 2023, 12:05 PM
Nov 21

based on how many? One, two, three billionaires?

Also, and I really don't like being overly academic about this, but --you do realize that this is, therefore, anecdotal evidence? It's nothing we can make a judgment about.

Why? You're attributing motive. That is to be discouraged in discourse, as there is no way we can get inside another person's head and say what their motive is. Attribution theory.

Again, I apologize for being pedantic. The teacher in me just had to say something. I'll dodge out now:


(12,380 posts)
64. Lol, I do the same. I read Steglitz and Picketty a couple years ago and he
Tue Nov 21, 2023, 01:13 PM
Nov 21

When I was getting my degree in business (emerging tech and international), and saw the fall of two otherwise benign large tech contracting businesses along with the original senior executives firsthand, so, yes, I'm a bit biased against the corporate and upper levels of wealth management, especially with second generation leadership or when there's an intersection between profit and governance.
I also can, with a bit of time and research, come up with some historical examples of unpleasantly surprised formerly untouchable captains of business from Fascist/Totalitarian states during the 20th century, but my books are elsewhere right now (holidays).



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45. I hope you are right
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 05:19 PM
Nov 20

Some days I feel as you do, that he is just a big loser who will continue to make a fool of himself. Then I see how many people support him and it makes me worry for the country.


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33. Hope you're right. But in 2016, he was pretty much on an ...
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 02:34 PM
Nov 20

… island by himself or perhaps with a small cadre of true believers at his side. The government apparatus was still mostly intact except for the Whitehouse. But he and his closest allies (many of whom are already in positions of power in the government) learned from that, and won’t make that mistake again. They now understand where and how they need to remake the executive branch to eliminate resistance.

We will regret not taking him seriously. He may not really care about anything but himself, but he has surrounded himself with some pretty scary people with really scary ideas. And his penchant for revenge against enemies will encourage him to let his sycophants loose on the world.

Believe him when he tells you what he plans to do.


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34. A lot was in place before he was sworn into office.
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 02:42 PM
Nov 20

The Tea Party was well established by that time. There were plenty of asshole republican governors and a majority of state legislatures were republican. A pretty fair percentage of people in the country thought abortion was murder. Religious wingnuts and hate radio hosts ruled the airwaves. What saved us is they chose a leader with the mind of a five year old child, and worshiped him like a god.

And then he was voted out of office, and he will never be voted in again.


(4,416 posts)
37. All true - but the majority of the Republican Party lacked ...
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 03:15 PM
Nov 20

… the will then to fully support the goals of that 5 year old child - and the goals of people like Bannon, Stone, Flynn and Miller. How many stories have we heard of his “handlers” walking him back on things? I see it more as there was barely enough resistance to prevent total anarchy.

Those resisting personalities will be quickly shown the door in a second Тяцмp term. He won’t tolerate anyone who disagrees with him on anything.

And I don’t really think he’s stupid. Not in a comprehensive sense. When he fucks something up, gets countries mixed up, or makes ludicrous policy proposals, I think it’s because he is completely disinterested in the subject matter at hand (I.e., it’s not about him). He just doesn’t care enough to get it right.

He often comes off as stupid to you and me. But I suspect it’s really willful and unapologetic ignorance, coupled with complete devotion to self interest.


(23,116 posts)
38. Actually I think the last sentence in your post
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 03:24 PM
Nov 20

is a pretty good definition of stupidity when it comes to political leadership.


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53. We're not talking about a replay of his first term.
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 08:32 PM
Nov 20

That was just a trial run. If (God forbid), he wins, 2025 will be Trump 2.0.

In 2016, he wasn't nearly as organized as he is this time. Back then, he was just a blowhard with a very unrealistic view of the powers he was going to have as potus. He also had people in his administration with better sense than him, people who were willing to be the adults in the room and head off some of the awful things he tried to do. The ones who wouldn't do his bidding got fired, but their replacements weren't always down with everything he wanted to do, eitherl

In 2025, there won't be any adults in the room. He has a team already vetting people to staff his administration and replace officials in various federal agencies. The main requirement for these people us that they have to be willing to do anything he wants, including breaking laws. Their motto will be the equivalent of "Damn the Constitution! Full speed ahead!"

If you aren't already familiar with Project 2025, check out the website: https://www.project2025.org/


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10. "Globalist" was embedded in the core ideology of Nazism.
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 12:03 PM
Nov 20

Hitler often portrayed Jews as “international elements” who “conduct their business everywhere,” posing a threat to all people who are “bounded to their soil, to the Fatherland.”

Much like dual loyalty, Globalist is used to promote the antisemitic conspiracy that Jewish people do not have allegiance to their countries of origin, like the United States, but to some worldwide order—like a global economy or international political system—that will enhance their control over the world’s banks, governments, and media (see control).

Read more about using "Globalists" as a hate-word for Jews at the American Jewish Committee: https://www.ajc.org/translatehate/globalist


(40,200 posts)
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 12:10 PM
Nov 20

What job? He's a ranting lunatic who deserves a soapbox on a Manhattan street corner - before they cart him off to the loony bin.


(22,053 posts)
35. Downtown Manhattan?
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 02:46 PM
Nov 20

Maybe downtown Manhattan, KANSAS..........

Personally, I'd allow him one in downtown Toad Suck. (population 22, all rednecks)


(109,635 posts)
12. Playing to be bible thumpers
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 12:17 PM
Nov 20

who think they can perfect this world by slaughtering all the sinners.

Somehow, their own sins are always understandable and forgivable. Ours aren't.

I'm still holding out a great deal of hope that the "final battle" will occur at the GOP convention next year.


(317 posts)
17. Gonna' be extremely hard for Donnie Trump to do...
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 12:49 PM
Nov 20

...much of anything except working on a Georgia chain-gang. (Oh, How I wish)


(20,868 posts)
20. When does he start talking about extra-large gas chambers and ovens?
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 01:07 PM
Nov 20

He's getting pretty close to being completely over the edge.

Martin Eden

(12,507 posts)
22. We don't know for certain how much of TFG's fascist agenda could succeed, but
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 01:35 PM
Nov 20

What is truly alarming (in addition to the prospect of TFG getting a 2nd term) is that so many US voters eagerly swallow the lies and the apocalyptic rhetoric.

The mindset of tens of millions of Americans is such that they will not only go along with the rest of the agenda but some of the most extreme members of the cult are capable of intimidation and murder against anyone who stands in the way of this "final battle."

The guardrails manned by career public servants which barely held against the most dangerous commands in TFG's first adminstration will be dismantled in the 2025 project.

The survival of our public might depend on an untrustworthy Supreme Court, and even if they rule against Herr Shitler, he will control nearly all the enforcement mechanisms.


(1,351 posts)
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 01:45 PM
Nov 20

What will Terrorist Trump do IF...

He is sentenced to 10 to 20 in a Georgia prison or a federal prison?

Will his supporters really try Civil War as he instructs them to?
Will he flee the country?
Will he commit suicide, assuring himself a guaranteed spot in the history books?

Between Now and Then...

I'm sure this has been contemplated other places, but if trump won the 2020 election, doesn't that mean he's disqualified from running another term?

Well he needs to pick one. "I won, so I can't run." "I lost so I can run again."

40. Trump is one hamburger away from his final battle.
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 04:17 PM
Nov 20

Hitler was 56 years old when his died of fascism trump is 77 years old and will be 80 trying to take over the world sounds kind of stupid someone would vote for his old man nonsense put him in prison.

Sky Jewels

(6,181 posts)
47. He needs to have a final battle with a blood clot to the brain.
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 05:29 PM
Nov 20

And the clot needs to emerge victorious. Soon.


(22,846 posts)
49. It should be mentioned at every opportunity
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 06:11 PM
Nov 20

to every MAGAT you come in contact with. "Your boy is imitating Hitler and Mussolini. Remember what happened to them."


(4,727 posts)
52. Trump is cranking up the rhetoric.
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 07:24 PM
Nov 20

Previous rhetoric from him wasn't 'strong enough' to wind up his followers, so he has to go stronger on it.
He wants some sort of break through into action.
Is he really calling for mass incarcerations and civil war?

Unfortunately, he is using the same playbook as other dictators have in the past, and it's bound to end the same way for him.
(Image of a dead Mussolini hanging upside down from a lamp post readily available on the internet.)

Hopefully his followers will be like . . . Say what dude? Nah, one too many steps removed from sanity there for me to follow you!'


(62,764 posts)
56. I read
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 09:02 PM
Nov 20

what was posted this is very serious, we have a madman who wants to settle scores against all those who are against him. One thing is that he refers to "we" to his cult base, "we" have to finish the job, he said the same thing on Jan 6th, his foot soldiers are serving sentences not him, now that should bother everyone. Capitol Police were hurt, killed, pepper sprayed at, squeezed between doors, we all saw that. In our soul of souls this maniac should not be allowed to walk on the street.
He wants to burn everything down, and he will not stop. We know through history what DICTATORS have done to their people. He has no soul, just hate.

We need to vote, our lives depend on it. We see our rights being chipped away. This must stop.


(1,071 posts)
57. I still have my Trump is Trash sign with his ugly head on Oscars body in a trash can.....America don't make me get that
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 09:02 PM
Nov 20

got damn thing out again.


(62,764 posts)
59. WE can't let
Mon Nov 20, 2023, 09:35 PM
Nov 20

this thug/wanna be dictator abuse this country again. He projects everything he says, he hates America and everything it stands for. We can't let this happen again; I'm getting visions of how Bush got a 2nd term.

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